Item#: 6024
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6024 is to be kept in a humanoid containment chamber while its anomalous abilities are sufficiently suppressed by Amanda Greene. Mrs. Greene may be provided aid in the containment of SCP-6024 upon request and is to undergo psychological evaluation on a monthly basis.

SCP-6024's chamber has been outfitted with a functioning nasogastric feeding tube and urinary catheter. The entity must be moved every two to three hours to avoid the formation of pressure ulcers; cleaning of the anomaly's physical form will occur biweekly.

Description: SCP-6024 is a white male of advanced age. Despite the fact that SCP-6024 is currently comatose and would medically be considered brain-dead, the anomaly's consciousness exists and functions inside a pocket-reality referred to as SCP-6024-01.

The anomalous effects of SCP-6024 manifest when any human within its range enters the rapid eye movement stage of sleep. Subjects are rendered superficially brain-dead as their consciousnesses are transported into SCP-6024-01. Anatomical functions within participants' bodies continue and brain activity returns when subjects are awoken, though affected persons will not rouse without the influence of external stimuli. Scranton Reality Anchors are inadequate for mitigating this effect; it is theorized that the reality transfer is too insignificant to be affected by circumambient Hume stabilization1.

The range of SCP-6024's anomalous properties has been found to have an inversely proportional relationship with the entity's current mental state and can be measured by use of the onsite Kant counter. Amanda Greene has been inducted to counteract the properties of SCP-6024 by improving the anomaly's overall mood and decreasing its influence.

Discovery: Foundation personnel stationed within the proximity of SCP-6024 reported encountering anomalous activity. Due to the seemingly nonbelligerent nature of the entity, Doctor Charles Mobley was tasked with attempting contact. This action engendered the successful containment of SCP-6024.

Addendum 6024.a:

Document 6024-01

Recovery: SCP-6024's physical form was discovered by Foundation specialists after Doctor Mobley's successful interaction. Following positive identification, personnel airlifted the body from Cape Regional Medical Center and delivered it to Site 88 Subsidiary Warehouse B2 for provisional containment.

Addendum 6024.b:

Document 6024-02

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