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The following file is preserved in accordance with the Records and Information Security Administration's Neutralized Object guidelines.


Image of PoI-5989 while using SCP-5989 to pose as a mold inspector. Photo captured by a security guard's body camera on the mega-yacht of ████ █████.

Item #: SCP-5989

Object Class: Keter Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5989 and PoI-5989 are presently uncontained. A joint operation between Foundation and Global Occult Coalition assets is underway to either apprehend or neutralize them. Due to the infohazardous properties of SCP-5989, security footage of PoI-5989's actions is the primary method of determining his identity, methods, and next potential victim.

As a result of the high profile nature of Poi-5989's victims, the Foundation has enacted Procedure Midas. This entails the mass production of mnestically trained body doubles. Site-117's1 Site-128's medical wing has been reconstructed into a mass cloning and mnestic reprogramming center to accommodate Procedure Midas. For select instances where PoI-5989's victim is of advanced age, a cover story of death by age-related illness is deemed an acceptable alternative to replacement. In preparation for potential future assassinations, the Foundation stockpiles multiple copies of the top 50 most likely future targets.

Description: SCP-5989 is an object that overwrites the viewer's perception of the holder's appearance to be viewed as appropriate for the environment they are observed in. This effect persists even through remote live surveillance and on recorded footage. AIC analysis of video evidence shows this property is tied to the information used to construct the image itself. The use of multiple senses to perceive SCP-5989 magnifies this effect, creating a more compelling appearance of being authorized to access that area. The actual appearance of SCP-5989 is currently unknown.2

PoI-5989 presumably presents as a human male and is theorized to be the creator of SCP-5989. The capture or termination of PoI-5989 has been elevated to Level Violet Black priority.

Addendum 5989.1: Discovery Log
SCP-5989 was discovered on 2028/11/05 when PoI-5989 murdered █████ ███████. The assassination was accomplished via an explosive charge planted inside the bedchamber of the victim's most commonly used upstate New York mansion. The following is a log of PoI-5989's actions as recorded by the estate's surveillance system.

<Video Start>

PoI-5989 arrives in a Time Warner Cable maintenance van at the mansion gates. He argues with the checkpoint intercom and strikes at an area in front of his sternum multiple times. After one minute and 23 seconds, the gates open and he proceeds inside. The van parks in front of the mansion entrance where a crew of armed security personnel approach.

Guard Captain: Ok, you'll need to present some ID before we can let you into the estate.

PoI-5989: Right here.

PoI-5989 holds up a lanyard with nothing on its end to the captain.

Guard Captain: Alright that checks out. Stevens! Show him up to the modem closet.

The guard to the captain's right motions PoI-5989 up the stairs to the building entrance and the two head inside.

Guard: You here for the internet? Wifi's been a bit slow on my phone lately.

PoI-5989: Yeah. Got a call in about it this morning.

The pair proceed up the stairs and down a hallway until the guard points towards a door and they stop.

Guard: Here it is.

PoI-5989: Ok, I'm going to do a signal check here. Should be about 5 minutes.

Guard: Gotcha.

The two enter the room and PoI-5989 approaches the modem before kneeling down and taking off his backpack.

Guard: You work a lot of rich folk?

PoI-5989: Yup, they always get put first on the service queue.

PoI-5989 takes out several modems and devices appearing as signal diagnostic tools and places them on the floor. He proceeds to take one of the diagnostic probes and stabs it into the surface of a modem before pressing buttons across the surface of the tool.

Guard: Don't you need to plug those into the machine there?

PoI-5989: I'm testing the wifi in here first. Hey, can you give me some space? Corporate doesn't give me much time per house and I have a long day ahead of me.

Guard: Mood. Gotta piss anyway.

The guard leaves the room as PoI-5989 pulls out a laptop and plugs it into the modem. Four minutes and 49 seconds pass as a list of IP addresses fills the screen. He highlights one, copies it into his phone, closes, and disconnects his laptop. PoI-5989 stands back up and leaves the server room. He waits in the hallway until the guard returns.

Guard: You done?

