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Item #: SCP-5972

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: International medical databases are to be monitored in an effort to locate any remaining individuals displaying symptoms indicative of SCP-5972.

The algorithmic test carried out on 2016/02/23 has singled out the 4.3% of audio components which remain unaccounted for; individuals demonstrating tics which do not satisfy this criteria are to be eliminated from the investigation.

At this stage, it is not expedient for any affected individuals to be placed into Foundation custody directly; however, subjects are to be monitored by personnel embedded in global health services, who have the authorization to detain and transfer an individual should further Foundation research be required.

Description: SCP-5972 is a phenomenon first recorded on 2016/01/10. To date, 1,887 affected individuals have been identified across five continents.

Symptoms of SCP-5972 manifest as a verbal tic; those affected will emit repetitive, monosyllabic verbalizations at regular intervals, in some cases exceeding the conventional human vocal range. Intervals can be as frequent as two seconds, with the longest interval observed being four minutes and sixteen seconds in length. Amnestic treatment has proven ineffective for reducing symptoms in those affected.

SCP-5972 was flagged as potentially anomalous during routine trawling of global data by Foundation pattern recognition algorithms. This showed a marked increase in individuals presenting with tic-like symptoms to health services in several nations, consistent with the trajectory of downed entertainment satellite WCBS-02 (see Addendum-1). In addition, researchers monitoring SCP-4445 recorded an unprecedented M/HRAV Variation of -83.7 that same day, a Variation which lasted forty-seven hours1. Significant fluctuations have persisted ever since.

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