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The hut leading to the entrance of SCP-5988.

Item #: SCP-5988

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The trapdoor leading to the entrance of SCP-5988 is to be sealed with a new padlock and hidden under a new set of floorboards. Exploration within SCP-5988 is currently suspended until further notice.

Description: SCP-5988 refers to a massive facility located underneath a hut inland of Princess Elizabeth Land, Antarctica. The hut appeared to have been abandoned for a considerable amount of time. The interior of the hut appears normal with three rooms: a bathroom, a bedroom with two beds, and a kitchen. A wooden trapdoor is hidden underneath a bearskin carpet in the bedroom. During its initial discovery, the trapdoor appeared to have been sealed with a rusted padlock; however, the padlock's shackle appears to be broken apart. Further inspection of the lock's body indicate scratch marks, implying a tool was used to break it open.

Opening the trapdoor reveals a shaft with a ladder built into it. The shaft extends for over a hundred meters down and leads to an open room. The contents of this room consists of a control panel with a large glass viewport and a metal placard on the viewport's left side reading "Dreamscape Facility". Above that appears to be a heavily damaged placard; with the only readable portion being "Abnormalities".

On top of the control panel lies a headset visor with cables running to a computer terminal which has been recently left active. Beside this panel are large tanks with pipelines connecting to the chamber filled with pentobarbitals, benzodiazepines, and other liquid sedatives.

Beyond the viewport is a dark, spacious chamber with a ceiling spotlight serving as the only source of illumination on the entity inside.


Image file recovered from within the computer. Context unknown.

Inside the chamber is a humanoid entity covered entirely in bandages and suspended eight feet off the ground by six chains1 with cables and tubes attached to the entity's spine and the back of its head. Attached to the entity's face is a headset and visor similar in appearance to the headset outside the chamber. Beside the computer is a leather-bound journal (See Addendum 5988.1 for more details).

When the visor is worn, viewers will experience a period of darkness before losing consciousness and falling into rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. Seconds later, the screen on the computer terminal will change from standby to reflect the perspective of the viewer. Individuals will find themselves sitting in a steel chair inside an oneiric environment resembling a Foundation interrogation room, in front of a table along with another vacant chair at the opposite end. Viewers will often find themselves "waking up" upon being materialized into this room. Individuals can only exit this space by a second party deactivating the terminal connected to the headset; instantly waking up the exiting individuals.

The room itself is largely unfurnished, save for a coat rack located near the open hallway which holds a fedora and a black business suit in its place. Unlike the rest of the area, both the hat and suit do not appear to be covered in dust; it would appear to have been left there recently.

The layout of the area is built with two rooms, separated only by a hallway. This hallway hosts hundreds of what appear to be cramped hibernation pods built into the walls, each of them possessing a gas canister on the left side and a glass dome for viewing but are all obscured by a dark metallic covering from within the glass. Each of the pods have a single, small picture of an adolescent child attached to the top left corner. Only one of these pods, located near the left wall of the hallway, appears to have been opened.

This pod's glass dome is broken with shattered glass and dried blood scattered all over. Inside, the pod bears a soiled mattress with leather straps for restraining. Located at the top right corner, the canister's tube exudes an odorless, colorless gas within. Analysis of the substance has revealed it to be a mixture of liquid sedatives similar to the kind used on the figure outside2. The picture for this pod has been torn off.

All of these pods also have large tubes which are organized together into six larger groups of tubes that connect with the wall at the end of the hallway, separated into three by a large door with an altered Foundation insignia engraved at the center. The door displays damage such as scratch marks and deformities consistent with terminal ballistics. Despite the damage, the door still holds and cannot be opened. Three bullet casings can be found lying at the front.

Analysis of the door's makeup has revealed it to be composed of beryllium copper that's been lined with an unknown alloy that causes migraines and speech impediment when exposed in the vicinity of human beings. A closer analysis of the material warrants further investigation.

Addendum 5988.1: Journal Contents

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