PoI-5989: Well, the modem's fine. Problem must be on one of the routers' end. Which one does the customer use most frequently?

Guard: Probably the bedroom. Mr. ███████ is one for tweeting on the shitter.

PoI-5989: And is he typically the only user on that router?

The guard chuckles.

Guard: Well, that depends on if he is going to be partying. He likes his girls. Why?

PoI-5989: Trying to gauge the network load. Can you take me there?

The sentry motions PoI-5989 down the hallway and the two enter the master bedroom. The guard points toward the massive flatscreen television.

Guard: Router is there behind the TV.

PoI-5989 moves to the television and briefly looks behind it before proceeding toward the California King sized bed. He takes the modem from earlier out of his backpack and slides under the bed frame.

Guard: Aren't you here for the router?

PoI-5989 waves an empty hand about from under the bed and taps his closed fist against the floor three times.

PoI-5989: I'm exactly where I need to be. Installing a signal booster.

The guard nods and watches PoI-5989 continue his work. PoI-5989 emerges from under the bed after four minutes and 11 seconds.

PoI-5989: Alright, that should do it.

The guard escorts PoI-5989 out of the mansion. PoI-5989 shakes hands with the guard and his commander before returning to his van. The van proceeds out of the estate grounds. Out of the corner of the backyard camera feed, a Time Warner Cable van passes by on a route deeper into the neighborhood.

Approximately 12 hours later, at 22:18:52 on 2028/11/05, an explosion is heard from the mansion. One hour and 32 minutes later, a Time Warner Cable van is seen exiting the neighborhood.

<Video End>

Note: █████ ███████'s death was initially considered an act of non-anomalous terrorism until the assassination of PoI-5989's next victim, ████ █████, by the sinking of his mega-yacht while crossing the Pacific Ocean. Following confirmation by 12 separate AIC's analysis of both assassination events, the Foundation determined that infohazardous effects were used to accomplish these murders and implemented Procedure Midas.

Addendum 5989.2: Site-117 Destruction Log
Note: During the time following the initiation of Procedure Midas, PoI-5989 had claimed nine additional victims, bringing his total murder count up to 11.

Timestamp: 2031/01/03 02:21:10

Location: Site-117 Medical Wing, South Dakota, New Confederated Republics of North America

<Video Start>

Procedure Midas lead, Dr. Johnson, watches crews perform a synaptic analysis of 25 clones held within gestation tanks when the alarm klaxons blare. He initiates lockdown procedures for the area as a squad of MTF Nu-7 "Hammer Down" enters the room per Procedure Midas's security protocols. Dr. Johnson proceeds to direct medical crews in the evacuation of stored body doubles to an off-site bunker.

Johnson: Get them on the elevators!

Nu-7 Commander Olga Lensing approaches Dr. Johnson with a security detail as the Procedure Midas staff disconnect the tanks.

Johnson: What's happening out there?

Lensing: Proximity alarms on the other end of the facility. Initial infrared scans indicate it is likely a wayward cattle rancher. Lotta of those running on to our grounds these days.

Johnson: Again? Never thought I would be missing the Bureau of Land Management.

Lensing: Should I call off the evacuation?

Johnson: No, it's been long enough and they need some practice in emergency protocols.

Lensing: Roger that.

Commander Lensing turns towards her troops behind her.

Lensing: Martinez! Take echo team and see if you can't chase off those cows. Smith, head topside and prep the escort to the bunker. The rest of you are on high alert patrols.

Present Nu-7 members in unison: Yes Sir!

Nu-7 disperses with the exception of Lensing and her personal detail as efforts to move the clones continues. Two hours and 27 minutes of footage redacted for brevity.

Johnson: Alright, all copies are on the train ready for transport. Any more cows out there, Commander?

Lensing: Nope. We have the all clear.

Commander Lensing sighs and rubs her right hip before taking a seat.

Johnson: You alright? You shouldn't be on active duty this close to your third trimester.

Commander Lensing snorts once in response.

Lensing: Duty calls no matter how much little Sally kicks.

Johnson: Taking after her mother?

Lensing: Unfortunately.

