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Item#: 5985
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Special Containment Procedures: MTF Omega-1 ("Zen Eternal") agents have been assigned to guard the vicinity of the temple disguised as Cultural Preservation Troops. As of Incident Firechild (refer to Discovery Log), only individuals with Level 4 Clearance or above are allowed entrance.

Any physical contact with SCP-5985 is strictly forbidden outside of experimentation. Noise-cancelling headphones are to be equipped when within the monks' 20m zone of influence, and they are to be observed periodically for any signs of irregularity or abnormality. Any detectable change in respiratory rate, muscle movement, immobility, and behavior, is to be reported immediately to Dr. Damien, Dr. Vidyarthi, or any available Level 4 researcher.

For now, communication with SCP-5985-1 is restricted to Dr. Vidyarthi. No one beyond Dr. Vidyarthi is cleared to assume communication procedures. A maximum of four personnel are to be assigned as security during communication with.

In the event that the Dr. Vidyarthi is likely to enter the critical stages of transmigration with SCP-5985, he is to be uninterrupted. Additional personnel present are to observe and record Dr. Vidyarthi's physical state without interfering.

Description: SCP-5985 is a body of fluid, resting in a 5 x 8 meter oval pool, situated within the ██████ Temple, a Buddhist enclosure 64km away from Kathmandu, Nepal. The external appearance of SCP-5985 has no visual difference that could be discerned from any instance of water. Conversely, its chemical composition remains unknown, due to its adverse nature with experimentations. It maintains an unchanging internal temperature of 15°C. SCP-5985 maintains its liquid form, and does not react to boiling or freezing methods.1.

Efforts to remove any amount of SCP-5985 from the pool have failed. Samples of SCP-5985 recede back to the pool when they are carried 20 meters away from their source. An instance of SCP-5985 can phase through any material on its trajectory, until it reaches the pool. This instance of intangibility is observed to be nonhazardous. Thus, a mobile lab has been established for future tests.

SCP-5985 is surrounded by seven, octogenarian Buddhist monks meditating in a lotus pose, designated collectively as SCP-5985-A. They display no signs of consciousness or any reaction to outside stimuli. Body scans of the monks have revealed that their organ systems are preserved well, displaying no signs of necroses. Their vague origins can be traced back to a surviving esoteric document, estimating their ages to be roughly 5██ years or older. Presently, no possible method or tool are able to penetrate their skin.

SCP-5985-1 is identified as the consciousness of SCP-5985, describing itself as “the blood of the Earth”, “the life-force of the Earth”. It manifests when SCP-5985 is ingested, assuming the form of a voice within the drinker2. SCP-5985-1 has no distinctive name. It is capable of speaking in any recorded language simultaneously. The true nature of SCP-5985-1 remains unknown due to lack of authentic, historical information on it. SCP-5985-1 has been noted to possess vast intelligence and the ability to assimilate any information from the drinker.

SCP-5985-1 can utilize SCP-5985-A as conduits through which it calls individuals towards the pool. The process behind this, and the range of its influence, are still under investigation. The vocalizations emitted by SCP-5985-A, in the form of chanting, have audiohazardous effects that can be insidious or mild, depending on the subject. Although, emotional state has been found to increase susceptibility to these audiohazards. Affected Individuals have expressed a "strong urge to drink from the pool". This was the onset of Incident Firechild.

Dr. Damien has stated that the SCP-5985-1 is highly reactive to the emotional response of the drinker. A low to zero brain activity is required to be maintained continually to strengthen communication with SCP-5985-1; SCP-5985-1 exerts great stress on cerebral functions; any sudden emotional change can have devastating outcomes3. A successful connection with SCP-5985-1 allows the temporary distribution of its anomalous properties to the drinker. Thus, the union of the drinker and SCP-5985-1 is designated as SCP-5985-2.

Instances of an unstable connection can result to large-scale catastrophic events lasting for a short duration, endangering people and objects around it, ultimately ending the connection. The drinker will then undergo liquefaction into a perfect amalgam of SCP-5985 with all its properties. Dr. Damien has termed this as the Critical Point.

Discovery Log - Incident Firechild: On ██/██/2020, the Foundation received an urgent notice from the [REDACTED] branch of the Nepalese Government transmitted to their CF-Networks. It was concerning about a possible, large-scale anomaly that occurred approximately three hours before, and attached to it were encrypted surveillance videos providing a summary of the incident.

As an immediate response, Chief Field Agents "O” Ogami and "D" Daigoro were deployed to handle the investigation of the anomaly in question. Their first lead was the hospital in which the child, currently in a semi-comatose state, was transferred to. Their first priority before assessing the child was to question the surviving witnesses of the incident. The witnesses described the child as "possessed by an angry spirit", and others witnessed the child "crying with tears of fire". Further descriptions remarked that the child walked around screaming "I hate my father!" without cessation. After administering Class A amnestics to the witnesses, Agents O and D proceeded to investigate the child and the possibility of an SCP Protocol.

