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An instance of SCP-5969

Item #: SCP-5969

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5969 is to be contained in a climate-controlled, blast-resistant containment cell at Site-27. Relative humidity inside the cell is to be maintained between 30-40%, and MUST NOT rise above 50% for any extended period of time. Any personnel entering SCP-5969's containment cell are required to wear a Foundation-issue Level 3 Bomb Protection Suit.

As of Incident I-5969-A, all testing of SCP-5969 has been suspended. See Addendum for details.

Description: SCP-5969 is a collection of 20 19 Mk 2 hand grenades1 (designated SCP-5969-1 through -19) stored inside a standard World War II-era wooden storage crate. Markings on the crate and each instance of SCP-5969 are consistent with other grenades manufactured during this time.

SCP-5969's anomalous effect manifests when the object is exposed to any amount of liquid water, or has been sufficiently exposed to humid air. Once exposed, SCP-5969 will immediately detonate, regardless of if the pin and spoon have been removed prior. The explosion created is equivalent to other standard Mk 2 grenades, however, instead of propelling metal fragmentation, SCP-5969 expels a number2 of seeds that, on contact with a solid surface, instantaneously sprout into a variety of small, flowering plants. Only four plant species have been observed: Aubriet deltoidea, Dianthus caryophyllus, Anemone nemorosa, and Achillea millefolium3. Testing has confirmed that the plants produced in this matter are not anomalous.

NOTE: Following Incident I-5969-A, the description of SCP-5969 has been amended.

Discovery: SCP-5969 was discovered on 05/12/1968 during a raid conducted by local law enforcement agents on one Andrew Werther's apartment in Tucson, Arizona, after a tip was called in regarding a potential bomb threat. Upon entering the apartment, Werther was observed dropping a glass of water onto an instance of SCP-5969 on his kitchen table, causing it to explode, killing him and injuring one police officer.

A Foundation agent embedded in the Tucson Police Department accompanied the raid team, and was able to contain the scene until MTF Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots") could take over. The police raid team were administered amnestics, and Andrew Werther's death was reported as suicide by gunshot. Upon a search of the rest of Werther's apartment, the crate containing the remaining 24 instances of SCP-5969 was discovered.

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