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Item #: SCP-5974

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Several Mark II Self-Sustaining Cumulous Steam Generators (SSCSG) are to orbit around SCP-5974. Meteorological data is to be fed to each SSCSG to maintain a thick cloud around SCP-5974.

Outside containment consultants, as well as several members of the Horizon Initiative, have been contracted to isolate the region of the Noosphere containing concepts of and relating to SCP-5974.

A disinformation campaign is ongoing to explain the exponential increase in Pencerahan Events worldwide. Attempts to dissuade followers of Abrahamic faiths from their beliefs are considered an Alpha Level priority.

Description: SCP-5974 is a pair of rotating interlocked rings capable of self-sustained flight, positioned so that one ring is suspended within the other. Both rings of SCP-5974 are segmented, and an eye is present in the center of each segment. A humanoid-shaped flame exists in the center of SCP-5974.

SCP-5974 exhibits extreme infohazardous and cognitohazardous properties. The entity can discern the location of individuals who are aware of it, or other concepts associated with Abrahamic faiths, through currently unknown means and subject them to a Pencerahan Event.

Directly viewing SCP-5974 has led to severe emotional distress among all recorded subjects, followed by an admission of guilt1 and eventual spontaneous combustion. Subjects will undergo radical changes to their physicality after becoming engulfed in flames, leaving behind traces of either sodium, carbon, or sulfur.

Subjects with knowledge of SCP-5974 who have not seen the entity will become unable to make statements they know to be false. Affected subjects will become unable to perform any actions with consequences that will intentionally harm, inconvenience, or negatively impact another individual. Subjects will also experience and maintain increased serotonin levels.

These effects manifest immediately and last for 72 hours, at the end of which the affected subject will experience euphoria before becoming subject to a Pencerahan Event.

A Pencerahan Event consists of subjects affected by SCP-5974 removing all articles of clothing before steadily floating upward for approximately 216 meters. Affected subjects will then spontaneously evaporate.

The Horizon Initiative has implemented countermeasures against Pencerahan Events that have been disseminated among Foundation personnel with appropriate clearance.

Initial Testing
To better understand and prevent the exponential growth of Pencerahan Events globally, the Ethics Committee approved the allocation of D-Class subjects for experimentation.

Researcher Raynes was elected to oversee the initial experiments by O5-7 due to his previous experience operating within the Noosphere. He directed a small team consisting of twelve individuals2.

Following the discovery of SCP-5974, several D-Class personnel were interviewed and exposed to SCP-5974 to determine its anomalous properties3. The results were as follows:

D-Class Prior History Residue
D-3813 Stalking, Cannibalism, [REDACTED] Sulfur
D-10266 Negligent homicide, Insurance fraud Sulfur
D-563 Petty thievery Carbon
D-916 None Sodium
D-10798 Plagiarism, Creative theft Sodium
D-123 Impersonating a pastor, Pickpocketing, Manslaughter Sulfur
D-4812 Adultery, Murder Sulfur
D-8988 Second degree murder Sulfur
D-777 Assault, Battery Sodium

Neutralization Attempt

After several weeks of deliberation among the Ethics Committee and Overwatch Command, a conceptual neutralization attempt was approved and three members of MTF Upsilon-90 (Andalusian Dogs) were selected to execute the mission.

They were equipped with standard conceptualhazardous deterrents, as well as an [REDACTED]4 with the intent of neutralizing SCP-5974.

The following footage was transmitted from the mind of MTF Upsilon-90 Echo, who communicated with Researcher Raynes from Site 83 via a Oneiroic Interface Device (OID). The physical bodies of the MTF members were relocated to a secure humanoid containment cell for monitoring.

<Begin Log>

Echo: Andalusian Dogs, roll call.

Foxtrot: We're all good here, Cap.

Delta: Man, why'd they pick us of all people? I'm getting tired of all this conceptual-theoretical bullshit. I'm putting in my vacation days after this.

Raynes: If it makes you feel any better, this wasn't my suggestion.

Someone in the background expresses disapproval, but what is said is unintelligible.

Echo: They don't sound too happy about that remark, sir.

Raynes: I'll consider making an apology after we pull you out.

Foxtrot: I think I'll put in my vacation days too. You people are twisted.

Echo: We're proceeding to the location now.

The team proceeds in one direction for approximately twenty minutes before noticing a light in the distance.

Foxtrot: You see that?

Delta: Yeah. Echo?

Echo: I see it. (To Command.) Got anything for us, Marcy?

Raynes: It seems that the conceptual area has grown exponentially since… well, that actually makes a lot of sense.

Echo: What does?

Raynes: Since the dissemination of the Pencerahan Events, conceptual acknowledgment of SCP-5974 has grown exponentially. People have been- He is interrupted as a male voice in the background draws his attention.

Echo: Doc?

Delta: Did he say it was growing?

Foxtrot: That's… convenient.