The two laugh until Commander Lensing's radio lights up.

Radio: Commander! The train just got derailed! One of the cattle adjacent to the tracks just… detonated the moment we passed by! We have a full scale breach of Procedure Midas specimens!

Johnson: WHAT!

Lensing: Get those clones rounded up! The last thing we need is-

The sound of an explosion from the remaining on-site gestation tanks interrupts Commander Lensing and sends the present crew into disarray. The facility's liquid nitrogen piping is ruptured in the process and floods the room with obscuring gas. Johnson rushes over to help up Lensing where he is struck in the forehead by a single bullet. Commander Lensing looks behind herself to see a member of her security detail holding a still smoking handgun in Johnson's direction. The individual looks down at Commander Lensing.

PoI-5989: Boy or girl?

Lensing: Why are you doing this?

PoI-5989 grabs at an empty spot in front of his sternum and points toward Commander Lensing's belly. Nitrogen gas covers the feed.

PoI-5989: For her.

Two and a half seconds of silence.

Lensing: I'm sorry.

A flash of light is seen through the haze along with the sound of another gunshot, this time emanating from Lensing's position.

PoI-5989: Don't (gasps) apologize, I'm exactly where I need to be.

A second explosion interrupts the feed.

<Video End>

Note: The following are example communications from those purged by the cleanup operation for Site-117's destruction. Text is taken from a local Facebook group dedicated to Okobojo, the South Dakota township closest to Site-117.

Date: 2031/01/04

Sam Denton: Uhh. Guys? I need some advice. I think Jeff Bezos is currently rummaging through my trashcan outside.

Carla Montique: Bullshit, Sam.

Sam Denton: No, really. Check this out.

[Image Redacted]

Maria Menendez: LMAO. HOLY SHIT!

Sam Denton: What am I supposed to do? I went outside and he incoherently screeched and hissed at me.

Phillip Williams: You can always offer him a jar to piss in like they did for my cousin in Seattle.

Carla Montique: Well, apologies are in order. Alex Gorsky is currently dropping a deuce in my garden.

Alexa Vanders: I'll call your Bezos and raise you two naked Michael Bloombergs fighting over that dog the sheriff ran over yesterday.

PoI-5989 was reclassified as a Level Black threat following the recontainment of all Midas specimens.

Addendum 5989.3: Neutralization Log
Note: Following her survival from the destruction of Site-117, Olga Lensing was promoted to head of the joint effort to eliminate PoI-5989. Extensive analysis of his psychological profile resulted in five candidates for his next assassination target. All five were given increased security details with around-the-clock surveillance of their surrounding area by satellite imaging.

Timestamp: 2031/05/21 14:26:50

Command Personnel: Commander Olga Lensing (SCP Foundation), Commander Cynthia Valenski (Global Occult Coalition), Senator Thomas Cotton (NCRNA Department of Paranormal Defense Division Head)

Location: Summer Gala for the Homeless, Saint Louis, Missouri, New Confederated Republics of North America.

Potential Target: ████ ███████, Event Host

<Video Start>

Commander Lensing wheels up to the GOC private manning the surveillance station at the remote monitoring facility 80km away from the event.

Lensing: Keep an eye on security staff movements for anything resembling a physical impairment. We don't know when he will insert himself into the detail but we do know he didn't come out of 117 unscathed.

Cotton approaches from behind and pats Lensing on her right shoulder.

Cotton: Relax, I'm not even sure why we are this concerned. This guy isn't one for blowing up the poors.

Valenski: You're still thinking too 20th century, Senator. He has an intense fixation on these targets that has been repetitively shown to supersede his consideration for others.

Cotton: (Snorts) I'm not here to ask why someone kills over not being able to afford an iPhone. I'm here to put them six feet under before they endanger someone important.

Lensing: You can't stop something you can't understand. If you have nothing to contribute then just enjoy the show. Hopefully we are wrong about this one.

Valenski: Event's starting. We have a 3km perimeter established around the convention center. All teams reporting in with all clear.

