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Item#: 6020
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Secondary Class:
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Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-171 Chiaki Mori Dr. Raphael Nasmyth N/A

Special Containment Procedures:

Initially, a Biological Research Unit (Bio Unit J4-78, aka “Honeysuckle”) was established to study and maintain the security of SCP-6020. However, following an extensive evaluation of SCP-6020-A’s beneficial properties, Bio-Unit J4-88 was subsequently expanded and re-designated as Site-171.1 As such, SCP-6020 and SCP-6020-A are protected from discovery or disruption by standard Foundation Site security measures.

SCP-6020-A is to be maintained at a diameter of between 6,000 meters and 6,500 meters at all time, with appropriate adjustments made to gardening schedules whenever necessary. A wooded area has been planted around the perimeter of SCP-6020-A to limit the possibility of external observation. SCP-6020 itself is immobile and requires no additional physical containment. SCP-6020 has been deemed a Non-Hostile Sentient Entity (NHSE) and has proven willing to assist Foundation researchers when its mental state permits.

While Site-171 staff members are permitted to discuss their work with SCP-6020,2 it is recommended that they avoid mentioning particularly unpleasant or distressing events such as mass bloodshed or torture. Such topics have a strongly negative impact on SCP-6020’s mental well-being and can result in extended periods of non-communication. SCP-6020 should especially not be informed of incidents where the actions of the Foundation might be considered morally dubious, or have resulted in high levels of casualties or extensive suffering. SCP-6020 should not be informed of the existence or purpose of Class-D personnel. SCP-6020 has an extremely sensitive disposition, and it is believed that such revelations may damage the Foundation’s ongoing relationship with it.

Any significant changes in SCP-6020’s attitude or behaviour should be reported immediately to a member of Site-171’s supervisory staff.



SCP-6020 is an parametic entity that identifies itself as “the Earth God Hepolokoli”. It is presently housed within a sandstone pillar (or “standing stone”) which measures 4.7 meters in height above ground and has a further 0.5 meters below ground. The pillar is coated with lichen and moss, and its upper area appears to have been partially eroded by weather. Two other smaller stones, measuring 4 meters and 3.8 meters in height, have been placed nearby. SCP-6020 reports that these are the remnants of 9 stones which were originally placed around its pillar.


SCP-6020 shortly after its initial discovery.
SCP-6020-A has a diameter of only 7 meters.

SCP-6020 professes to have been the deity of a small tribe that lived approximately 4,000 years ago. This is consistent with radiocarbon dating of human remains unearthed near the pillars.3

SCP-6020 is able to communicate through an adaptive form of telepathy, which it claims also enables it to converse with non-sapient animals and plants. So far, it has been largely cooperative with Foundation personnel. However, SCP-6020 suffers from poor mental health and is prone to long periods of silence when upset. It has found certain enquiries about its history extremely distressing, and frequently believes that Foundation personnel are asking it questions out of a sense of obligation or politeness rather than genuine interest.


SCP-6020-A is the designation code given to SCP-6020’s range of anomalous influence. It is a roughly spherical area of space that extends outwards from SCP-6020 in all directions. Living organisms within SCP-6020-A are subject to the following anomalous effects:

  • Any flora planted within the soil of SCP-6020-A will grow rapidly until it has reached a state of maturity. At that point, its biological aging will abruptly slow. Flowers will grow from seeds in a matter of days and then remain in bloom for months at a time. This occurs regardless of whether or not the plants are provided with sustenance such as sunlight, water, or nutrients. Plants within SCP-6020-A also appear to be unaffected by most external factors, including climate, soil type, and disease.
  • The majority of sapient life forms, including all humans so far exposed to SCP-6020-A, experience increased feelings of happiness, pleasure, and contentment, and reduced feelings of anger, hatred, and hostility. Individuals struggling with mental health concerns such as stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD report that their symptoms are lessened while within SCP-6020-A. In most cases, some degree of these effects persist even after a subject leaves SCP-6020-A, with longer periods of exposure resulting in longer and more intense aftereffects. SCP-6020's influence on sapiens is especially pronounced in it's immediate vicinity. Within approximately 20 meters of it, subjects are prone to a sense of euphoria. This area is designated SCP-6020-A2.

The diameter of SCP-6020-A is determined by what SCP-6020 describes as "acts of worship". Providing SCP-6020 with "worship" will expand the size of SCP-6020, while providing it with less or no "worship" will cause it to contract.

SCP-6020 can be "worshiped" by performing devotional gardening-related activities within the boundaries of SCP-6020-A. This effectiveness of this "worship" is completely irrespective whether the "gardening-related activities" would actually be beneficial to normal flora. Activities that have been found to support SCP-6020-A's expansion include pouring buckets of water into a single patch of soil, digging holes for "imaginary seeds" and then filling them in again, and running a child's toy mower across the grass. Conversely, using an automated water sprinkler system did not promote expansion – although the act of installing the system did.

SCP-6020 states that it does not chose what actions are counted as worshipful, but that it is able to feel if a particular action is or is not. It claims to have no personal control over the size or effects of SCP-6020-A.

Addendum 1 – Site-171:

Addendum 2 – Supplementary Interview Logs:

Interviews with Dr. George Stanworth

Preface: Due to the difficulties of bringing D-Class personnel into contact with SCP-6020, it was decided to open Bio Unit J4-74 to selected Foundation volunteers. Dr. Stanworth is a 41 year old researcher with a history of depression and anxiety. He also has late diagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). At the time of these interviews he was receiving therapy for panic attacks and anxiety-related insomnia.

Interviews with SCP-6020

Preface: SCP-6020 speaks through a form of telepathic projection and as such cannot be recorded with audio equipment. In the following interviews, SCP-6020's side of the conversation has instead been transcribed by individuals present. While these logs are as accurate as possible, minor errors and omissions may therefore have occurred during transcription. Being in close enough proximity to SCP-6020 to communicate with it induces a sense of intense euphoria, which can result in distraction and atypical behaviour.

Addendum 3 – Dr. Nasmyth's Proposal:


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