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SCP-5979, captured using Space Force 3

Item #: SCP-5979

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Suppression of any published scientific discoveries regarding SCP-5979 has been implemented and will remain active until SCP-5979 becomes observable to the naked eye. Any radio communication from SCP-5979 must be dismissed as hoaxes from local conspiracy theorists and discredited sources. Live broadcasts of the observable universe must also be censored until such a time that SCP-5979 enters our solar system.

Due to the sheer size and mass of SCP-5979, containment is impossible. SCP-5979 must remain under Foundation observation in the event of any further changes in regards to its velocity and location.

Description: SCP-5979 is the designation given to a celestial body approximately 1,200 times the volume of Earth. SCP-5979 is currently traveling at 252,792 km/h and is on a direct collision course with planet Earth. SCP-5979's trajectory adjusts periodically in direct correspondence with Earth's orbit. At this time, there is no known method of obstructing SCP-5979's trajectory.

SCP-5979 is able to communicate through radio waves, which have been translated from German (See Transmissions). Attempts to establish two-way communication with SCP-5979 have proven ineffective, as SCP-5979 is either unable or unwilling to respond to outbound transmissions.

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