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Item #: SCP-5971

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Suppression of knowledge concerning the anomaly is ongoing, pending approval of mass amnesticization protocol. A cover story is being formulated, to be disseminated in the Central Wisconsin area, of a technologically advanced terrorist threat in order to temporarily misinform the public within SCP-5971's area of effect.

Locating the epicenter of the SCP-5971 phenomenon is considered a primary containment objective. Field agents and researchers within SCP-5971 must be able to communicate through American Sign Language, and are to maintain long-distance communication by text to reduce data loss.

Foundation Site-608 is currently in the process of engineering a device to maintain a semblance of normalcy within SCP-5971.

Description: SCP-5971 is a persisting silence within Sauk County, Wisconsin; acoustic waveforms are suppressed within the area, preventing the transmission of sound. Currently, it is estimated that SCP-5971 not only encompasses all of Reedsburg, Wisconsin, but affects portions of nearby towns.

Discovery: SCP-5971 spontaneously occurred at approximately 02:15 AM on October 8th, 2011, reported by Foundation agents embedded in local authorities via secure e-mail to Site-608. Initially, it had been logged as an Extranormal Event, however its longevity has since warranted escalation in importance.

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