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Item#: 6010
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Object Class: Enochian1

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, containment of SCP-6010 is not possible due to its widespread influence over the civilian population. Preservation of the veil is no longer a priority; efforts are instead to be focused on the rehabilitation of SCP-6010-A instances and the preparation of the global population for future SCP-6010 alterations. Foundation staff altered by SCP-6010 may continue their existing roles in the Foundation following a two week adjustment period.

Description: SCP-6010 is the global restructuring event that has currently impacted roughly one third of all animal life on Earth. Since 21/06/2021, life forms in the Animalia kingdom unpredictably undergo rapid transformation, developing into decapodal crustaceans with typical subjects being around 40 cm in height. These subjects, hereafter referred to as SCP-6010-A instances, develop a pair of claws on their front most limbs as well as a thick chitinous exoskeleton over a flat disk-like body. Instances of SCP-6010-A are primarily aquatic, but can survive out of water indefinitely as long as their gills hold a layer of water. Their middle six legs are typically used for walking on the sea floor, while their backmost legs are flatter and used for swimming.

Despite these extreme biological changes, SCP-6010-A instances that were previously human retain a human level of consciousness and all memories formed before the transformation. There is no known way to revert SCP-6010-A instances back into their previous forms.

Since SCP-6010 began, animal life on earth has been transformed into SCP-6010-A instances at an exponential rate, with current estimates placing the completion of SCP-6010 around the middle of 2028.

Addendum 1: The following transcript was taken from the video series The New Carcinized World, made by Doctor Francis Hernandez, the lead researcher for SCP-6010. Hernandez communicated using a text-to-speech program and a keyboard specially designed for their claws.

Coming Out of Your Shell


Hernandez: Hello. Right now, there are two types of people on this planet. Either you've already been changed like me, or you're just waiting for the inevitable. Either way, you're here to know what it feels like and how you will continue life as close to normally as you can.

Hernandez: I know it may be upsetting to see your body go through these changes, but rest assured, we here at the SCP Foundation are doing everything we can to make the transition easier.

The video cuts to footage of a Foundation-run rehabilitation center, showing many human Foundation staff and civilian volunteers assisting newly transformed SCP-6010-A instances adjust to their new bodies. Hernandez continues speaking offscreen.

Hernandez: It may take weeks or even months, but once you grow accustomed to the new you, it'll feel like you never had a human body.

The scene changes to a small under water apartment complex designed to be inhabited by SCP-6010-A instances. Several can be seen walking through the building.

Hernandez: Just remember, there's nothing wrong with being a crab.


The Foundation currently maintains four settlements designed to accommodate SCP-6010-A instances that do not wish or are unable to remain in their previous homes. Each settlement features housing for roughly five million SCP-6010-A instances in apartment complexes, as well as sustainable algae farms and tidal power generation. Foundation personnel who have become SCP-6010-A instances are permitted to transfer to these settlements at the discretion of their respective Site Director.

Settlement Current Status
Settlement Alpha (Atlantis Two) Located alongside the Great Barrier Reef. City is autonomous to the point that it requires little Foundation intervention.
Settlement Beta (Dahut) Located in the Mediterranean Sea. City has created a self sustaining economy with Settlement Delta and does not require Foundation intervention.
Settlement Gamma (Krust) Located in the Gulf of Mexico. City is currently under Foundation control to moderate mass immigration from the USA.
Settlement Delta (New London) Located in the English Channel. City is under control of the European Union and requires no Foundation intervention.

In addition to these settlements, the Foundation has funded a global campaign to assist SCP-6010 instances in adjusting to their new bodies. This campaign is organized by the Ethics committee and employs Foundation staff experienced in anomalous bodily transformations and civilian volunteers. These volunteers are given level 0 clearance and access only to a limited selection of this file.

The following transcript was taken from the video series Talk to the Claws, made by Doctor Francis Hernandez.

Talk to the Claws Ep 1


Hernandez: Welcome to another guide to your new life. One thing you may have noticed about your new body is the inability to speak. Well the SCP Foundation has the help you need, in Crab Sign Language, or CSL for short.

Hernandez: In this video series, I'll be showing you some of the most common phrases you'll need to learn to get by in the SCP-6010 resettlement facilities.

Hernandez: Before we begin, remember that when saying a name or other proper noun, you'll have to spell it out one letter at a time. Just check the link in the description that you'll find a chart of every letter in the CSL alphabet. Once you know all the letters, we'll move on to a few simple greetings. Starting with; Hello.

The video shows Hernandez pressing their right claw up to their head and bringing it down to the side.

Hernandez: That's all it is. Pretty simple really. Let's do something a bit longer. A basic introduction for your name. You say 'my name' and then you spell whatever your name is.

The video shows Hernandez pressing their right claw against their abdomen, tapping the pincers of both claws together twice, and spelling out H-E-R-N-A-N-D-E-Z.

Hernandez: And that's all you need to introduce yourself as a crab. Join us tomorrow for more handy tips. Or should I say clawsy tips?


Any individuals fluent in CSL are eligible to volunteer in their local SCP-6010-A rehabilitation facility. To do so, please submit a copy of the following form to moc.tenpics|pleh0106pcs#moc.tenpics|pleh0106pcs


Your Name:
Location of the facility you wish to volunteer for:
Please select your current status:
Please describe your past experiences with SCP-6010-A instances, if any.
Please describe your past experiences with the anomalous, if any.
Please describe your past experiences with non-anomalous crabs and other crustaceans, if any.
Please describe why you wish to volunteer for the Foundation.
Please tell us how long you wish to volunteer for the Foundation.
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