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3/5976 LEVEL 3/5976
Item #: SCP-5976


SCP-5976, removed from its cord.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5976 is to be kept in a lockbox at Site-107. Only Level 3+ personnel with the prior approval of the Ethics Committee are allowed to retrieve SCP-5976 for testing purposes.

All information into the Eddows and Blalock families are to be sealed.

Description: SCP-5976 is a silver cross necklace pendant measuring 35 by 21mm. Its anomalous properties manifest whenever a single subject sleeps alone with any type of body covering in a room with SCP-5976. Once the subject has entered Stage 2 of the sleep cycle, an object within the room will begin to play a ten-note refrain. A rendition has been included below for identification purposes.

This object (designated SCP-5976-1) can be either electronic1 or mechanical2 in nature. SCP-5976-1 will continually play the refrain until the subject wakes up. When this happens, the subject will experience strong feelings of nausea and fear. These feelings are exacerbated upon the viewing of SCP-5976-2, a humanoid entity approximately 180 cm tall which is missing an arm. 5976-2 will produce guttural noises in conjunction with lulls in the SCP-5976-1 refrain. SCP-5976-2 is not visible upon image/video capturing devices; however, shadows cast and sounds produced by SCP-5976-2 can still be recorded.

If the subject attempts to hide by under their body covering, it will start to rapidly increase in weight and retaining temperature3. If the subject attempts to find SCP-5976-1 and prevents it from playing the refrain, SCP-5976-2 will grab the subject and vocalize the phrase, "No, no." SCP-5976-2 will demanifest if the subject stops the refrain.

5976 was formerly owned by the Eddows's daughter, Katherine Eddows, who died in the Innsmouth Abbey fire in April 2019. SCP-5976 was discovered along with the burnt corpse of Marion Eddows in Innsmouth, Massachusetts during a standard anomalous item sweep on June 7th, 2019. The disappearance of Ynette Blalock is theorized to be related to SCP-5976 (see Addendum 5976.2).

Approximately 97.3% of subjects die of either blunt force trauma or immolation within an hour of SCP-5976's activation.

Addendum 5976.1


Addendum 5976.2


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