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Item #: SCP-5968

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The area around SCP-5968 manifestations is to be cleared in a square kilometer zone and a wire fence is to be erected around the premises until the instance dematerializes.

Description: SCP-5968 is an extraterrestrial, interdimensional restaurant that manifests within marketplace centers going by the name "Starlite Diner". SCP-5258 begins to manifest with advertisements reading “Have a stellar meal at the Starlight Diner. ████ Starseed way.”, hereby designated as SCP-5968-1. These advertisements originate by growing through the cracks of sidewalks, roads and brick walls and appear to be biological in makeup with the texture of copy paper. Once fully formed SCP-5968 will appear at the address of ████ Starseed Way.

The interior of SCP-5968 is painted a washed beige on all walls, with a popcorn ceiling lit by fluorescent lights and a black and white checkered tile floor. Seating in SCP-5968 is provided by red and yellow wooden tables surrounded on their sides with cushion booths. The dimensions of the building change constantly but usually fall between 5m-15m wide and 20m-170m long, with a constant height of 3.5m, SCP-5968 is always a hallway, possessing no kitchen or bathrooms, only a door at the end of the hallway with a plaque reading "Manager" in gold lettering. SCP-5968 is populated with humanoid entities, hereby designated SCP-5968-2, roughly two (2) meters tall with an absence of facial features with the exception of a painted-on smile. These entities are covered in dry, heavily dimpled skin and wear neon yellow jumpsuits that resemble nylon in material. In place of hands SCP-5968-2 instances possess large fleshy clam like appendages that regurgitate ordered items from SCP-5968's menu. SCP-5968's menu items range from regular items to the extraterrestrial and anomalous and change daily; said items do not have prices however tips are happily accepted in the form of solid matter. The menu appears in the reader's native tongue and in brail for blind customers.

Patrons of SCP-5968, hereby designated SCP-5968-3, include a variety of extraterrestrial and extra-dimensional creatures, many able to understand most human languages and none hostile.

SCP-5968's menu:12/19/████

Item Name Description Effect Upon Consumption
Cuban Sandwich Item made in the stack order from bottom to top of: grilled Cuban bread, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, three (3) dill pickle chips and a dollop of honey mustard. D-33231 felt full.
Olokvidashi Flank Item tested near identical in genetic makeup to the Homo denisovan species of early human. The sample is that of an infant Denisovan leg slow-cooked and dressed with Asian black bean sauce. D-33231 reportedly enjoyed the food remarking, “It tastes like chicken”.
Solok's Faou Subject served a plate of opaque white gelatinous cubes, weighing in at exactly one (1) kg. After three (3) bites D-33231's hair turned a shade of bright blue and they gained a set of pyrokinetic abilities lasting approximately sixteen (16) minutes, after which D-33231 passed out and woke up speaking an unknown click-based language.
Fairy Dust Subject served two (2) grams of a white powder, a direct match for C17H21NO4 or crack cocaine. D-17776 jumped on a diner table, ran up to an SCP-5258-2 instance, kissed the entity on its smile, announced “No time to play, Johnny █████████ is a business boy!”, then fainted.
Mango Item was a mango of the Alphonso variety. D-61222 enjoyed the sweet treat.
Dynomite Lionfish Subject served a fried lionfish filet glazed in Dynomite sauce. D-61222 remarked on the sweet, filling nature of the filet. Fifteen (15) minutes after consumption D-61222 exploded, causing interior damage to his holding cell. Traces of uranium and plutonium were found post-analysis in D-61222's blood, leading researchers to believe the dish was a prepared instance of the SCP-5632 subspecies of lionfish.
Grilled Latabros Breast from Tau Ceti f Subject served a portion of meat in a sirloin cut. The meat is dark blue in color and secretes a black sweat. The sample appeared biological and carbon-based however possessed no DNA. D-001238 described the meat as tasting like mud and pepper and likened its texture to that of a soggy wood block. Upon trying to separate the meat into chunks D-001238 found a ticket with writing in an unknown script similar to ancient Sumerian. D-001238 picked up the ticket and disappeared in a flash of bright yellow light.

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