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Item#: 5978
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Special Containment Procedures: The remains of SCP-5978 have been incinerated in order to prevent any future occurrences of anomalous parasitic humanoids from manifesting.

Description: SCP-5978 is a humanoid of indeterminate gender and ethnicity. At random intervals throughout each 24-hour period, multiple wounds and indentations appear in irregular patterns across SCP-5978's body. These wounds typically heal quite rapidly, and are evidence of frequent mastication by an unseen or unnoticed entity.

SCP-5978 possesses no internal organs and is calcium deficient. Despite missing several vertebrae, SCP-5978 is capable of bipedal locomotion. The entity is capable of speech, albeit in an indecipherable language. SCP-5978 and SCP-5978-1 communicate with one another using this language, often loudly and in a manner that suggests they are arguing.

Atop the shoulders of SCP-5978, another humanoid entity without lower extremities (designated SCP-5978-1) is fused. SCP-5978-1’s waist is joined to SCP-5978’s shoulders. SCP-5978-1 possesses four arms, the digits of which terminate in a claw-like appendage. X-rays have revealed the presence of duplicate internal organs of varying size within SCP-5978-1, including a second, enlarged heart and a second, smaller spine.

At random intervals, these duplicate organs will expose themselves on the surface of SCP-5978-1's skin before relocating onto SCP-5978's body. These organs will then enter SCP-5978 orally. It is hypothesized that SCP-5978 is experiencing elation during these periods of time, although this cannot be confirmed due to the inability to communicate with the entity. However, all duplicate organs will eventually pass through SCP-5978's body back into SCP-5978-1 within thirty minutes.

Despite lacking digestive organs, SCP-5978 is able to break down the material it consumes in order to supply itself with the nutrients required for its survival. A percentage of these nutrients are then siphoned from it by SCP-5978-1 when the necessary duplicate internal organs1 are present.


SCP-5978 and SCP-5978-1 were originally two separate non-anomalous humans; Daniel McCready and Eleanor Lassen. According to Foundation records, McCready was a practiced carnomancer with a loose affiliation with a local Neo-Sarkic cult operating out of Wallington, New Jersey.

Local Foundation agents monitoring the activities of the cult observed Lassen's indoctrination on March 3rd, 2017. She was successful in performing complex carnomancies in a relatively short amount of time and met McCready shortly thereafter.

Due to unknown circumstances, McCready and Lassen were cast out of the Neo-Sarkic cult and forbidden to interact with any known members. Foundation observers discovered that the two spent a considerable amount of time together before moving into an apartment complex in Wallington, New Jersey.

SCP-5978 was discovered in their apartment on June 18th, 2017, after several tenants reported accounts of domestic violence and emotional abuse occurring in McCready and Lassen's residence. The tenants complained of loud noises disrupting them during the night, and an excessive amount of shouting. McCready would often emerge from his residence with wounds and bite marks across his face, hands, back, and pelvic region.

Several other anomalous items were found in the residence as well, including:

  • A jewelry gift box with a 14 karat ring inside. The ring maintains a temperature of 930°C.
  • A cracked cellular device. While appearing non-functional, the device repeats audio detailing a list of male names with associated dates and times. The significance of this is unknown.
  • A torn photograph of McCready and Lassen that occasionally depicts them with vulpine features, red skin, and horns.
  • A pair of biologically identical legs capable of locomotion.

Neutralization incident

Several indistinct humanoid entities grew on SCP-5978-1's back before detaching themselves from the entity. The organisms proceeded to consume the flesh that bound SCP-5978-1 to SCP-5978 and removed the entity from its back.

Despite protests from SCP-5978, the organisms were able to consume portions of SCP-5978-1's flesh. SCP-5978-1 appeared to experience extreme emotional satisfaction during this time and prevented SCP-5978 from interfering by utilizing its claw-like appendages to keep it at bay.

After several minutes of consumption, SCP-5978-1 succumbed to its wounds. The humanoid entities excreted a viscous fluid and sought refuge within the corpse of SCP-5978-1, where they demanifested. SCP-5978 experienced extreme hemorrhaging and expired shortly thereafter.

SCP-5978 has been reclassified as Neutralized.

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