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Extracted brain (J-13). No abnormalities observed.

Item #: SCP-6021

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: MTF Iota-10 ("Damn Feds") is to monitor and intercept outgoing phone calls that mention phenomena preluding to an SCP-6021 occurrence.

Once confirmed, their positions are to be triangulated and established as SCP-6021-A. SCP-6021-A zones are to be seized, with all retrieved cadavers incinerated and their obituaries fabricated to reflect a non-anomalous cause of death.

Survivors of an SCP-6021 event are to be detained in holding cells stationed within the nearest Foundation site. Until further notice, these are referred to the jurisdiction under the Ethics Committee.

Instructions have been disseminated below by the Office of the Overseer exclusive to Foundation staff members listed under the P-1 category.

Description: SCP-6021 is a fatal, randomly occurring neurological condition that results in sudden cessation of all cerebral activity within a human subject. Momentarily before their death, subjects exhibit an onset of severe anxiety and manic behavior. SCP-6021 is currently a global phenomenon with no confirmed method of neutralization or deterrence.

As of yet, its primary transmission vector and its cause are unknown.

Addenda: Historical Documentation

1. Daevites: A New Tragedy? [Dr. Fransico Aldrian]


Circa 1890. Photographer unknown.

Little prehistoric records exist to determine the exact period of origination, although Dr. Fransico Aldrian of Site-32 has established (as of 03/11/1991) that the Daevite clan may have had encountered several unusual instances of their members ceasing all life function without any prior circumstance that could have been correlated to their death.1

During his consolidation of research material, Dr. Aldrian extracted several documents from the Foundation Recordkeeping and Information Security Administration (RAISA) that were written by an unnamed researcher employed in the American Secure Containment Initiative (ASCI).2

[…] expedition into the outer regions, beyond the mere borders drawn by our nation's forefathers. Sir Harlington fell ill to cholera during our five-month voyage to an alien nation further east of here. I ought to have reminded him: we are men of great minds, and yet, Sir Harlington is a reminder of how blatantly arrogant those tea-hagglers are when it comes to science… nearing the land, temperature was dropping quickly.

[…] Unlike the plains back home, this one was deathly silent. Szhnek Pokovish, our guide, ushered us to small villages, which were teeming with life. Several of the locals, possibly a mixture of Caucasian and Asian, resided within hurriedly constructed wooden houses with only but a small oil lamp hanging on the wall. Some of them were singing songs of an unknown language, possibly one that is local to this nation, while others were sharing a tin cup or two around a dimly lit bonfire, showing their yellowing teeth as they smiled.

Pokovish approached one of the older ones, seated far from the group, frolicking under a cow hide. After exchanging a few words in the native language, the old man's wrinkled face furrowed into a frown. He stood up with a limp in his step, and whispered something to the person nearest to him. The man was younger, possibly in his mid-twenties, and conversed cheerily with Pokovish. Pokovish turned to us, and nodded.

We are finally going to get to see it.

[…] two days of trekking, and the young man stopped before a large shrine of sorts. This was the dig site. A circular formation, approximately 10 meters in diameter, lined with mammoth tusks that showed remarkable resistance to decomposition. Situated so far out in the plains, it was no wonder that the site was left untouched for so long.

Sir Harlington paid Pokovish as per the agreed quotation. Satisfied, he left us to do whatever we wanted to do with the discovery. We have only heard of the Daevites by stories: tall tales of a civilization that ought to wreak destruction and embark on an ambitious mission of expansion.

Pokovish forgot about the young man, and we didn't know what to do with him either. After several moments of stirring about what to do, I turned to him.

He did this… weird thing, sniffing me before he slowly backed off, showing his rotten teeth as he smiled away. He cheerily jogged off, waving back at us.

I hope he doesn't know.

