MC&D's Public Relations Operation

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Closing card of SCP-5964-infected video.

Item #: SCP-5964-D

Object Class: Keter Decommissioned

Special Containment Procedures (Archived): Foundation resources currently assigned to GOI-0711 are to prepare for a potentially imminent Lifted Veil scenario. Webcrawlers and Mobile Task Forces are to locate and obfuscate SCP-5964-infected media, including but not limited to: televised broadcasts, podcasts, YouTube videos, and radio airings. Presently, Foundation ambassadors are attempting to broker a deal with authority figures within MC&D to prevent the aforementioned Lifted Veil scenario.

Description (Archived): SCP-5964 is a memetic agent embedded into several promotional media pieces produced by Marshall, Carter, and Dark LLP. When observed, SCP-5964 embeds a mental trigger into the subject's subconscious. When the subject perceives a benign anomaly2, the trigger activates. Serotonin is produced at an accelerated rate, flooding the brain and allowing the subject to enter a relaxed and curious state. The intent of this effect is hypothesized to eliminate skepticism and distrust of the perceived object.

MC&D have released several forms of SCP-5964 infected media since 14/11/2021. All media released have announced the group's intention of going public on 23/04/2022. This would presumably include the active advertisement and sale of anomalous objects among the general public.

Addendum 5964.1: The following video was uploaded to YouTube by the channel "MC&D"3 on 14/11/2021; the video itself was also advertised across monetized content.

[The video immediately opens to SCP-5964. After two seconds, the memetic agent ceases. The scene changes to a completely black backdrop, with a woman identified as Iris Dark standing in the center. She is dressed in a purple pinstripe suit and holding a glass object in her hand. The identity of the object's content cannot be discerned at this time as it is largely obfuscated off-screen.]

Dark: My name is Iris Dark, of Marshall, Carter & Dark. You've never heard of us before, and that's because we and the opposition share a single, microscopic similarity: secrecy. For them, the architects for the foundation of normalcy, secrecy is their fundamental ideal. For us, secrecy has been beneficial and exclusive. It was once the paragon of wealth and power to peer beyond that thinly drawn Veil. For us, secrecy meant prestige. It meant class. It meant: "I'm better than you". Until now, that is.

[Dark raises the glass object in her hand, aligning it so that it is perpendicular to the camera. The object is a jar, similar to those that would typically contain mundane items. Inside of the jar is a humanoid organism with large, semi-transparent wings on its back that spread iridescent particulate when they move. The humanoid organism appears distraught.]

Dark: The world has changed, and so have our interests. This secret is the luxuries, the wonders, the necessities the rich have access to, they can soon be yours.

[Dark raises her other hand, revealing a jewel of unknown make that glows faintly. Irridescent particulate falls from the jewel as Dark turns it over in her hand. The humanoid in the jar acknowledges Dark's motions momentarily, but quickly adopts the fetal position.]

Dark: Naturally, not everyone who dips in these resources will be happy that we have broken such secrecy. To members of this secret world, breaking this illusion, sharing with you, is a greater threat than anything else. But this is of the utmost importance to us. Change. Is. Here. Will you roll forward with us, or be left behind in the dark?

[Dark fades out, and an ending card fades in. The words "Marshall, Carter & Dark" occupy the center of the screen; below it is written "23.04.2022". In italic print at the bottom of the screen are the words "Fairies and precious stones sold separately".]

Foundation web crawlers and IT agents were unable to take down the video or the channel. Following the incident, a state of emergency was declared.

Accessing Precognition Division Files…

[PreCogDiv] Addendum 5964.2: The Precognition Division has been tasked with analyzing future possibilities and outcomes to determine which strategies would lead to the most favorable position. The most likely scenario, assuming standard Foundation protocol, would result in a Veil-lifting catastrophe; the vast majority of successful scenarios were found to result from successful negotiations with MC&D. Specific research, including motivations and precise operations, are underway.

A request was sent from Site-094 administration to O5 Command regarding Dr. Perry's request. Following deliberation, the O5 Council has elected to deny the proposal, on the grounds that such an action would be ultimately harmful to negotiations, and that the necessity of supporting the Veil far outweighs the noted elements.

[PreCogDiv] Addendum 5964.3:

Report regarding MC&D's anomalous human trafficking operation:

  • Confirmed sales, assuming no extremely unlikely extenuating circumstances (i.e. events with a likelihood of less than 0.0001%):
    • Two telekinetics.
    • One pyrokinetic.
    • Two hydrokinetics.
    • Eight humans with various cosmetic anomalous abnormalities.
    • One auratallasic5.
    • Five unspoken forest dwellers.
    • Three children of the night.
  • Sales that may occur depending on various circumstances:
    • One additional hydrokinetic (43.8% probability; subject will attempt suicide during a pre-sale examination and succeed unless MC&D operatives interfere).
    • One geokinetic (5.6% probability; subject will likely become hostile during event and be terminated).
    • Two ferrokinetics (87.9% probability; subjects will attempt to escape in tandem pre-event though will most likely fail).
    • Alex Simmons, Foundation precognitive (92.8% probability; unknown conditions; recalibration required for further details).

[PreCogDiv] Addendum 5964.4: As predicted by the Precognition Division, Alex Simmons was apprehended by Marshall, Carter, and Dark collection agents operating under the guise of insurance collectors. Simmons was abducted from his home, while his husband and adopted child were shot. Simmons was able to activate an emergency distress beacon on his person shortly prior to his capture.

Despite having not been authorized by the Precognition Division command, various on-duty agents deserted their posts in order to pursue the MC&D agents en route to their destination. The rogue agents were ultimately efficacious in retrieving Simmons, although the External Relations Division was able to successfully cover up all Foundation involvement. All involved agents were reprimanded for unauthorized use of Foundation resources, unauthorized hostile engagements against a Group of Interest, and knowingly endangering a Foundation operation.



Following diplomatic engagement between the SCP Foundation and Marshall, Carter & Dark, the two groups have come to an agreement regarding MC&D's public relations operation.

In exchange for MC&D withdrawing from the public space, fully decommissioning SCP-5964, and ceasing any further operations with the potential to lift the Veil on a large scale, the SCP Foundation has agreed to allow MC&D autonomy in purely anomalous spaces. As the Foundation's primary mission is to ensure the preservation of normalcy, any activities undergone by MC&D, so long as they do not constitute a threat to this agenda, are of minimal priority.

A full transcript of the agreement is available upon request.

— Dr. Maya Whitney, SCP Foundation External Relations Division

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