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Item #: SCP-6000


SCP-6000 and SCP-6000-A.


SCP-6000, internal image.

SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: Current protocol regarding SCP-6000 is to conceal its existence by any means necessary. As the information arm of Project FUSILLADE, Foundation resources are to be primarily dedicated to disinformation and concealment while a permanent containment or destruction solution is devised. Any unauthorized individuals entering the SCP-6000 Exclusion Zone are to be aggressively disincentivized. Further containment details can be found in Addendum 6000.3.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-6000 is a massive dimensional extrusion centered at 2° 9' 47.1816'' S and 55° 7' 35.9328'' W, in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. SCP-6000 represents the largest Class-W transportation gateway, colloquially known as a Way, ever encountered by the Foundation. SCP-6000 currently measures 19km from its northeast to southwest point. The area directly affected by SCP-6000's presence is significantly larger, and a temporary security perimeter has been established around the area at a diameter of 8km, designated the Exclusion Zone.

SCP-6000 is growing at an unstable rate. Its presence has an adverse effect on plant and animal life in the Exclusion Zone. The degree of this effect (along with the size of the Exclusion Zone itself) increases proportionally with SCP-6000.

SCP-6000-A, closeup. Hover to enlarge.

SCP-6000-A is a sapient semi-ophidian organism discovered within the Exclusion Zone during initial reconnaissance of SCP-6000 (see Addendum 6000.2). It was found in a comatose state surrounded by human corpses. SCP-6000-A's connection with SCP-6000 is under investigation (see Addenda).

SCP-6000 connects baseline reality with the extradimensional location known as the Wanderer's Library. The Wanderer's Library was first encountered by the Foundation in 1955, but evidence suggests it has played a crucial part in the development of human civilization since at least the beginning of recorded history (See Addendum 6000.1).

SCP-6000 first appeared on December 21st, 2030, the summer solstice. Realtime satellite images of the Amazon rainforest suddenly displayed a significant visual anomaly, and a reconnaissance team was deployed to inspect the area.

Addendum 6000.1



Nx-001, circa 1955. Photo slightly damaged.

The Wanderer's Library, designated Nx-001, is an extradimensional Y-space comprised of a massive library of unclear size & boundaries which contains a potentially infinite amount of books, treatises, essays, and other forms of media and knowledge. Its collection purportedly covers the sum of all knowledge, but with a specific focus on elements of thaumaturgy and magic. The Foundation has been aware of the Library since 1955 when the Group of Interest known as the Serpent's Hand inadvertently exposed the location to Agents.

The Library is maintained by Librarians, entities that range in size and shape but are typically heavily modified humanoids specialized to the service and protection of Nx-001. Those who break the rules of the Library are subject to being transformed into Librarians to work off their debt. This fate has befallen a number of Foundation personnel.

Nx-001 is closely connected to GoI-014, the Serpent's Hand. The Hand are known to use the Library as a meeting and staging point for operations due to the relative safety it offers. Numerous attempts have been made by Foundation and GOC forces to penetrate into the Library, but almost all have failed.

The Foundation, along with the GOC and Chaos Insurgency, were originally barred from the Library due to the Library's opinions on those who attempt to suppress the abnormal, but have in recent years relaxed their stance. Site-19 Director Tilda Moose has had extensive experience with the Wanderer's Library and the Serpent's Hand as a former Type-Blue entity, and has given several security briefings on the topic.

Addendum 6000.2




SCP-6000, aerial shot.

LOCATION: Amazon Basin, Brazil (2° 9' 47.1816'' S and 55° 7' 35.9328'' W)

STATUS: Ongoing

TIME: 11:49 AM (local time) December 21 — Present


EVENT SUMMARY: Large visual and spatial anomaly 0.5km in length, resembling an iridescent 'rip' in space. Nearby flora and fauna altered in shape, color, composition, and size, increasing in alteration by proximity to anomaly. Long-range visual surveillance suggests that it is a Way leading to the Library, but significantly larger than any previous encountered - physical confirmation required. Suggest immediate containment team and specialized detachment of MTF Sigma-3.

EDIT: It's really beautiful, you know.

