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Special Containment Procedures: Contained instances of SCP-5967 are to remain in Site-83's cryogenic storage room, and monitoring Foundation personnel must wear noise-canceling headphones. Psychological assessments are required for personnel assigned to SCP-5967 twice per week. Testing with SCP-5967 is strictly forbidden.

Lyndhurst, New Jersey has been converted into Provisional Site-83, and Foundation agents are to monitor the town for evidence of continued anomalous activity. Salem Steros and Caesar Winters is considered a Person of Interest related to SCP-5967 and is suspected to be involved in the continued creation of SCP-5967 instances across Bergen County. The "Reality Cinq'' radio program is to be treated with standard media suppression tactics, should it begin broadcasting again.

The apprehension of Caesar Winters is considered a Rho-Level priority. Salem Steros is currently detained in a reality-sunk containment suite at Site-83, with three Scranton Reality Anchors active at all times.

Description: Instances of SCP-5967 refer to five-meter-tall pillars composed of currently unidentified musculature and eyeball-like organs originating in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. There are currently seven contained instances. DNA analysis of SCP-5967 has proven ineffective in identifying the source of its components, although the eyeball-like organs visually resemble those of non-anomalous humans. SCP-5967 is capable of speech, despite lacking vocal organs, and consistently intones phrases indicative of Fifthist ideology. Individuals who are within the auditory range of SCP-5967 without wearing auditory protective gear will be forced to adhere to Fifthist ideologies.

Members of a group known as "The Commune", operating out of the local Elks Lodge1, were able to radically influence the Hume levels of Lyndhurst and its surrounding towns over the course of three days, generating substantial amounts of latent reality. SCP-5967 allowed The Commune's leadership figures, Caesar Winters and Salem Steros, to establish and maintain control over the minds of local residents.

Affected individuals were susceptible to remote influence by Winters or Steros. Established methods of conceptual manipulation, amnestic treatment, and hypnotherapy have proven ineffective in relinquishing control of the affected subject from either party. The maximum range of influence, if there is one, has yet to be determined.

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