Subsequent transcripts describe the dig site in further detail: an indeterminate number of human skulls, stone-tip spears and arrows strewn within the site. Several symbols of unknown iconography were hand-carved into the skulls, except for a single character, Vihe, or "Shining" in the Daevite language, embedded into the center of each skull. The spear poles were wrapped in a papyrus script; only two texts were eligible for analysis. Recovered manuscripts have been deferred to the Department of Theology and translated to English.

"[…] and there they went. Arakmu fell to the Nelk.3 I was not able to have a full picture of the sheer disarray that the battle went. However, what I have pieced together from the rumors swimming within the citizens was nothing short of unusual.

The cause of Ir's death was never from the battle scars that our generals kept screaming in our ears, but total destruction of his mind. I was sure that Ir would never have sown the seeds of self-destruction, given his beastly demeanor and autocratic stature. Even if he dismissed our say with pre-emptive force, we could not totally hate him. Ir led us onto victory before in past city-wide battles — Yüt, Lokshâ…

But for the first time, he fell, alongside with Arakmu.

Dropped like a fly when he was about to lead a full-on charge against the invading forces. For the first time in possibly — several millennia — both sides froze.

Some near Ir could see him flash a look of uncertainty, given the scale of the Nelk. He quickly recovered, blurt out a garbled war chant before his eyes rolled back, and his knees gave out. And Ir was not the first to fall. 20 of our comrades succumbed to the same fate, and dropped to the ground, unmoving.

I could see some of the cloak-laden heads disappear from sight among the Nelk ranks. We panicked, but still took the window of opportunity to take on the enemy. We lost 50 more of our own before we had to retreat. During our return, Ursl and Cra fell to the same affliction, yet again.

I wish for this to be swept along with the winds of time — but if one would be so eager as to know how many were left, they could ask the Elder; even when he lost his three of his ten fingers in one hand, it was still enough."

"Eui was the next to be enlightened.

She was a revered strategist, and a caring mother of three behind the reddened eyes and raspy voice. No wonder many suitors would desperately cling onto her, begging for her attention in front of her home, only to be shooed away by other citizens.

I am not sure if this is truly an affliction, or rather, a seal of approval to ascend to the realms above.

Many before Eui had one thing in common: they endured years of adversity and tremendous quantities of disavowal, only to be released in one swift motion.

Eui was in the midst of informing us of future plans against the enemy in the hut this morning — after several millennia of war and famine, I could not blame her for what she had spoken next: surrender.

One would never imagine the sheer uproar; men sprung up to their mangled, bruised feet and screamed for blood. Some pointed their spears towards Eui, repeatedly demanding whether she was actively committing treason.

Eui's eyes quickened, seemingly wanting to see an answer in the room. She began to stutter, gently placing her hand on her chest. Her forehead was soaked in sweat as she made no attempt to quieten the crowd, unlike her past self. Then, she collapsed.

No pulse.

Perhaps, death was preferable. As the chief strategist, Eui's responsibility was by no means trivial. With her advice, she quietly directed our comrades behind Ir. Even when Ir noticed it, he chose not to bring upon any action on her.

With her gone, so did our "mother". But maybe she was happier up above. Honor the fallen."

To gain more context on the importance of SCP-6021 among the Daevites and its origin, Dr. Aldrian arranged an interview session with █████ ███, a 67-year old Daevite successor who was a detainee in Site-32.4


[Shuffling and sounds of a metallic chair scraping against the floor]

███: Good morning, young man.

Dr. Aldrian: [sighs] Just… get this over with.

███: You don't look so well.

Dr. Aldrian: Headache.

[Silence, before it is punctuated by chuckles from ███]

███: I see. What's your purpose for visiting me?

[Dr. Aldrian pulls out several documents (including the dig site manuscripts and the ASCI text) from the file and slides them over to ███]

███: Hmm. I've… heard about this, yes.

Dr. Aldrian: Could you explain.

███: It's taboo. You would be lucky to bring up even a slither of a passing mention about this — my grandfather once told me the townsfolk would drag you out and string you up like dried mackerel.