Communication from the 3-man reconnaissance team ceased after this transmission. A RES/CON team and a fireteam from MTF Sigma-3 ("Bibliographers") were immediately deployed to the location. They found the surveillance team's equipment and supplies, but none of the three members. Tracks leading away from the site indicated that they had gone into what is now the Exclusion Zone.



While searching for the missing reconnaissance team, personnel discovered the corpses of twelve unknown individuals dressed in robes, at the foot of a thaumaturgic ritual circle. In the center of the circle was SCP-6000-A, coiled and in a comatose state. The entity was quickly airlifted into containment at Facility-57.

In the interim, one of the fireteams was outfitted for an expedition into SCP-6000. Due to her extensive experience with Nx-001, Ways, and the Serpent's Hand, Director Moose was flown in from Facility-57, where she was on an administrative visit, to accompany the fireteam.

The sudden, unprovoked hostility from Nx-001 and transformation of the reconnaissance team into Librarians, a punishment typically reserved for serious breaks in Nx-001 law, prompted an emergency Council meeting the next day while MTF Delta-45 maintained the security perimeter around SCP-6000.

Chicago-One (Agent Adam MacMillan) and Chicago-Two (Director Tilda Moose) were evacuated to Facility-57, the ad-hoc organizational facility for the containment of SCP-6000.

Addendum 6000.3


Due to its relatively remote location, the threat posed was not as significant as it could have been; nevertheless, the possible threat of a permanent large Class-W Way on Earth was significant. On December 23rd, SCPOVERCOM, then known as Overwatch Command, authorized the first series of containment and mitigation protocols for the in situ containment of SCP-6000. These were packaged together as Project FUSILLADE.

  • The designation of Facility-57 as official containment facility of SCP-6000.
  • The construction of a fence around the Exclusion Zone to deter wildlife and travelers.
  • The requisition of resources for the long-term study of SCP-6000.
  • The arrest of known cells of GoI-14, the Serpent's Hand.
  • The authorization of members of MTF Sigma-3 to aggressively seek out means of combating Nx-001.

Shortly after this, SCP-6000-A awoke from its comatose state during preliminary examination by medical personnel at Facility-57. It immediately attacked, but was quickly disabled by security guards.

While in containment, SCP-6000-A repeatedly referenced the Wanderer's Library and the Serpent's Hand. Due to her status as the senior personnel with the most experience regarding Nx-001, Director Moose was authorized to perform investigative interviews accompanied by armed guards to attempt to gain information on the subject.

Addendum 6000.4


Upon SCP-6000-A's suggestion and in line with Project FUSILLADE, on December 27th, 2030, SCPOVERCOM approved Operation REDLOCK for MTFs worldwide to make simultaneous raids on the known headquarters of major Serpent's Hand cells. On December 28th, Operation REDLOCK was successfully executed.

All fifty-seven safehouses raided had been completely cleared out and were free of GoI-014 members or materials. In thirty of them, Class-W gateways were and are still active, leading into the same section of Nx-001 as SCP-6000. By all appearances, the Serpent's Hand had completely abandoned the planet, leaving active Ways peppered across the globe.

At this point, SCP-6000 had grown to 1km across, and the Exclusion Zone had expanded to 3km. Director Tilda Moose was asked to prepare a statement detailing her thoughts on the situation for the O5 Council.

Director Moose has been temporarily relieved of her duties at Site-19 to consult on SCP-6000 containment efforts at Facility-57.

Addendum 6000.5


An incident committee was hastily assembled at Facility-57 on January 19th.

Abridged FUSILLADE Containment Attempts Log

Proposed Containment
Use flame and heat-based weaponry such as flamethrowers to incinerate trees affected by SCP-6000.
Containment Results
Affected trees within the Exclusion Zone proved resistant to heat-based weaponry, rapidly regenerating all burned matter.

Proposed Containment
Fire high-yield explosives into the mouth of SCP-6000.
Containment Results
Explosives repeatedly failed to detonate after crossing the threshold into Nx-001.

Proposed Containment
Train the Atreus Array, a satellite-based SRA system, upon SCP-6000 at full power.
Containment Results
SCP-6000 and exclusion zone completely unaffected.