Delta: Perfect. Echo, can we hurry this shit up? I'm not trying to have my consciousnesses absorbed or whatever the fuck.

Echo tries to re-establish contact for a few minutes before giving up.

Echo: (Whispering) Shit.

Foxtrot: Something wrong, Cap?

Echo: No. No, let's… Yes.

Foxtrot: Cap?

Echo turns to face the flame in the distance and remains silent. She approaches it as Foxtrot and Delta follow.

They arrive at the flame, revealing it to be roughly humanoid in shape. The 'head' of the fire has four faces resembling a human, a lion, a bovine creature, and an eagle. Six wing-like appendages are suspended around the flame.

Foxtrot: My… God.

Delta: Oh hell no.

Foxtrot steps into the fire. Moments later, large quantities of sodium are expelled and the fire grows in size.

Delta drops to their knees. Echo attempts to pull them to their feet but is unsuccessful. The fire appears to make eye contact with Delta.

Unknown: Be not afraid.

Echo: Delta come on!

Delta: He knows.

Echo: Delta!

Echo successfully pulls Delta to their feet and they flee from the fire. She attempts to contact Researcher Raynes. Behind her, the wings around the fire fold in on themselves, surrounding the humanoid shape.

The mass of wings glides toward Echo and Delta. Echo's distressed cries are audible, but Delta is silent.

Unknown: Know that I am the spirit of the Ophanim, and I will herald thee into the Garden above if thou art worthy.

Delta: I…

The winged entity extends several tendrils that envelop Delta. Echo attempts to free them but is unsuccessful. After a brief struggle, Delta is pulled into the fire, and ash is expelled.

Unknown: Be not afraid, Lillith.

Echo begins hyperventilating but is prevented from moving by an unseen force. She attempts to contact Researcher Raynes, but her communications fail. The entity spreads its wings, revealing a face comprised of eyes, teeth, and the faces of Delta and Foxtrot. Communication is lost, and the footage terminates.

<End Log>

The bodies of all three MTF members seized violently for two minutes after the transmission concluded. All three bodies dematerialized thereafter, leaving behind sulfur, carbon, and sodium residue.

Containment Consultant Meeting

After MTF Upsilon-90 failed to eliminate SCP-5974 from the Noosphere, the rate of Pencerahan Events exceeded expectations of maximum growth rates. Aerosolized Type G viral amnestics were distributed to heavily affected countries.

SCP-5974's sphere within the Noosphere grew exponentially during this time. Through currently unknown means, previously established countermeasures against SCP-5974 began to fail.

In attendance: O5-7, Researcher Raynes, Archbishop Woo of the Horizon Initiative

Woo: Now, before we begin I feel that it is imperative that we-

Raynes: (To O5-7) Xir, with all due respect, why are we continuing to give them the time of day? They've proven that their containment measures are wholly, indisputably, irrevocably ineffective.

O5-7: With all due respect, doctor, I would suggest you watch your tone in front of our… guest.

Woo: Thank you for the kind words, Commander. The recent loss of your MTF is a tragedy for certain, and we pray they are resting now within God's embrace. Their sacrifice, unnecessary as it was, will not be in vain.

Raynes: (Scoffs)

Woo: You should have consulted us first. We're here to help you after all.

Raynes: Yeah, sure. I'll be sure to do that next time millions of people across the planet are getting raptured.

Woo: And now, because of you, we're short-staffed. Our original plan for the elimination of the Ophanim has failed.

O5-7: We need this under control, Woo.

Woo: Keep the faith, Overseer, and be not afraid. We've been working on another viable solution to eliminate the threat, and I believe that we've come up with a functioning approach.

O5-7: Go on.

Woo: Permitting that your staff doesn't venture into the theoretical realm without our consult again, we can isolate the region of the Noosphere where the wheels are located. We can effectively block out the concept of the wheels, meaning that no one can acknowledge it.

Raynes: Which would negate the Pencerahan Events.

O5-7: And the other adverse effects as well.

Woo: We can bring an end to the rapture before it consumes the rest of the world.

Raynes: Why haven't you brought this to our attention earlier?

Woo: I would have if I had the chance.

Raynes stands. O5-7 raises his hand and Raynes returns to his seat. Woo grins.

O5-7: When can you mobilize?

Woo: Give us some time to gather the necessary resources. We'll be in touch.

Woo exits.

Neutralization Attempt 2
Days later, O5-7 and Researcher Raynes reconvened with Woo, as well as several other outsourced containment specialists, and devised a method of conceptual containment.

An exclusion zone was to be implemented in the Noosphere utilizing a Cognitive Obstructing Barricade (COB), designed by the Horizon Initiative.

Despite objections from O5-7 and the Ethics Committee, Raynes requested to operate as the sole Foundation representative. His request was denied, and two additional members of MTF Upsilon-90 (Andalusian Dogs) were assigned to him as well.

The team's bodies were then relocated to a secured humanoid containment cell for monitoring.