███: Sorry?

Dr. Aldrian: Go on, hurry up.

███: As I've said, it's taboo. Why? Because we knew something. At first, yes, we believed citizens who have worked themselves away are given the glory of the gods above. And so, we worked. Worked until our bones broke, sweat turned to blood, skin was charred, and willfully became the shell of our former selves.

Dr. Aldrian: Why would they do that?

███: [chuckles] Because doctor, we had people like Ir and Eui, who enjoyed… relatively lavish lifestyles surrounded by a hall of fame dedicated solely to their past lives, while the citizens were left with not much but tatters disposed of by the wealthy… Sound familiar?


███: Well, we realized, some of those we deemed as the most egregious carriers of sin, have started to die too. Then we knew that we were not so blessed.

Dr. Aldrian: So you don't know anything about how this… came about.

███: No, we do not.

Dr. Aldrian: [scoffs] Not so powerful as your predecessors claimed to be a super-advanced civilization, is it?

[Silence, before it is punctuated by chuckles from ███]

███: Is something bothering you, young man?


Dr. Aldrian: I don't like your face.

███: [chuckles] Ah well. I think you had enough today. Get some rest.

[Light metallic scraping, followed by thuds]

Dr. Aldrian: Don't you fucking try, old man.

███: No, no. It's just… [sniffing] …for confirmation.

Dr. Aldrian: I'm… no. I'm done. Guards.

[A buzz, before several heavy footsteps; ███ is heard to be chuckling]


Sub-researcher Dr. Alexander Hossein confronted Dr. Aldrian for his behavior during the interview. The following was an audio recording saved in Dr. Hossein's mobile phone, containing an exchange between the two.


Dr. Aldrian: What?

Dr. Hossein: Was that necessary?

Dr. Aldrian: Which — [exasperated sigh] which part did you think it was unnecessary?

Dr. Hossein: You're acting out of protocol. What did we tell you? To not adopt an aggressive tone. You acknowledge how that is going to affect the results.


Dr. Aldrian: I need to lie down for a while.

Dr. Hossein: Is that enough to get you back?

Dr. Aldrian: Yeah. [groans] Headache won't go away.

Dr. Hossein: Would taking paracetamol be a speedier solution?

Dr. Aldrian: I ran out.

Dr. Hossein: [sighs] I can help bring you some fresh ones.


Dr. Aldrian: That would be appreciated. Thanks.

Dr. Hossein: Do you usually drink the water first or the tablet?

Dr. Aldrian: Uh… tablet first.

Dr. Hossein: Aldrian, you are indeed the black duck.

Dr. Aldrian: Wha — I mean, I like it better that way. Listen, you going to get me the meds or are we going to debate about the order of taking meds?

Dr. Hossein: Alright. I'm going.


Presented to the board of directors, it was ruled that Dr. Aldrian be allowed a two-day leave while Dr. Hossein was tasked to continue the SCP-6021 project. No disciplinary action was enacted against Dr. Aldrian's minor misconduct during the interview.

2. Observation 1.5: Soviet Union [Dr. Alexander Hossein]

Between 1983 and 1987, a storybook was circulating among the rural Russian community, containing content deemed inappropriate for children and subsequently banned by the Ministry of Education. The following was an excerpt from the book, translated from Russian.

One fine day, Little Ivan went trekking with his papa and mama

Little Ivan was fat and slow, losing his papa and mama

Oh where, where did they go?

Little Ivan was scared

Then angry

Did they leave him?

He puffed, and sat down on the soft earth with a grumpy face

Looking down, he saw worms

Thin, snakily moving worms

Disgusted, Little Ivan jumps up and stomps on the soil - their squished innards pouring out into the seams of the ground

He sits down again, and waits

And waits

Papa and mama aren't coming, are they?

Why aren't they coming back?

Did Little Ivan make a mistake?

Did he deserve this?