When they arrived to assess the child, identified as A███ X█████, they were met with a boy of ten years old, suffering from fourth-degree burns on a whole-body scale. Agent O began his audio-recorded examination of the child, while Agent D began questioning the staff who were handling the patient at present. The body of the boy was damaged to the point of charring and disfiguration. Certain skeletal parts were recognizably jutting out of the skin. Although, complete neurotmesis of the body did not clarify the semi-comatose condition of the child; cardiac muscles were barely functioning to provide blood supplies to essential organs, specifically the lungs. Nevertheless, the child was able to breathe albeit strained. The child was mumbling softly, despite his crippled situation. Twenty seconds later in the middle of Agent O's examination, the child opened his eyes and regained consciousness. Agent O initiated communication:

Agents Ogami and Daigoro pursued the liquid mass, which was hovering above and through a number of buildings and propelling itself at a speed of 12km/s. The flight path of the liquid mass led the Foundation to the eventual discovery of the ██████ Temple, 10km away north from the hospital. Agents Ogami and Daigoro followed the liquid mass on foot, nonstop.

They were able to follow the liquid mass drift into the temple. Inside, Agents Ogami and Daigoro stepped before a temple pool. The pool itself is at the center of the temple. Around the pool were a circle of seven monks, nonresponsive to the agents’ intrusion into their meditation. Agent O approached the pool closer in order the study the structure. In the pool was a body of water, inhabited by several lotus flowers. Both of the agents reasoned that this was the source of the anomaly due its temperature— it was -2 °C outside, but the water's temperature did not fall or rise out of 15 °C. Afterwards, as they were about to call again the Foundation to inspect the source, they were greeted by the head monk. Agent O has video recorded the interaction, as usual:

MTF Epsilon-8 arrived later after this incident. Agent Ogami and Daigoro were recovered, of sound health and mind. They were sent back for debriefing and psychological evaluation. The temple was secured, and a perimeter was quickly constructed around it. The Nepalese Government demanded the rights to acquire the temple under their authority. O5 sent Mr. [REDACTED] to arbitrate the dispute, and afterwards they receded their request post-haste. Consequently, all video surveillance cameras that were covertly installed in the temple, by the Nepalese Government, were removed. MTF Epsilon-8 were replaced by Omega-1.

The identity of the khenchen was confirmed as [REDACTED]. There are no surviving members of his family. His father was a renowned horologist in Kathmandu, and operated a repair shop before his death. His mother served as a custodian for the temple.

The preliminary reports were still incomplete; much more of the anomaly was unexplained. It was not conclusive at that time if the water and the vocal entity were two separate beings. The Foundation initiated a high-priority declassification of the anomaly in question. O5 recommended Senior Researcher Dr. Damien to spearhead the operation. However, Agents Ogami and Daigoro both forwarded their recommendation for Dr. Vidyarthi, who was well-known in the field for his expertise in religion-connected anomalies, especially Buddhism. Both parties reached a consensus: to place both senior researchers in a joint operation. Thus, Dr. Damien and Dr. Vidyarthi began their work on the Waters of Wisdom, then known as SCP-5985.

Addendum SCP-5985-01: Declassification Log – SCP-5985-1: The researchers extrapolated that ingesting the water was the only way of communication with the entity. Based also from historic texts the temple library provided them, there is esoteric information describing the water as the “heart of the world”, which is a close allusion to the Anavatapta, a mythical lake in the center of the world.

The monks protected the water from the public eye, employing the prophetic tradition of khenchens, who were able to communicate with the water by the use of deep meditation. This succession lasted for centuries, and the coming of a new khenchen ultimately meant the end of the previous khenchen. The seven monks around the pool, however, are still unknown in origin.

Dr. Vidyarthi volunteered to perform meditation rites as an attempt to communicate with the anomaly. There were aversions to this method, specifically from the Ethics Committee, preferring the use of D-class personnel to test the the waters first. Dr. Vidyarthi disliked this suggestion, emphasizing that there was sufficient information to safely ingest the fluid, and the use of D-class was unnecessary waste of life. Additionally, Dr. Damien agreed with Dr. Vidyarthi that this is the only manner to prove, or disprove the hypotheses, and it has to be executed in a pragmatic manner. Certain protocols were followed to ensure that an instance of Incident Firechild did not repeat.

Addendum SCP-5985-02: On █/██/21 Dr. Damien led an expedition to the coordinates of the burial, forty-five miles away from Bhutan, near the border of Tibet. A cave blocked by rock and ice was discovered, and the interior was a chamber resembling a stupa. In the middle of the chamber was a coffin, carved in the shape of a human. Dr. Damien opened the coffin, and found no corpse. There was only a scroll with a single line of writing in Sanskrit, which in English, roughly translates to:

"Vidyarthi. There is nobody here. You have been tricked."

It is unknown if this message was written by SCP-5985-1, and whether it was written in the past or the present. Dr. Vidyarthi postulated that SCP-5985-1 indeed wrote it, perhaps it entered a state of forgetfulness, which is one of its properties. It is possible that SCP-5985-1 has already foreseen everything. O5 have strongly recommended a further study into this anomaly, but Dr. Vidyarthi has not taken any initiative to commence another communication4.

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