The following footage was recovered from an unknown individual after spontaneously manifesting within Foundation custody. The individual was dressed in standard researcher attire, and his appearance corresponds with that of a Researcher Raynes5, however, the individual's identity could not be confirmed.

<Begin Log>

Raynes: Everyone here?

U-90 Alpha: Sir.

U-90 Beta: We're all good, doctor.

Raynes: Can you read us back at base?

Command: You're clear to proceed when ready.

Raynes: Right then. (To Woo) Now that we're all in this mess, you mind giving us some insight on why you and your associates were permitted to work without comms?

Woo: When have you ever known technology and faith to work together?

Raynes: So you're going to be operating the COB alone?

Woo: I'll be needing your help to install it, of course. And they're all here to help defend against any… Unholy concepts that might pose a threat to the mission.

Raynes looks at U-90 Alpha and Beta. U-90 Beta looks at the Horizon Initiative members and shakes his head.

U-90 Beta: Let's just get this over with.

Woo: I couldn't agree with you more. Lead the way.

The group proceeds in one direction for several minutes before an Initiative member spots a fire. Raynes directs U-90 Alpha to take point as they proceed toward the flame.

U-90 Alpha: Christ.

Raynes: Don't be afraid, Alpha. We'll be fine outside of its sphere of influence.

U-90 Alpha: Do we know how big that sphere is, sir?

Raynes looks to Woo, who is carrying the COB on his back. Woo shrugs, then looks at the COB.

Raynes: (To Woo) How will we know when we're close enough, Woo?

Woo: Have some faith in us, doctor. We're close, just not close enough yet. When you can see the faces of the Seraphim, you can stop walking.

U-90 Beta: Why don't you walk in front of us then, since you're the expert here?

Woo: My brothers and sisters aren't nearly as well equipped to deal with hostile concepts as you are.

U-90 Beta: (Scoffs)

Raynes: Command, how close are we to the perimeter?


Raynes: Command? Hello?


Raynes: Shit.

The group continues for a few more minutes before the shape of the flame becomes distinguishable. Raynes looks back to Woo, who has set down the COB.

The other Horizon Initiative members form a loose circle around Raynes, U-90 Alpha and Beta, and the humanoid flame. U-90 Beta raises his weapon and points it at Woo.

U-90 Beta: You son of a bitch.

Woo: I've done nothing wrong, brother. My people are willing to die to contain the Ophanim, are you?

Woo adjusts some dials on the COB before kneeling in front of it. The other Horizon Initiative members kneel with their hands clasped in front of them.

U-90 Alpha: Look alive, boys!

The humanoid flame turns to face them. U-90 Alpha fires at it to no avail. U-90 Beta and Raynes attempt to flee but are unable to get past the Horizon Initiative. An unseen force prevents them from passing between members.

U-90 Alpha ceases firing. Raynes watches as U-90 Alpha is absorbed in the flame and sodium is expelled.

U-90 Beta: Let us out!

Woo: I can't do that. You understand.

U-90 Beta fires at the COB to no effect. There is no change in Woo's expression. Raynes attempts to move past him but is unsuccessful.

Woo: Be not afraid.

U-90 Beta and Raynes face the humanoid flame. Something is spoken in an unknown language before tendrils envelope Raynes and u-90 Beta. Sounds of a struggle are heard, then the footage continues from the perspective of Raynes.

Raynes successfully evades the entity and secures the COB. Despite appearing non-functional, Raynes can activate the device. The Horizon Initiative members rise to their feet and close in on Raynes.

Raynes: Be not afraid.

Raynes turns several dials on the COB. The footage becomes obscured by bright light before terminating.

Incident 5974 T-2:1-10
Immediately following the Horizon Initiative's egress from the Noosphere, an unknown entity manifested below SCP-5974. The unknown entity was roughly humanoid and had innumerable wings that allowed it to maintain self-sustained flight. The entity had several thousand faces, and each of its wings-like appendages was covered in eyes.

Pencerahan Events escalated well beyond the Foundation's highest recorded count globally. The unknown entity elevated, displacing SCP-5974 into the stratosphere. The unknown entity, and individuals undergoing a Pencerahan Event, disappeared shortly thereafter.

To date, Pencerahan Events have ceased entirely.

When questioned about the entity, Horizon Initiative members were unable to provide adequate answers. Woo claimed that the operation was a complete success and the COB functioned as intended, regardless of the casualties. Correspondence from other members of the Horizon Initiative revealed that they were attempting to summon an entity known as Azrael. What connection they have to the entity is unknown.

Despite the previous correspondence from Researcher Raynes, the Foundation has no personnel records of a researcher of that name. Video logs, likewise provided by the Horizon Initiative, have been recorded on equipment that matches Foundation standard body cameras. However, the footage frequently cuts out and is replaced with a black screen, with white text that reads "BE NOT AFRAID.".

The significance of this is unknown and pending further investigation.

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