Did he


One fine day, many grumpy men in soldier uniform arrive

Papa and mama look ahead and see Little Ivan

"Our Little Ivan is fine and well!"

Papa and mama bring Little Ivan home

But the grumpy men look horrified

Could they not smell the burning rot in Little Ivan's head?

The Soviet Militsiya5 conducted investigations by interrogating the locals who formerly owned the book, eventually finding the author in his home, located in █████, ███ Oblast. The author was found slumped over his desk, foaming at the mouth. A written note was beside the body:

It's here

Embedded assets immediately notified central command and dispatched additional Foundation forces for retrieval of the cadaver for autopsy. Standard disinformation campaigns were disseminated soon after. █████ was designated SCP-6021-A-1.

The author's family has declined to comment.

During the annual inspection of global satellite images by the Department of Information and Analytics, unusual activity was observed within SCP-6021-A-1 for the preceding 131 weeks spanning 58 images among 1,152 collated snapshots. In chronological order, the following points were observed:

  • the gradual erection of a brick wall that circles the perimeter of SCP-6021-A-1
  • deforestation of approximately 250m2 of forested land near SCP-6021-A-1
  • 27 grass mounds east to SCP-6021-A-1, each with two wooden sticks fixed in a cross
  • unusually high foot traffic, evidenced by hundreds of footprints observed across SCP-6021-A-1 with no noticeable pattern
  • trails of red markings that imply an object was dragged; these trails lead into 36 of the 68 houses. All trails were removed after the 46th frame.

After securing a flight from Prague to Moscow, Dr. Hossein and Dr. Aldrian were transported in an armored envoy to the village of █████, posing as the ruling heads of the Militsiya. Body cameras were attached to them for recordkeeping purposes.


[Sounds of twigs snapping, as well as the soft bristling sounds of natural foliage. Both researchers reach a wide clearing, where SCP-6021-A-1 is situated. Its surroundings are populated by dozens of tree butts.]

Dr. Aldrian: Not — [grunts] — so — [grunts] — environmentally friendly, right?

Dr. Hossein: [grunts] No.


Dr. Hossein: I have heard. You took a break?

Dr. Aldrian: Huh? Oh. Yes, I have. This anomaly, is… a bit of a troublemaker. And the same goes for the headache.

Dr. Hossein: Are you sure you can take this on?

Dr. Aldrian: Well… yeah. If I didn't want to, I wouldn't be here.

Dr. Hossein: …okay.

[Both men reach SCP-6021-A-1. A poorly-constructed brick wall, made vulnerable by uneven spacing between individual bricks to reveal several gaps, is fully visible. It spans several hundred meters in length.]

Dr. Aldrian: Privyet?

[Muffled mumbling is heard.]

Dr. Aldrian: Yest kto nibud zdes?6

[Muffled mumbling, before it subsides to silence.]

Unidentified: Vkhodit.7

Dr. Hossein: Your Russian has improved.

Dr. Aldrian: [lets out a puff of air] Ha.

Dr. Hossein: By a more-than-negligible proportion. Work on it more.

Dr. Aldrian: [sighs] You never give me a break.

[The two men approach a rusted gate at the entrance of SCP-6021-A-1, composed of two semi-circular arches whose hinges are nearly dislodged. Several villagers are seen roaming about the interior.]

Dr. Aldrian: [In Russian] May I speak with —

[A man in his mid-thirties and trackwear, approach the gate. He looks at both men in law enforcement gear, before he focuses back on Dr. Aldrian. He then opens the gate, and extends his arm out towards the inner areas of SCP-6021-A-1.]

Dr. Aldrian: Spasiba.

[Within SCP-6021-A-1, a total of 13 individuals (all adult) are visible, with some congregating around concrete fireplaces. Dr. Hossein walks around the area. Dr. Aldrian turns to the man.]

Dr. Aldrian: Morning. I am Officer Petrovsky and this is… [gestures to Dr. Hossein] Officer Kanski, police. We've received several reports of disturbances around this area.

