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Item #: SCP-5994 OlI/5994
Object Class: Safe Classified

Threat Level: Undetermined


fig 1.1. Still frame from SCP-5994, Configuration 2A, Monitor 2, View 3 at 22:38:32.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5994, along with the building in which it resides, has been purchased from GoI-952 ("Olney Ironworks")1. No further containment measures are deemed necessary.

On the order of Director Drummond, the original legacy systems are to be reinstalled and remain in place indefinitely.

Description: SCP-5994 is the surveillance room of the former Olney Ironworks Southeast Houston manufacturing center. Prior to Incident G952-AE-Tennenbacher, SCP-5994 displayed no anomalous properties.

Surveillance equipment inside SCP-5994 plays a continuous 3 hour and 36 minute loop of the events of Incident G952-AE-Tennenbacher, an anomalous event that took place on 25/10/1997 between the hours of 20:24 and midnight resulting in the decommissioning of the mill. This includes all systems installed following the Incident, allowing for perspectives impossible through the original hardware.

While playbacks of SCP-5994 remain largely consistent, divergences have been recorded, and can be forced through the installation of conspicuous secondary components within existing equipment. Despite this, the full scope of Incident G952-AE-Tennenbacher has yet to be prevented on-record.

Subjects depicted in SCP-5994's playbacks correspond to employees present at the time of the event. The Foundation has been unable to locate these subjects for questioning See Interview transcripts.


SCP-5994 was discovered on 26/10/1997, when GoI-952 contacted S.C. Public2 for assistance in containing SCP-5994-1. 6 minutes prior to the arrival of Mobile Task Force Omega-19 ("Double Feature"), however, S.C. Public was informed by Olney administration that the incident had been dealt with, and that further help was unnecessary.

Post-incident analysis was impeded by GoI-952, as expected. Interrogation of Incident G952-AE-Tennenbacher's confirmed survivors3 proved fruitless, with both citing company policy as proof that the incident was an extensive hallucination. Furthermore, the entirety of the factory floor had been sprayed with the BLACK FLY compound, hindering the collection of forensic evidence.

Foundation personnel discovered SCP-5994 during a routine audit of surveillance footage. Following its discovery, Site-56 Command negotiated the sale of the Southeast Houston Manufacturing Center to Foundation holdings.

Containment was established on 06/11/1997.


The following is a rough summary of Incident G952-AE-Tennenbacher, based on the hardware configuration originally present within the manufacturing center. Researchers with OlI/5994 or greater clearance may access the associated video logs.

The recordings begin at [20:24:36], with little deviation from the events typical of the factory's operation, with two exceptions:

  1. A man (Identified as Joan Lopez, a worker reported as missing following the Incident) manning a casting station drops what looks to be a necklace or circular chain into a mold full of molten metal. The man reacts with either frustration or apprehension, before leaving to confront his manager (Identified as Joan Sanchez, also missing).4
  2. Another man (Identified as Raymond Navarro, also missing) inside of a break room immediately answers his cell phone. The call appears to last around six minutes, during which time Navarro nods, pacing around the break room. Audio capture suggests the call pertains to a transport of baking soda to the Northwest Portland Manufacturing Center.

The first anomalous event occurs when a trapdoor in the vehicle bay5 is jostled by an unseen figure at [20:27:18]. For the next ten minutes, several employees react to a faint rustling from various machinery and ventilation shafts.

At [20:38:27], Mr. Lopez suddenly stops to look at an industrial furnace, from which emerges an unharmed domestic pig. Mr. Lopez appears confused, before returning to speak to his manager. In the time taken to reach Mr. Sanchez, two more pigs emerge from the same furnace.

More pigs emerge from various ventilation shafts, trapdoors, and damaged machine parts throughout the manufacturing center. By [20:47:27], around 46 pigs have emerged.

At [20:50:21], Mr. Sanchez calls all employees present within the manufacturing center into an impromptu meeting in order to discuss the incident. An argument between Mr. Sanchez and a security officer (Identified as Sái Minh Ân, a survivor of Incident G952-AE-Tennenbacher) occurs, leading to the officer's subsequent firing and removal from the premises.

At [21:02:59], several pigs on the factory floor are visibly startled, fleeing from the furnaces.

Mr. Sanchez phones his superior at [21:10:46], reporting "another goddamn pig bloom". This call lasts ten minutes, and consists primarily of Mr. Sanchez nodding and affirming his superior's requests.

At [21:28:19], all outdoor surveillance feed cuts out. Additionally, overhead lighting throughout the factory is cut off for approximately 19 seconds, before turning back on. A large, superficially porcine figure (designated SCP-5994-1) can be seen mid-emergence from a blast furnace.

Mr. Sanchez's meeting is dismissed at [21:58:04], after which employees are redirected back to their stations. SCP-5994-1 is encountered a minute later.

