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SCP-6000-A smiled a snake-like laugh and waggled a finger at her through its handcuffs. "Director, we've been over this. You don't get to pick the ending of the story."

She looked down.

"But you do get to pick how you decide to take it. You can sit down and weep that the old stories you grew to love are gone…. or you can smile and move on to the next shelf."

She looked back up.

They weren't in Holding Cell B918 anymore. They were standing between two gargantuan bookshelves that seemed to go on forever before suddenly diverging into more bookshelves. Every space was filled with the spine of a different book, massive tomes to paper-thin leaflets. There were people of all shapes and sizes in robes sitting here and there, perusing the collection. The sky was a black void dotted with constellations — she could smell the scent of fresh paper.

"Welcome home, Jailor."

SCP-6000-A was gone. In its place was a young Asian woman, maybe five feet tall, with the tattoo of a snake wrapped around a wrist on her face.

She found her voice again.

"— How…?"

"I've been telling you. The Library is the end of your story, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Because you get to move on to the next story."

She gestured around her, and a few of the other patrons looked up. A few shrugged off their hoods.


And Vasquez, and Kurtz, and Bardem and Flores too. She even thought she saw some of the O5s in the crowd.

"The end isn't death, Tilly. You were stubbornly clinging to that idea for so long."

"There'll be new stories? More worlds, with the Foundation? With me? Everything we fought for? Everything we did?"

"There already are. So…"

She reached over and pulled out a book with a soft, gray cover. The front was embossed with "SCP-6000" in ornate lettering.

"Get to reading."

She looked around at the impossibly huge Library. In the distance, she spotted the same giant insect that had greeted her when the fireteam first went in. It waved a pincer at her.

"I think this is it."

"This is what?"

"My happy ending."

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