[The man turns to a group consisting of three men in similar clothing, sitting around a bench. He proceeds to call out to them.]

Man 1: [In Russian] They're here.

[The man faces Dr. Aldrian. He slides his hands into his track wear pockets.]

Dr. Aldrian: Where is — [looks around] — where is the uh, police stationed here?

Man 1: They left.

[From Dr. Hossein's body camera, he surveys the nearby dilapidated barns and decommissioned silos. He walks by and spots several men and women inside, sitting around a circular plastic table, beside farm tractors. Each of them takes turns in leaning down towards the center of the table. A brown paper with white powder is seen.]

[Of the seven individuals, three are engaged in unintelligible conversation; they giggle, while producing several stabbing motions in each other's abdomen and stomach areas.]

Dr. Aldrian: I… we weren't informed of this. I thought you all had a prison here to run. And state records don't show too positively of your town in terms of crime rate.

[Dr. Hossein steps inside the barn. The villagers glance at Dr. Hossein, before returning to their previous activity. Dr. Hossein holds his arm up to his face.]

Dr. Hossein: Ugh, what's this smell?

Man 1: They didn't need to keep the job anymore. In fact, uh, that's — that's them right there.

[The man gestures to the barn, where Dr. Hossein is situated.]

Dr. Aldrian: The criminals?

Man 1: Some of them are in a better place. Some are uh, just trying to live their own lives.

[Dr. Hossein turns to the far wall of the barn, where a green tarp is situated. Several legs and arms protrude out from the tarp.]


Dr. Aldrian initiated a search of the barn, and identified a total of 24 bodies, of which four were in law enforcement attire, and the rest civilian. Five of the 20 civilian cadavers were convicted criminals, as seen from village detention records, and released on the same day without a stated reason. Two of the five ex-convicts sustained a single, possibly self-inflicted gunshot to the head. Brief interviews with villagers revealed that 11 of the estimated 300 residents were former police officers stationed in the prison; they declined to comment on the reason for resignation.

Embedded agents within the Kremlin reported little activity regarding the town of █████. Dr. Hossein and Dr. Aldrian were withdrawn thereafter.

3. Test log 6021-L [Dr. Alexander Hossein, Dr. Fransico Aldrian]

Following the investigations within the USSR (now addressed as the Russian Federation), no conclusive leads have been acquired. Globally, a total of 350-670 people succumb to SCP-6021 yearly; the number and frequency of cases have concealed the anomalous nature of SCP-6021 from mainstream media outlets, allowing Foundation forces to continue research on determining the origins of SCP-6021 without concerns of an imminent BK-Class "Broken Masquerade" Scenario.

On 05/11/1992, Dr. Aldrian conducted tests on a random sample of 500 civilians from ██ countries to determine any correlation between SCP-6021 victims and a particular demographic for further assessment of SCP-6021 containment measures. Provided that SCP-6021 is designated as a neurological hazard, a series of tasks were given to each test subject, such as completing a Mensa test and puzzles.

After the experiments, two of the 500 civilians exhibited unusual behavior commonly observed with SCP-6021.8 Their corresponding footage logs have been provided below.

Foreword: Involved are 34-year-old Laura Henwood (11-O) and Dr. Fransico Aldrian. Subject 11-O was initially prosecuted by local law enforcement following her act of arson on her neighbor's land prior to transfer to Site-32. She remains in denial of regret for her action. Dr. Aldrian interviewed subject 11-O.


[Dr. Aldrian enters the chamber, with subject 11-O sitting on a chair in the center of the room. 11-O diverts attention to Dr. Aldrian, who stops in front of her and bends down.]

Dr. Aldrian: [sighs] How are you feeling, Laura?

[Subject 11-O's eyes shift back and forth, before settling back on Dr. Aldrian. She grins.]

11-O: As good as ever.

