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This containment file is scheduled for deletion in accordance with Foundation procedures regarding Neutralized items. Please do not modify it.

Item #: SCP-6006

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Pending Deletion, do not modify.

SCP-6006 must be contained in a Standard Euclid Containment Chamber, size 7. Due to its infohazardous nature, this containment file must be secured with Level 4 Infohazard Type-A4 encryption.

Description: Revision of this description is in progress. Do not modify.

SCP-6006 is an inert plank measuring 9cm x 7cm x 3m. It appears to be made of Cupressus sempervirens (Mediterranean cypress) wood.

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    ‚舐舐 ¶????╟舐© £ —اŮ╟舐 ???? ðsžšåÞя© ½ ????— —???? áÍÞæðsžšåÞя©— »舐 ©ðsžšåÞя☒اŮ☒????© »ðsžšåÞя— —???? »舐 ráÚÆ Â£اŮ????©. ÓÞ¢áñ££ óÞ¢áñ????ðsžšåÞя ‚£☒舐 óÞ¢áñ????ðsžšåÞя Þ¥¿Ř§Ů舐 £½ ▀ —‚舐 ¶â€šÂ£½ ¶舐 —???? ╟£Š舐 —‚舐 ╟????©— ???? اٗ. ▀????½ '— ðsžšåÞ

    The containment file you are attempting to access encountered an unexpected error. Error code: S7D1010-6000-4252021:A

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      Warning. This content does not include any standard validation markers which indicate authoritative Foundation data.

      Attempts to recover it further should not be made without appropriate infohazard containment protocol in place, as this system cannot determine the contents prior to viewing.

      Proceeding without such clearance may lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

      scp.database.decryption.Exception: dumping error log…
      at foundation.base/scp.lang.Thread.dumpStack(Thread.scp:1383)
      at content was: "Description")
      at content was: "I am deleting this so no one else gets hurt")
      at content was: "Special Containment Protocol")
      at content was: "SCP-6006")
      at content was null)

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