Lensing: Roger that, radio the VIP's detail and let them know he is good to go. We have kinetic bombardment targeted for stage on the standby.

Cotton: Wait wait wait wait. What did you say?

Valenski: We have a Level Black threat here, Senator.

Cotton: ███████ is worth 127 billion dollars, Commanders!

Lensing: His identity is, yes.

Senator Cotton stares at Commander Lensing in silence while she turns back towards the monitors for the satellite feed. One hour and 49 minutes pass as the gala proceeds.

Valenski: Dinner is complete and the chefs are leaving the building through the designated checkpoints. Looks like their implanted isotope signatures are working well. Not a single untagged personnel is moving through security.

████ ███████: Well, I hope everyone here has enjoyed themselves but let's remember the noble cause we gather here today for, our tax returns!

The gala crowd breaks into laughter in response to the host's joke.

████ ███████: We are passing a plate around now for any last minute donations. Any stray millions you have to spare are greatly appreciated for our general fund. As we do, let us raise a toast to the great city we support with our generosity!

████ ███████ raises a glass to the air.

████ ███████: To St. Louis!

The crowd in unison: To St. Louis!

The glass shatters and a gunshot rings out afterwards. ████ ███████ remains standing on stage unharmed and in a perplexed state. The crowd remains silent for one and a half seconds before devolving into panic.

Lensing: Triangulate that sound!

Valenski: It's coming from a point 5.5 kilometers away and 1.8 kilometers in the air!

Cotton: What?

Lensing: A drone, Senator. Likely equipped with a rail gun if it pierced the convention center roof.

Cotton: I know about drones, Lensing. I voted on the bills for that very hardware. How did it get within our airspace?

Valenski: Radar is still registering it as a pigeon.

Lensing: There's your answer.

Commander Lensing spins 180 degrees in her wheelchair and shouts over to operative manning the communication array.

Lensing: Evacuate the facility and move in MTF Phi-89 to sweep for explosives!

Cotton: He missed. Do we really need to panic them any more than they already are?

Valenski: We are picking up multiple heat signatures converging on the convention center!

Lensing: Focus on them!

The satellite feed focuses on the area and magnifies it to show thousands of homeless residents of St. Louis. The mob runs through the warnings and gunfire from the present police force and up to the front of the convention center. The patrons fleeing the facility come through the entryway only to stop at the sight of the throng of beggars.

Lensing: Focus on that mob! Scan for physical impairments to the right leg!

Valenski: I'm getting 229 matches!

Cotton: What are you waiting for! Stop them!

Lensing: I'm not going to drop a bombardment on 5,000 innocent people!

Cotton: Well this isn't your jurisdiction.

Senator Cotton removes the personnel from the the kinetic salvo guidance system and changes its target location onto the approaching mob. He hits the fire button with his open palm right as Lensing throws herself out of her wheelchair at him.

Valenski: Expected yield of 0.15 kilotons coming down!


Commander Lensing flips Senator Cotton up to face her and strikes him in the face with a closed fist between each word.

Lensing rolls off of the senator and starts wailing as the senator gasps.

Cotton: And only twenty billion in gross domestic product.

The salvo hits the area and the feed turns white for 0.79 seconds. The present homeless and exiting patrons scatter the grounds atop one another as the feed returns. One figure crawls out of the wreckage on his one, remaining leg.

He climbs out of the crater before he falls and turns over to face the sky. The satellite image focuses on him as he grabs at an empty point in front of his sternum. He kisses the point and stares up towards the camera. The following is transcribed by lip reading technology.

PoI-5989: I'm exactly where I need to be. And I've been here 68,000 times. I would be here for 68,000 more given the chance again.

<Video End>

Addendum 5989.4: Neutralized Object Entry

Item #: 5989

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Following PoI-5989's termination, all anomalous properties to SCP-5989 ceased. The object was subsequently declared neutralized.

Description: SCP-5989 is the disembodied hand of a five year old human female. Analysis of the remaining tissue indicates the subject died of advanced untreated leukemia. It is bound into a paper mache necklace made from 51 past due medical bills and one notice of terminated chemotherapy treatment.

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