[34 entries abridged]

Addendum 6000.6


Per SCP-6000-A's statements, a vote was held on whether to declassify details of SCP-6000, the surrounding situation, and Project FUSILLADE to liaisons of the United Nations Global Occult Coalition in exchange for assistance in containing or terminating the anomaly.

Diplomatic Agents were deployed to the GOC's operating headquarters in Germany for a prearranged meeting with material regarding the current status of SCP-6000 and associated subjects. Upon deliberation, GOC officials inked a statement indicating interest in expanding Project FUSILLADE to a joint venture.

Within the following days, GOC PHYSICS, PSYCHE, and PTOLEMY division personnel were transported to Facility-57 to aid in research and containment of SCP-6000, which had grown to 2km across. Due to the unprecedented failure of Fireteam CHICAGO, both the O5 Council and GOC Command authorized a mission for GOC Strike Team 9842 "Probable Cause" to perform a rapid surgical strike to attempt to gain access to the Wanderer's Library and ascertain the situation from the inside.

After HARBOR's signal cut out, SCP-6000 exhibited a rapid growth pattern, growing to nearly 3km in a matter of two hours. Foundation DEEPWELL solutions began being considered.

Addendum 6000.7


Following Operation HARBOR, several radio signals began broadcasting from SCP-6000 and all Ways found during Operation REDLOCK at various frequencies. The message contained therein was simply the same hissing, feminine voice repeating the exact coordinates of SCP-6000's epicenter and the phrase "The Garden is the Serpent's place".

Within hours, the larger global community had discovered the signal, and it began to quickly accrue attention online and through the media despite significant Foundation efforts to impede its discussion.

AethagonGangLead 01/29/31 (Wed) 23:50:12 #4912039

You guys seen the pictures coming out of Brazil? MSMs probably gonna get ahold of it by tomorrow and suppress the story, but it's insane. I have no clue what the hell is going on in the Amazon but the pictures make it look like some sort of oil slick.

It's kind of beautiful.


The Wall Street Journal Magazine


ArcticObode 02/01/31 (Thu) 23:50:12 #597104

»534850 (OP) Yep, turns out I'm not nuts. My friends have been hearing it on their car radios and HAMs too. A woman's voice, sort of nasally, repeating numbers - coordinates, I think - and the words "The garden is the serpent's place". Sounds biblical - maybe a passphrase of some sort.

Now, here's the kicker - if you look on Google earth or anything for the coordinates, everythings fine, it doesn't show anything out of the ordinary. But if you use a backdoor to get into the wildlife observation cameras scattered around…

The cameras went offline immediately after, but I managed to save this image. Starting to think I should go down there. This could be big.



Containment efforts simply contributed to individuals' belief of a conspiracy and eventually resulted in several individuals attempting to reach the Exclusion Zone on foot over the following weeks. While individuals were amnesticized, the larger movement surrounding SCP-6000 continued and is continuing to grow.

The knowledge of SCP-6000's presence to the global community seemed to rapidly accelerate its growth. In the following hours, it expanded to nearly 6km across, with no signs of stopping. GOC tactical nuclear solutions are being considered.

In addition, on Jan 21st, Agent MacMillan failed to appear to several FUSILLADE briefings and meetings. A search of his quarters at Facility-57 revealed a thaumaturgic ritual circle drawn into the floor. Surveillance camera footage displayed him spending an hour the night beforehand crafting the circle before performing a ritual of unclear purpose2 and disappearing from his quarters at 07:55 AM, local time. Surveillance footage from the Exclusion Zone showed a sudden burst of light at the same time, and a glimpse of Agent MacMillan moving through the foliage, presumably into SCP-6000.

The following note was left in his quarters in a sealed envelope, addressed to Director Moose.

Addendum 6000.8


With the unprecedented failure of the Veil protocol and the ensuing response by Nx-001, the entire Amazon basin has been quarantined and placed in Foundation/GOC jurisdiction under Project FUSILLADE. SCP-6000 has now expanded to 13km in length, and its rate of growth has increased.

At the moment, plans are being drafted for a BM-Class Broken Masquerade Scenario.

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