The contents of remaining footage are difficult to parse. It is observed, however, that employees have entered a state of intense panic. Several attempt to flee the premises, despite the activation of Olney-installed locking mechanisms. Remaining employees attempt to shut down active machinery, a task hindered by SCP-5994-1 and a panicking herd of swine.

At [23:57:00], a white flash, originating from the central blast furnace, overtakes all surveillance equipment on the premises. Footage remains obscured for 3 minutes, before looping back to the beginning.



Raymond Navarro, c. 1996.

For the purposes of this document, SCP-5994 as depicted by SCP-5994 has been designated SCP-5994`.

On 04/08/2003, Dr. James Carvallo6 submitted a grant request for experimentation, in the hopes of facilitating communication with subjects depicted by SCP-5994. Dr. Carvallo cited Mr. Lopez and Mr. Sanchez's reactions to the installation of audio capture as evidence of potential two-way communication. His request was approved following an extensive budgeting audit, on the condition the SCP-5994 containment team investigate the events of Incident G952-AE-Tennenbacher.

In hopes of facilitating interviews, SCP-5994 was fitted with a rudimentary form of two-way audio through the installation of a camera-fitted intercom, as well as the installation of a conspicuous audio-capture device.

Initial attempts to coax subjects into SCP-5994` via direct appeal were unsuccessful, with a majority of subjects electing to report the offending equipment to Mr. Sanchez for subsequent dismantlement. Furthermore, the promise of assistance against SCP-5994-1 was ignored even after its discovery. Having failed to convince the subjects directly, the SCP-5994 research team experimented with a variety of alternate methods.

Interviews conducted with Olney's Human Resources departments revealed that Mr. Navarro had been reprimanded in November of 1996 following a series of attempts to personally investigate an unrelated anomaly. In light of this, the SCP-5994 research team installed several devices intended to mimic minor anomalous phenomena, positioning them in a rough path between Mr. Navarro's starting position and SCP-5994`.

On 08/10/2003, researchers successfully coaxed the virtual Mr. Navarro (Designated SCP-5994-A) into SCP-5994`.


DATE: 08/10/2003



SCP-5994-A enters SCP-5994`, gently locking the door behind it. With a sigh, it takes stock of the equipment.

SCP-5994-A: (In Spanish) Man, this place is going to Hell.

Researcher Hartley: Hello, Mr. Navarro.

SCP-5994-A swears, falling back into a desk and wincing in pain.

Researcher Hartley: Apologies. I'm with S.C. Public. On behalf of your employer, I will be conducting an open-ended survey into the Southeast Houston Manufacturing Center's operation.

SCP-5994-A: Oh, Jesus fucking- (In English) Do y'all gotta call from the intercom?

Researcher Hartley: Yes.

SCP-5994-A climbs back up to a standing position, nursing an apparent hip injury.

SCP-5994-A: Alright, good an answer I'll ever get.

Researcher Hartley: Right, let's begin. So, in the past week, have you noticed anything strange in regards to the operations of the Manufacturing Center?

SCP-5994-A: You're gonna have to define "strange".

Researcher Hartley: That's alright. Have you witnessed, heard, or been made to engage in anything you would consider either statistically improbable or physically impossible, based on your understanding of the laws of physics, chemistry, and sociology?

SCP-5994-A glances around SCP-5994` before turning back to face the intercom.

SCP-5994-A: If you mean just in the past week, no, it's business as usual. But (SCP-5994-A lowers its voice) look, there's some things y'all never understand, right? I… there's words for it, they're not coming to tongue.

Researcher Hartley: That's alright. Just try your best.

SCP-5994-A: No, no, it's not… it's something you see for yourself. The machines… stretch? It's constant, and you get used to it, but… I think my brain might be fried, sorry.

Researcher Hartley: Don't worry, that's sufficient. Now, for the next part of the survey, I'll need you to stare at the bottom monitor, second from the right, for… around five minutes should suffice.

SCP-5994-A: Mm, got it.

Sighing, SCP-5994-A folds its arms before turning to face the specified monitor. SCP-5994-A remains silent until [20:38:37], whereupon it sighs in apparent frustration.

SCP-5994-A: Is that it?

Researcher Hartley: You still have about two more-

SCP-5994-A: No, the thing. The pig.

Researcher Hartley: I assume this isn't a normal occurrence.

SCP-5994-A: I don't get interviewed over the intercom ain't a normal occurrence. The pigs out the kiln are flying for all I care. And… how did you know?

Researcher Hartley: Don't worry about that. For the record, was there-

SCP-5994-A: I'm sorry, I'm stuck on the fact a pig came outta that there kiln, and this time y'all knew. Heaven's sake, what are y'all pulling here? I just wanna cast steel and y'all are out here putting pigs in the works? Jesus, man.

Researcher Hartley: We'd prefer if you focused on the interview.

SCP-5994-A: Seriously? I… fine, fine.

