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Proposal ID: ZZ9-2ZA-77 Ω
Primary Signatory: Dr. Raphael Nasmyth Status: Completed
Aditional Signatories: Dir. Chiaki Mori, Dr. Monica Gail Verdict: Denied


| Summary Document |

File: ZZ9-2ZA-77_Proposal_Synopsis.txt
Author: um.pcs|htymsaN.leahpaR#um.pcs|htymsaN.leahpaR
Date: 11/06/2021

For the consideration of the O5-Council,

SCP-6020 is an immobile, sentient, and non-hostile entity which generates an anomalous field around itself. This field, designated SCP-6020-A, has a profoundly positive effects on living organisms within it. Plants are given nourishment and protected from environmental hazards and natural aging. Sapient creatures experience increased happiness, decreased hostility, and reduced symptoms of mental health illness.

The size of SCP-6020-A can be controlled by providing SCP-6020 with different amounts of "worship". Currently, SCP-6020-A is maintained within the boundaries of Site-171, which uses it to support the containment and welfare of various sentient anomalies.

We are proposing a phased expansion of SCP-6020-A until it encompasses the entirety of the planet Earth.

Research into the amount of "worship" required to maintain SCP-6020-A's area indicates that this degree of expansion would be entirely achievable. All studies of SCP-6020-A to date have concluded that its effects are wholly beneficial. No detrimental side effects have been detected. It does not induce addiction, dependency, compulsion, lethargy, incautiousness, or a loss of self or free will.

We appreciate that this proposal appears to run contrary to one of the Foundation's core purposes: to maintain normality.

However, we believe that the value of this this doctrine must be balanced with our moral responsibility to humankind. We have, quite frankly, been offered a golden opportunity. This is not an anomaly with a few minor benefits for select individuals. This is not an anomaly that can be dangerous in the wrong hands. SCP-6020 has the potential to improve literally billions of lives. It could, quite conceivably, realise the human dream of world peace.

It is not a question of whether we have the right to change this planet. It is a question of whether we have the right to refuse to.

— Raphael Nasmyth

A copy of the full Proposal Document can be made available to authorised personnel upon request.

| Questions & Challenges |

| O5-11
Just to be entirely clear, your proposal would involve the Foundation intentionally creating a Broken Masquerade event?
| Raphael.Nasmyth
To some extent. I believe that it would be difficult to conceal the anomalous nature of SCP-6020-A, although of course I do not know the full options available to the Council. But the extent to which other anomalies, or the Foundation's existence, are made known to the general public would be entirely your decision.

| O5-5
You have stated that SCP-6020-A has no negative side effects. But your research also shows that individuals within SCP-6020-A2 can become distracted, overwhelmed, and have difficulty empathising with others. Does this not pose a risk if we expand SCP-6020-A?
| Raphael.Nasmyth
We don't believe so. In the first place, testing has shown that prolonged exposure to SCP-6020-A2 has no long-term effects after leaving it. Secondly, the expansion of SCP-6020-A causes only a negligible increase in A2. The relevant data is on page 18.

| O5-7
Can we be certain that SCP-6020-A's effects will not change?
| Raphael.Nasmyth
No more than we can be sure that the Earth won't stop turning tomorrow, or that physics won't break down. We more than anyone are aware of the possibilities of the universe we live in, and I don't think anyone here needs "chance of being run over crossing the street" analogies. But our research uniformly indicates that SCP-6020-A is safe. And if we don't make judgement based on our research, then what are we here for?

| O5-12
Can the size of SCP-6020-A be decreased again, if unforeseen effects do occur?
| Raphael.Nasmyth
Theoretically, yes. SCP-6020-A naturally shrinks when SCP-6020 does not receive enough "worship" to sustain its size. However, if the method of sustaining SCP-6020-A becomes known to the general public, and enough people want to maintain it, it would be difficult to forcefully change that.
| O5-12
There are no other methods for reducing or removing SCP-6020-A?
| Raphael.Nasmyth
Not that we have discovered, no.

| O5-10
In that case, your "phased expansion" could be disrupted or accelerated?
| Raphael.Nasmyth
Only if a significant number of people became aware of how SCP-6020-A is expanded. I believe the Foundation could contain that information for as long as would be necessary for our proposal to be responsibly enacted.

| O5-Council Verdict |

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| Addendum |

"While the Council have decided not to approve the implementation of Proposal ZZ9-2ZA-77, it recognises the valuable work that Dr. Nasmyth has undertaken and the considerable benefits offered by SCP-6020.

Therefore, we have agreed to the following: with the assistance of Dr. Nasmyth, Dr. Gail, and Director Mori, Proposal ZZ9-2ZA-77 will be reworked into a prepared action plan. This may be invoked at any time the Council deems it necessary. In the event of a Broken Masquerade or K-Class scenario, the global expansion of SCP-6020-A will be considered as a potential response.

This project has been code-named the EDEN Protocol."

— O5-13, on behalf of the O5-Council

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