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3/6018 LEVEL 3/6018



Item #: SCP-6018

Object Class: Safe

CONTENT WARNING: Miscarriage and birth-related trauma.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6018 is to be contained in a secure item storage locker when not in use for testing. Personnel may request personal use of SCP-6018. Doing so requires permission from twenty-five different staff members, at least five of which must never have clearance level 3/6018 or higher.

Tests may no longer be conducted with pregnant women in the effective range of SCP-6018 without clearance from a member of the O5 council. These tests may only be conducted with vetted Foundation personnel with clearance level 4/6018 or higher as the test subject.

Description: SCP-6018 is a cassette-player with a cassette tape inside, containing the song "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga. To date, all attempts to disassemble SCP-6018 and examine its inner workings have been unsuccessful.

SCP-6018 displays its anomalous properties when being played in its entirety and rewound to the beginning of the tape by a single individual. When operated in this manner, SCP-6018 will transfer the consciousness of the individual who played and rewound it into a new, living body. SCP-6018 will always select the youngest living human within 100 meters as the target vessel. The vessel that the user leaves enters a comatose state and dies if left unattended. No evidence of the previous consciousness of the target vessel has yet been observed, and, at this time, the consciousnesses lost this way are presumed dead.

SCP-6018-1 is an extradimensional anomaly that can be accessed by utilizing SCP-6018 in the vicinity of a pregnant woman.

Addendum 6018-1: On 13/09/2014, a sixty year old Foundation staff member named Dr. Neptune volunteered for experiment 6018-37. In this experiment, the test subject was to have their consciousness transferred to the unborn child of a pregnant D-class. Years after this experiment succeeded, the following interviews were conducted. They occurred on 04/01/2017, soon after Dr. Neptune regained the ability to speak. As a result of his testimony, the secure containment procedures were updated on 06/01/2017 to restrict further testing on pregnant women.

Interview Log 6018-A:

After this point in the interview, Dr. Neptune began to mumble, repeat himself, and become visibly drowsy, according to Junior Researcher Flemming. Within ten minutes, the caretaker in charge of Dr. Neptune collected him for his regularly scheduled nap time. The interview resumes two hours later.

Interview Log 6018-B:

Addendum-6018-2: On 16/01/2017, Operation Mimir officially began, and twelve separate agents were sent into SCP-6018-1 for further investigations. Of the twelve agents who were sent, only six returned. The other agents were lost to pregnancy complications.

On 18/02/2019, interviews about the agents' experiences began to be conducted. Because of their testimonies, Dr. Neptune's descriptions of his discoveries were verified. According to the agents, the "receipts" that Dr. Neptune described in his interviews were obtained and ingested by half of the field agents in the operation. Each of the agents who did so is as follows:

Additional Findings: Despite the adverse side-effects Foundation Agents received when consuming the receipts, no such reaction was reported in any resident of SCP-6018-1. Residents of SCP-6018-1 tended to disappear in a similar manner as Foundation staff did upon leaving SCP-6018-1; this event always coincided with the resident in question watching gambling games for several consecutive days without betting.

Of the Foundation Staff who returned, some reported side-effects. Agent Hotel was born deaf in his left ear, which was also the case in his previous life. Foundation researchers have yet to discover a plausible medical explanation for this. The genetics of Agent Hotel's new vessel had no notable predisposition to this and no major incident occurred to Agent Hotel while his new vessel was developing.

Agent Kilo was also born with a new birth defect, arrhythmia due to a congenital defect, which he did not have in his previous life. Because of this, he died four months after being born again and the remaining payments promised to him were transferred to living relatives. Signs of this birth defect did not appear until shortly before Agent Kilo was born into his new vessel.

Agent Foxtrot was also born with a minor birth defect, a cleft palate. Similar to Agent Kilo, there was no sign of this birth defect in her previous life or in her prenatal development.

Addendum 6018-3: On 20/02/2020, phase two of Operation Mimir was launched. Over the course of six months, SCP-6018 was utilized to send 200 Foundation agents to SCP-6018-1 in order to attempt to contain it. Results are pending.

As of 23/06/2021, only three Foundation agents sent by phase two have successfully returned from SCP-6018-1. Phase three of Operation Mimir is in the process of being organized while we await the testimonies of the surviving agents. If you have recommendations for participants in or wish to volunteer for Operation Mimir, then please contact Dr. Neptune. Currently, only twelve of the two hundred agents required to assert control over SCP-6018-1 have been recruited. Security clearance requirements have been temporarily reduced in order to meet the recruitment quota.

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