Researcher Hartley: Thank you.

Two more minutes pass.

Researcher Hartley: Now, to your knowledge, has anything happened in the past… three months that may explain what you've just witnessed?

SCP-5994-A: No? I'm still not-

SCP-5994-A cuts itself off, leaning closer to the monitor.

SCP-5994-A: Son of a bitch.

Researcher Hartley: Mr. Navarro?

SCP-5994-A: What are y'all trying to pull here? First it's in the garage, now the kilns? If management knows this sh-this stuff's going on again, it's our heads on the line, you understand. One pig's bad enough, and y'all are out here trying to top pigs with pigs.

Researcher Hartley: Then this has happened before?

SCP-5994-A remains silent for several seconds.

Researcher Hartley: Mr. Navarro?

SCP-5994-A: Yeah, that's enough for today.

Despite protests from Researcher Hartley, SCP-5994-A exits SCP-5994`.


CLOSING NOTES: Following the failure of three subsequent attempts to interview SCP-5994-A, experimentation was suspended.


On 29/04/2005, the annual full-capacity activation of the Foundation PANOPTICON surveillance network was conducted. During this time, PANOPTICON's attendant Artificial Intelligence Construct7 flagged footage of a man entering a hardware store in Arlington, Texas. A review by the office of O5-10 determined the man to be Mr. Raymond Navarro, previously reported as missing following Incident G952-AE-Tennenbacher.

With assistance from the Texas Government, Mr. Navarro was tracked to the village of Solicruz, Texas, 28 miles from Arlington, where he was employed as a welder to a non-anomalous business. Agent Taft made contact with Mr. Navarro under the cover of S.C. Public.


DATE: 14/05/2005

SUBJECT: Mr. Raymond Navarro


Agent Taft: It's a pleasure to speak with you, Mr. Navarro.

Navarro: Ain't no problem, chief. Most people call it a chore. (Subject chuckles)

Agent Taft: As long as we stay on topic, you're fine. Now, according to our records, you were an employee at an Olney steel mill, correct?

Navarro: (Brief pause) Yeah, yeah.

Both remain silent for 9 seconds.

Agent Taft: Not too keen on them?

Navarro: No, I… well, no, I wasn't. Excuse me, I was just… thinking. They called themselves, or I guess that division, "Olney Ironworks". It was a steel mill, chief. We made iron, sure, but we turned it into steel quick as we could.

Agent Taft: It is somewhat odd, I suppose. I imagine the actual work wasn't much more organized.

Navarro: Not at all, chief. They had this thing, in addition to the work we were doing, where one of us had to take the odd job. Most of it wasn't hard, no, but it was mostly weird. Make sure nothing comes out of the bronze kilns, keep a door closed for a few hours, things like that.

Agent Taft: Huh.

Navarro: Fresh out of trade school, it felt normal. My current job does that too, but usually there's a spill on the floor that needs a mopping. Not… three hours taking inventory on a single toolbox.

Agent Taft: What purpose do you think it served?

Navarro: Chief, that steel mill's got a mind of its own. If you're not looking, you're not seeing everything that could go wrong. Of course, good luck getting Olney to admit to it. Most of the guys who put in too many complaints to management got fired.

Agent Taft: Interesting. Well, S.C. Public's interested in a particular incident that took place on the night of October 25th, 1997. According to our records, you were present for the incident in question.

Navarro: Incident?

Agent Taft: The incident that resulted in the mill's closure.

Navarro: I was there for that? Man, my memory's not what it used to be.

Agent Taft: That's quite alright.

Agent Taft retrieves a printout of fig. 1.1 from his satchel.

Agent Taft: Do you recognize this?

Navarro: Is that a pig?

Agent Taft: Again, do you recognize this?

Navarro: No? Is this supposed to be some kind of art piece?

Agent Taft: Very well. Let's try this: think back to your last day on the job. What can you recall?

Mr. Navarro remains silent for 18 seconds.

Navarro: Ah hell. It's coming up blank, chief. That had to be a decade ago, right?

Agent Taft: Don't worry about that. Now, this may sound odd, but do you remember seeing, say, a domestic pig on-location?

Navarro: So it's a pig?

Agent Taft: Just focus on the question for now.

Navarro: If you're trying to fuck with me, chief, you're doing a great job. I don't remember seeing pigs, hearing pigs, anything to do with a pig that wasn't already cooked. You wanna look into Olney, fine by me, but Olney looks back.

Both remain silent for 21 seconds.

Agent Taft: … thank you for your time, Mr. Navarro. That should be all for now.


CLOSING NOTES: Mr. Navarro is to be monitored for further abnormalities.

SCP-5994-A is unwilling to talk of what it knows, and Mr. Navarro is willing to talk yet can't remember. If we've any hope of understanding Incident G952-AE-Tennenbacher, one of them needs to budge. - Director Carvallo

ADDENDUM 5994-014

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