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Item#: 5961
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Assigned Site Site Director
Site-46 Drs. Sophia and Mako Warner


SCP-5961, seen at dawn.

Special Containment Procedures: Standard location-based anomaly containment systems have been established around the perimeter of SCP-5961, culminating in a three by three kilometer exclusion zone. A cover story purporting increased protection for endangered birds has been disseminated to local media. The Foundation, through permission and direct cooperation with the Manx government, has issued fictitious death certificates to civilians who had died within SCP-5961. Through an internal monetary fund, the Foundation and Manx government has supplied monetary assistance alongside class-C amnestics to family members of former SCP-5961 inhabitants.

SCP-5961 possesses terminal-class reality changes, thus exploration is to be conducted using autonomous drones to mitigate potential environmental changes should an accident occur duing exploration.

Description: SCP-5961 is the Foundation designation given to the submerged ruins of Georgetown, Isle of Man. SCP-5961 and its anomalous aspects formulated following the 1968 Georgetown flood, where heavy rainfall contributed to the eventual destruction and abandonment of the settlement. Foundation and Manx researchers have jointly agreed that the Georgetown flood naturally occured due to heavy periods of rain during the summer, along with Georgetown's lowlying location and close proximity to the ocean. Independent Foundation research has shown SCP-5961's anomalous effects primarily formed after the abandonment of the settlement. The water surrounding SCP-5961 contains memetic properties, thus requiring Foundation exploration teams to traverse the region through the usage of watercraft. Additionally, SCP-5961 is deluged by constant rainfall, alongside heavy wind and fog. The only organisms found within SCP-5961 are doves or possibly feral pigeons, many of which appear to carry laurels and fauna, possibly as nesting material. Their diet, behavior, and ability to survive in SCP-5961 are completely unknown.

SCP-5961's anomalous characteristics were first discovered by former Georgetown resident Eileen Cotynghin following the Manx flooding. Apocryphal accounts circulated before Foundation involvement purportedly state that Cotynghin, through grief at what occured, commited suicide by jumping into the water, later hearing the entirety of flood victims within her head. While likely anecdotal, Cotynghin's accounts describe thanothanto-memetic properties.1

Thanto-memetic properties within the water of SCP-5961 are able to transfer themselves to a human observer, when the liquid is either consumed or submerges the head. Dr. Mako Warner sampled four distinct water samples, recording the message in English and the original Manx.

O, mo Thighearna! Carson a thilg thu an teine ​​bhon phreas agus an uisge agus na deòir a thoirt a-mach, gu ar n-àite diadhachd?

Dèan tròcair oirnn.

Oh, my Lord! Why did you cast the fire from the bush and bring forth the water and tears, to our place of piety?

Have mercy on us.

Sheinn mi na faclan diadhachd agus bàrdachd. Tha mi riaraichte le mo bhàs. Gu luath suidhidh mi le mo Thighearna agus m ’Athair.

Bi math, mo chlann.

I have sung the words of piety and poetry. I am content with my death. I shall soon supper with my Lord and Father.

Be good, my children.

Tha e deiseil.

It is finished.

Leig leam snàmh. Leig leam snàmh, mas e do thoil e, na leig leam bàthadh. Tha mi oh, cho eagal bàthadh.

Let me swim. Let me swim, please, let me not drown. I am oh, so afraid of drowning.

M ’athair anns na speuran gu h-àrd, tha mi airson bruidhinn agus mo ùrnaigh fhìn a ràdh. Saoil am bi duine sam bith air fhàgail airson a ràdh air mo shon, mar sin tha mi a ’bruidhinn. Cluinn mi, m ’athair.

Sàbhail a h-uile duine as fheàrr leam. Na bàthadh iad le d ’fhearg no deòir. A h-uile duine Tha gaol agam air an fhearann ​​eagallach seo, tha mi a ’guidhe gu math dhut. Biodh agus tilg mi a-steach do dhreach cloiche is mara ma dh ’fheumas tu. Tha mi ag ràdh mar nighean Mhanainneach, agus mar nighean dhuibh, a rugadh bhon mhuir, an till mi, mar Naomh?

My father in sky above, I want to speak and say my own prayer. I wonder if there will be anyone left to say it for me, so I speak. Hear me, my father.

Save everyone I love. Let them not drown in your anger or tears. Everyone I love in this scared land, I wish you well. Let be and cast in me into stone and ocean abyss if thy must. I say as a daughter of the Manx, and as a daughter of you, born from the sea, will I return, as Saint?

Addendum No. 1: Exploration Aftermath

On August 1972, the Foundation sent an autonomous underwater drone into SCP-5961, entering a flooded structure identified as the Church of St. Mary.


The half-submerged spire of St. Mary's.

St. Mary's Church, when compared to the rest of SCP-5961, is unique in that it is partially open, allowing some degree of maneuverability and exploration. Among the pews was discovered a wooden cross about two meters tall. Atop the cross is what appears to be the remains of a large egg like structure, which houses a marble statue of a nude girl, flanked by doves.

Seawater has been observed flowing from the statue's mouth, and when sampled, reads as:

Bidh mi a ’caoidh mar neach-cruthachaidh a bhios a’ briseadh do chrìochan de na chaidh a ghealltainn agus a chaidh a thogail.

Bidh mi a ’caoidh aig an sgrios. Leig le mo dheòir sruthadh a-steach don uisge mar truas - èiridh a ’mhuir gu luath seachad air a’ bhalla far an deach an cogadh a shabaid anns an t-seann bhaile. Leanaidh mi ag òl an uisge gus a chumail suas, agus cha chuimhnich mi ach cò tha a ’fuireach ann mar mo pheann.

Mhà an nighean a dh ’èirich a’ dol thairis air an uaigh agam agus grèim a chumail air a h-ìobairt mhòr airson a ’mhuir mhòir agus an fheadhainn a tha na broinn.

I weep as a creator who break thy bounds of what was promised and taken.

I weep at the destruction. Let my tears flow into the water as pity- the sea shall rise fast past the wall where the war was fought in the old town. I will continue to drink the water to sustain, and I shall only remember who lives within as my penitence.

May the girl who rose straddle my grave and hold on to her great atonement for the great sea and those within it.

An investigation is ongoing into who the statue supposedly resembles.

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