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SCP-6007-A Border

Item #: SCP-6007

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Since the behavior induced by SCP-6007 is simply an exaggeration of a non-anomalous human disposition, direct containment of SCP-6007 and its effects is considered unnecessary. However, unsanctioned civilian research that may lead to the discovery of SCP-6007 is to be defunded.

A perimeter has been established surrounding SCP-6007-A to deny civilian entry under the cover story of a logging operation.

Description: SCP-6007 is a type of electrical signal that is detected at all points of the globe. SCP-6007 has a tendency to reflect off flat surfaces. This leads SCP-6007's intensity to be significantly higher indoors as opposed to outdoors, since any waves that do penetrate walls tend to linger and accumulate over time.

SCP-6007 induces a neuro-chemical reaction in the human brain that exaggerates an individual's desire to travel. The chemical production caused by SCP-6007 is extremely slow, and will only result in a noticeable change in behavior over the course of years of exposure to high intensity SCP-6007 waves.

Discovery: SCP-6007 was discovered by Dr. Matthew Liswell during a survey of unexplained electrical waves detected by Foundation sites1. After completing a biological investigation of SCP-6007, Dr. Liswell submitted the following funding request:

SCP-6007: Investigation Proposal Preface
Dr. Matthew Liswell

Budget Requested: $25,000

Purpose: Purchase of plane flights and lodging for 6 researchers for three different trips each to a destination of their choosing.

I will preface this request by saying I know how this looks, but I promise this isn't some ploy for paid vacation.

After concluding my research into the psychological effects of SCP-6007, we still lack a proper containment mechanism. While it is innocuous at the moment, these are still foreign electrical signals. Who knows if they will stay innocuous?

We know the localized and immediate effects of SCP-6007, but that's it. I would like to try a different form of study. Instead of laboratory samples, investigating long term case-studies. I want to let a group of subjects give in to the travel bug and see where it takes them.

I've attached a list of researchers who I know have been somewhat affected by SCP-6007. I know we would normally send out D-Class for this, but I don't trust that they would know what to look out for. Besides, us white coats could use a break from these concrete cages too.

SCP-6007 Study Travel Log: The project was approved, and four researchers were selected to participate, including Dr. Liswell. Selected researchers were forbidden from communicating with each other about their travel plans and experiences to isolate each case. Below is a brief log of the locations and activities performed by the researchers as a part of this project.

Trip # Locations Activities
1 Tokyo, Japan; New York City, USA; London, UK; Paris, France Museum viewing, attending performances, other low intensity observational activities
2 Galapagos Islands, Ecuador; Reykjavík, Iceland; San José, Costa Rica; Queenstown, New Zealand Wildlife observation, day hikes, other medium intensity outdoor activities.
3 Hanoi, Vietnam; Himalayan Mountains, Nepal; Gaborone, Botswana; Anchorage, USA; Backpacking, walking safari, dog sledding
4 Cusco, Peru; Cuiabá, Brazil (2x); Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; All planned to go on extended backpacking trips into the Amazon Forest

The study halted after day 4 of the final excursion when it was apparent that all subjects were headed for the same destination.

SCP-6007-A: SCP-6007-A is a stretch of approximately 100km2 land in the north west region of the Amazon Rainforest. Experiments indicate that, should an individual be allowed to indulge the desire to travel imposed by SCP-6007, they will eventually attempt to travel to SCP-6007-A as part of a mission of "self-discovery".

Four vine-like spires are placed throughout SCP-6007-A. They are approximately 30m tall, and 2m in diameter. SCP-6007 amplitude measurements indicate that the waves originate from these spires.

The boundary of SCP-6007-A is marked by a sudden reduction in humidity. There is also a decrease in vegetation closer to the center of SCP-6007-A. Despite the scarcity of native flora, local fauna still frequently venture into SCP-6007-A. In addition to the fauna there appear to be living anomalous entities within SCP-6007-A, henceforth designated SCP-6007-B.

SCP-6007-B are living entities that appear to be humanoid in shape, but consist entirely of roots. These roots extend underground an indeterminate distance. The arms of SCP-6007-B instances do not terminate in a hand-like appendage, but rather form a simple pincer. The roots that make up SCP-6007-B instance heads are shaped to loosely approximate a face, with sockets for eyes, and an indent that resembles an permanently open mouth. However, there is no evidence that these cavities have sensory capabilities.

Exploration: To better understand SCP-6007, and SCP-6007-A, a small exploration was deployed to take measurements of one of the spire structures. This exploration was deployed on foot as to avoid disrupting SCP-6007-A's natural state. Researcher Matthew Liswell and Junior Researcher Stephanie Liu were chosen to perform this operation due to their familiarity with SCP-6007 and outdoorsmanship.

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