2/5965 LEVEL 2/5965
Item #: SCP-5965


The White Cliffs of Dover, site of SCP-5965's original demise.

Special Containment Procedures: Any individuals with a personal connection to SCP-5965 are to be monitored by Foundation resources for a manifestation of SCP-5965. Upon manifestation, all witnessing parties are to be amnesticised, and the corpse disposed of according to standard biomaterial handling protocol.

In an attempt to reduce the occurrence of SCP-5965 manifestations, all close friends and family members of SCP-5965 are to receive grief counselling conducted by covert Foundation operatives. SCP-5965's surviving relatives are to be moved out of the family home they shared. The school where SCP-5965 worked is to be closed down.

Description: SCP-5965 is Hayden Morris, a 23 year old nursery assistant from Bristol, England. On 27/12/2013, whilst visiting Dover with friends, Morris fell from the clifftop on the coastline and died upon impact with the rocks below.

Since its death, SCP-5965 has manifested, alive, on multiple occasions in the presence of its former acquaintances. The point of manifestation occurs above the acquaintance; if indoors, it will be at the ceiling. SCP-5965 will then fall at significant speed while screaming, and impact an area in close proximity to the acquaintance and resulting in the instance's death. Injuries sustained are inconsistent with those of SCP-5965's original death.

The following is an abridged log of SCP-5965 incidents:

Date Description

Incident occurred at the residence of Henry Carter, a friend of SCP-5965 who was not present at the occurrence of its initial death. Carter was home alone, watching television in his living room. SCP-5965 manifested within the room and impacted the area between Carter and the television.

Carter phoned law enforcement, evidently distressed, believing that SCP-5965's body had been exhumed and taped to the room's ceiling by an unknown party. Of particular concern for Carter was how long SCP-5965 had been present in the house, and how he had not noticed before it fell. Due to the nature of the details recounted, Foundation personnel were dispatched to investigate.

In an attempt to rationalise the manifestation, Carter vocalised a worry that he himself had exhumed the body, and brought it back to his flat after a night of heavy alcohol consumption alone.1 Upon Foundation arrival, all involved parties were amnesticised, and SCP-5965's corpse was disposed of.


Incident occurred at Saint Helier's Primary School, SCP-5965's former place of work. Instance materialised on the ceiling of classroom 5A, whilst a class SCP-5965 formerly taught was present.

Due to the students being too young2 for safe use of amnestics, their recollections of the incident were attributed to a mass psychogenic event, resulting from them being informed of SCP-5965's death and manner of passing.


Incident occurred at a supermarket where Annalise Morris, SCP-5965's mother, was shopping. Morris went to pick up goods from a chest freezer. SCP-5965 manifested above her, and fell, screaming, into the chest freezer. SCP-5965 stayed alive for several minutes after impact, calling out for his mother.

Believing the incident to be a hallucination, Morris attempted to continue shopping, but became overcome with emotion several minutes later.

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