To be contained in
one single original document
separate from any network.
 SCP-600-KO Level 4 Clearance
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Item #
 Other docs Monitor any updates
for SCP-600-KO rpt.
on a daily basis.
     Euclid   or infos
about the
obj. must be
Dir. Yi Gangsu  
Obj. Cl. If there is an
update, MTF
Kappa-6 is to
track the
new -A and
destroy it.


Dr. Song Wonjae
Admin. Info In Charge  Dr. Seo Dain
MTF    Kappa-6
 "Data Lumberjack"
Recovery Log 2019/04/05      
A meta concept. Description  
was discovered in
█████ Library, Seoul,
and recovered.
Turns every docs
mentioning it into a
tree-like mind map.
Media form (digital,
printed, handwritten, 
etc.) is irrelevant.
Polluted docs (SCP-600-KO-A) will become identical
in their contents.
Upon discovery, the
object was in very
cmplx form with 502
brs and 1296 roots.
MTF Kappa-6
has tracked and
destroyed SCP-600-KO-A, and succeeded to simplify them into its current form.
Each doc is
made by leaving
only the desc.
about SCP-600-KO and collecting them
in one place.
Can be spread
by the hyperlink
if it exists in
the document.
2020/04/03  Incident
Due to an administrative
error, database of Korea
Regional Command has
been widely
by SCP-600-KO.
SCP-600-KO is
Dr Song Wonjae
Dr. Song vanished,
and SCP-600-KO pollution
is quickly remedied.
Dr. Seo proposed to add
an interview log in the report
to try to communicated with
Dr. Song.
After this incident,
a figure of a man has been
added in the picture
of the tree in the mind map.
Proposal approved.

Dr. Song here.
I didn't understand that which I have become,
but I'm fine for now.

To gain equivalency with SCP-600-KO,
it seems that the concept of one person is needed to be effective.
Please take note of that for further action.

Unfortunately, I feel that my information quantity
is nearly out while thinning out the
SCP-600-KO in the database.

Please save my handwriting above.
I'm not sure whether, when it is erased,
my physical self will be restored
or I as a concept will also vanish.

Uh… I need to get some rest.
I'll leave the rest to you.

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