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Item#: 5996
Containment Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5996 is to be kept in a modestly furnished room no less than five meters long with a door leading to an isolated hallway no less than five meters in length. The room should contain a computer with a network connection, with all communications incoming or outgoing monitored by Foundation staff and/or an automated censor. The room must also contain a speaker system, a camera connected to the Foundation system, and some sort of personal communication[see the attached announcement]. It is to be fed three meals a day according to a diet standard of a human of its description. Staff are not to directly interact with SCP-5996 in person unless necessary, although interacting with it through non-physical means (e.g., email, phone-call, radio, camera observation) is safe.

SCP-5996 is to be provided with entertainment not in excess of $30 a month. This money carries over, but is not to exceed $120.

Any time the door to its room is to be opened, SCP-5996 is to stand against the far wall prior to staff entering the hallway and will not be allowed to move until staff have exited.

In the event of a containment breach, guards are to utilize non-lethal firearms to subdue SCP-5996. Once unconsciousness has been confirmed, guards may transport SCP-5996 back to its containment cell.2

Description: SCP-5996 is a Caucasian female aged 32, approximately 1.75 m. and 72.6 kg. SCP-59963 developed its anomalous properties spontaneously while at work on December 12th, 2019 [see Incident Log 5996-1]. The cause of this occurrence is currently unknown.

SCP-5996's anomalous property occurs when a sapient entity enters within approximately five meters of SCP-5996, although this range is variable depending on its mental state. While a sapient entity is within SCP-5996's range, its memory will begin to degrade.

At nearly the instant of entering SCP-5996's range, a subject will lose memory of what it was currently doing. The subject will often appear to have completely lost its train of thought and will act mildly agitated and distressed at its own confusion.

After approximately three seconds, it will lose any memories relevant to SCP-5996. This includes memories specifically of SCP-5996, any information they are aware of about SCP-5996, and memories that SCP-5996 was in. Notably, this also includes memories of events that SCP-5996 was present for, even if neither the subject nor SCP-5996 were aware of each other's presence.

Finally, once these memories are erased, SCP-5996 will begin erasing all of the subject's memories in backwards chronological order (i.e. the subject's most recent memories go first). Concepts, knowledge, or events that SCP-5996 knows of will tend to be erased more immediately than unique memories, although they will still only be erased once the anomaly has reached the general point in time that the memory was made.

Subjects often display extreme emotional distress (e.g., panicking or becoming angry) and seem intuitively aware that SCP-5996 is the cause of their amnesia. Subjects will oftentimes not run away, possibly due to forgetting the desire to run every time it forms in their minds. Subjects will, however, occasionally attack SCP-5996 if their distress leads to hostility.

This ability is involuntary. SCP-5996 cannot consciously perceive itself doing this, but will often display distress when made aware of it. SCP-5996 willingly turned itself over to Foundation custody upon discovery of its4 anomalous development.

Addendum: "There has been a great deal of controversy surrounding the circumstances of SCP-5996 within our department. I understand the concerns. However, a decision has been made, and this decision is final. Unless you have good, and I mean damn good reason to dredge this debate up again, I expect you to accept the decision and move on with your research. For posterity, a transcript of the primary discussion has been added to Discussion Log 5996-1, and the official declaration is attached at the bottom. In the event of a significant incident that may warrant reconsideration, we will reopen this discussion. Otherwise, keep it to yourself." -Adam Taylor

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