[Dr. Aldrian produces a clipboard from behind him, and flips through several papers.]

Dr. Aldrian: Your past offense doesn't say that.

[Silence. Dr. Aldrian flips through more papers.]

Dr. Aldrian: At 0134, you were spotted on streetside cameras to be carrying a jerry can. Sprayed onto your neighbor's lawn and lit it up with a match that you bought hours before.

[11-O licks her lips and shakes her head frantically.]

11-O: It's — it's just what I wanted to do. In fact, I — I wanted to do it! To be very honest, sir!

Dr. Aldrian: Why did you want to do it? Other than your little recent mishap, your records are clean.

11-O: Because I… [growls] those fucking partygoers. I've been really, really patient, okay? One day, I thought of hating them. Then the next, I thought of killing them, and then —

Dr. Aldrian: Laura?

[11-O stops mid-sentence.]

Dr. Aldrian: You're sweating buckets all of a sudden. Something wrong?

11-O: No! No. Thank god. Thank god you stopped me.

[Dr. Aldrian frowns.]

Dr. Aldrian: What do you mean?

[11-O groans, gripping her head.]

11-O: Why did you have to —

[Subject 11-O exerts a gasp, before she collapses onto the floor.]

Dr. Aldrian: [sighs] Hossein, call in the medic.


After-action: 11-O was pronounced deceased.

Foreword: Involved are eight-year-old Sean Goeiller (5-K) and Dr. Fransico Aldrian. Subject 5-K was provided a laminated wood box with holes carved in different shapes, as well as several of their corresponding shapes in the form of wooden pieces. 5-K was tasked to fit each of the pieces into their matching holes, while Dr. Aldrian and Dr. Hossein were positioned behind an observation mirror. The following footage was extracted from closed-circuit (CCTV) camera storage.

03:11:37 View of the observation room. Dr. Aldrian stands in front of the mirror, taking notes, while Dr. Hossein monitors at the back.

03:18:13 Dr. Aldrian places the notepad on a nearby terminal and approaches the microphone. The following exchange was recorded:

Dr. Aldrian: You, uh, still working on it?

[Muffled noises]

Dr. Aldrian: Yup, uh, you — you hold on there, sweetie.

Dr. Aldrian then turns to Dr. Hossein and appears to enter a brief conversation, before turning back to the microphone.

Dr. Aldrian: We're, we're going to take a quick break then, okay?

[Muffled noises]

Dr. Aldrian: No — no, uh, sweetie, don't — you don't have to be so afraid, okay? Just… just do what you think it's right. There's no wrong answer, alright? Come on, let's just —

03:21:45 Dr. Hossein relays an order through the intercom to activate the blinds to obscure the observation mirror completely. Dr. Aldrian turns back to Dr. Hossein and expresses body language that indicates confusion.

03:28:01 Dr. Hossein nods slowly towards Dr. Aldrian throughout the seven minutes, before Dr. Aldrian withdraws from the exchange. He walks to the notepad and examines it.

03:30:11 Dr. Hossein signals the retraction of the blinds. A beam of flurorescent light vertically extends upwards as the blinds retract. After the blinds are removed, Dr. Hossein immediately alerts the guards, and approaches Dr. Aldrian, who is seen holding his left temple with his hand.

Dr. Hossein pats Dr. Aldrian's back, and accompanies him out of the chamber, where several guards line up in formation to escort Dr. Aldrian away.

03:34:52 Sanitation team enters the chamber and exits with a body bag.

4. [UNINTENDED] Recorded Footage Log [Dallas Police Department, USA]

Foundation webcrawlers logged and stored media that depicted behavior alike to SCP-6021 symptoms, or unusual activity in general. The following was uploaded to Site archives on 06/03/1992.


[View of the side of a police car, whose sirens are switched off. The man slams the driver's door shut, and pans up to a house, situated in an undisclosed neighborhood. The communicator crackles, and a female voice is heard.]

