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Item #: SCP-5966

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5966 is stored in a standard humanoid containment chamber located at Site-22 and kept under guard by at least two members of security. To prevent SCP-5966 from experiencing bodily harm, it is provided with fresh painting supplies at the beginning of each week.

Description: SCP-5966 is a painter, originally known as "Vedad Gudelj", with a series of anomalous bodily and mental modifications intended to incentivise a mass creation of artwork.

The most prominent and noticeable alteration to SCP-5966's body is its mouth, which has been fused shut. Internal analysis has shown that the vocal cords of SCP-5966 have also been removed. Although these alterations by themselves would render SCP-5966 incapable of verbal communication, attempts at interviews and written communication suggest that SCP-5966 is no longer capable of expressing or understanding any form of language at all.

Testing also suggests that SCP-5966 no longer requires any form of sustenance or sleep, although it will curl up in the corner of its containment chamber when inactive.

SCP-5966 will attempt to create one piece of artwork a week, using whatever materials are available to it, and will work towards this goal without rest. Several seconds after the piece of art is completed, it will completely disappear. Attempts to determine what becomes of these articles via the use of tracking beacons have thus far been unsuccessful.

Shortly following the disappearance of the artwork, SCP-5966 will be subject to further bodily alterations, the nature of which are dependent on subjective qualities present within the artwork produced. The specific nature of these properties are not completely certain, but appear to be focused around the appeal of the artwork to a large audience. In cases where these qualities are present, these bodily modifications will be beneficial to SCP-5966, while harmful alterations will result if the artwork does not possess said qualities. These secondary modifications are temporary, and will disappear from SCP-5966's body at the beginning of the next week.

SCP-5966 was recovered on 21/01/2019 from its apartment in Detroit, Michigan by authorities after its landlord complained of a foul smell emanating from the residence. Initially, said landlord was intending to evict SCP-5966 following numerous missed rent payments, but discovered SCP-5966 in its current condition upon entering the apartment. After SCP-5966 was taken to a nearby hospital and reports of its bodily alterations began circulating, the Foundation intervened and brought SCP-5966 into containment.

Painting Log 5966-1

The following log is a record of paintings produced by SCP-5966, as well as the resulting bodily modifications.

Painting Content Result
Landscape painting of a tree in a field. SCP-5966's mouth temporarily unfused, allowing it to breathe more comfortably.
Portrait of SCP-5966, prior to bodily alterations. SCP-5966 loses the use of its legs.
Painting of the Empire State Building. SCP-5966 falls asleep and remains in this state for the remainder of the week. Unclear if this is a positive or negative modification.
Painting of a car exploding. A man wearing a trench-coat is walking away from the explosion, smoking a cigar and holding a rocket launcher. A functional mouth and tongue develop in the left hand of SCP-5966. Although it is incapable of fully consuming food, SCP-5966 is capable of using the tongue to taste it.
Portrait of SCP-5966, prior to bodily alterations. SCP-5966 clutches its head and rolls around the containment chamber in pain. SCP-5966 spends the remainder of the week hiding in the corner, holding its head.
Portrait of SCP-5966, prior to bodily alterations. SCP-5966's eyeballs visibly begin to boil, with smoke billowing out of the sockets. SCP-5966 spends the remainder of the week with its hands covering its eyes.
Indistinct portrait, believed to be of SCP-5966 prior to bodily alterations. SCP-5966's mouth becomes unfused and it coughs up a human finger wearing a ring. The owner of this finger is unclear, as SCP-5966 refuses to surrender it to security personnel when prompted and it disappears several minutes later.
Painting of three scantily clad women, sitting on and surrounding a red sports car. A tattoo of an unidentified woman's face appears on SCP-5966's left arm. SCP-5966 spends the remainder of the week stroking and observing it.
Painting of three scantily clad women, sitting on and surrounding a red sports car. See previous entry.

Addendum 5966-1 (Recovered Materials)

During a search of SCP-5966's apartment following initial recovery, the following document was found. Content and context suggests it is a simple written contract of employment which was sent to SCP-5966. SCP-5966's signature is present at the bottom of the contract.

The following agreement is between Vedad Gudelj, hereafter referred to as the Artist, and their employer, hereafter referred to as the Patron.

The Artist hereby pledges to create at least one product of acceptable quality per week, and the Patron hereby pledges to provide proportionate payment for said product. As previously agreed, all proceeds from the product will be split evenly between the Artist and the Patron, with the half provided to the Artist coming in the form of good fortune.

The Patron reserves the right to enact demerits or changes to the Artist's circumstances in order to ensure their investment is returned.

Employment shall begin immediately following the signing of this contract, and will continue until specifically terminated. The Artist may terminate his employment at any time he chooses through direct verbal or written notice. In order to prevent fraudulent termination of this contract, notice through an intermediary will not be accepted.

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