Communicator: [static] — 23 more — [static] — requesting further instructions, copy.

[A click, followed by several blips.]

Man: 1A-1356, investigating place of disturbance.

[The man emits a grunt, followed by a click, and the static immediately dies down. As he approaches the front lawn, muffled sounds of shouting are heard. The man knocks on the door.]

Man: Police. Open up.

[The shouts continue. The man sighs, and knocks on the door again.]

Man: Ma'am, this is the —

[A muffled gunshot. A thud is heard, followed by screams and pleas.]

Man: What the hell —

[Another gunshot, and a thud, are heard. The man immediately readies his firearm and switches on his radio.]

Man: 1A-1356, requesting reinforcement. I count, uh, one suspect, possibly armed. Just heard two gunshots.

[The man switches off the radio, and opens the door. Blood droplets are visible on the hallway walls leading to the living room. As he swerves to his right with a pistol at the ready, a male teenager is seen, kneeling down and expressing distress, in front of two adults (one male, one female). A hunting rifle is found strewn on the side, with its barrel smoking.]

Man: Poor boy.

[The man withdraws his weapon and holsters it, as he approaches the teenager, and kneels down to his height.]

Man: Aw, you poor, poor boy. Lemme guess. They annoyin' you, child?

[The boy glances at the man, before looking back at the bodies. He nods.]

Man: [tuts] I had that feeling too. Gets real annoyin' when they nag you all the while.

[The man shrugs.]

Man: Well! I'll be real honest, my boy. One is, you'll die and drop to the ground before you know it. Not by me, of course. [chuckles] But I know, oh I know — you still have a life to live. So just tell yourself, if everyone felt like you did, then you have no right to feel guilty. Do you understand?

[The sobbing subsides.]

Man: There you go. Big boy, come on!

[The man hits the boy's back. The teenager stands.]

Man: Alright, you just run over to Harley's down the road, they'll be happy to let you in.

[The man ruffles the boy's head, and leaves the house. A click.]

Man: 1A-1356. Cancel previous request. Just another one who needs to be understood.

[Another click. The man enters the car, and drives off.]


5. Attempt


[A subtle crashing of sea waves.]

Dr. Hossein: [whispers] No, no, no! Oh shit. Oh no. Aldrian. No. No, don't!

Dr. Aldrian: Oh. Hey.

Dr. Hossein: Hello. What are you doing here?

Dr. Aldrian: Just… spacing out. I just feel… real tired. Real, real tired. [groans] Headache's back too.

Dr. Hossein: You are contemplating your existence near a cliff?

Dr. Aldrian: It's relaxing, okay? You don't necessarily need to phrase it like that. And no, I'm not thinking of anything weird, so don't get the wrong idea. I've seen shit worse than kids dying.


Dr. Hossein: Oh. So… you weren't going to…?

Dr. Aldrian: Huh? No. Not yet anyway.

[Dr. Hossein and Dr. Aldrian remain silent.]


To: O5-1 <██████>
From: Alexander Hossein <||640ssohxela>
Subject: Further development

It seems we were right, Overseer.

They knew about it, lived with it, kept their mouths shut. Thus, I can say with sufficient confidence that this will not evolve to be a tremendous issue with regards to our core directive. Dr. Fransico Aldrian, however, would need to go. The effects wore off fast for him, and he seems too costly of an asset to be maintained. One dangerous thought, and he could — unintentionally — weaponize this anomaly that could endanger our own lives.

On another subject, I have attached the logistics sheet below for the new batch of acetaminophen; more expensive, but a meaningful change, since they could smell the drug.


To: Alexander Hossein <||640ssohxela>
From: O5-1 <██████>
Subject: RE:Further development

I have conferred this to my colleagues; you have their approval, and mine as well. You are authorized to do whatever you would need with Dr. Aldrian; we cannot let any node operate out of protocol anyway.

We trust your judgement as close friends, and psychopaths.

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