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2/5961 LEVEL 2/5961
Item #: SCP-5961

Special Containment Procedures: As there is currently no known method to contain SCP-5961, all containment efforts are to center around the perimeter of all existing SCP-5961-A instances. To execute this task, Cover Story G.96 ("Endangered Environment") is to be applied to all viewings of containment sites.


The SCPB Rinta prior to deployment, circa 1978.

Description: SCP-5961 refers to a phenomenon occurring worldwide, consisting of a series of events and the creation of SCP-5961-A. Haphazardly, SCP-5961 will occur within bodies of water at least 500 metres deep, mostly consisting of several phases irregularly:

  • Phase 1: All water within a 200-metre radius of the SCP-5961 event will begin forming a whirlpool and pulling all objects inside the perimeter. This process is progressive, speeding up as time proceeds.
  • Phase 2: Water affected by SCP-5961 will begin concentrating and pulling onto a single point, before exploding upwards. Depending on the depth wherein the SCP-5961 event is taking place, the water will reach higher or lower distances on the surface.
  • Phase 3: All objects ejected onto the surface will begin levitating for up to two hours before being attracted into the Earth twice as fast since they were ejected into the air. Along with this, an SCP-5961-A instance will be developed.

SCP-5961-A is the collective designation given to all areas that are subjected to an SCP-5961 event. Following the conversion of a perimeter into an SCP-5961-A instance, all objects entering the area will subsequently transform into instances of Valentin's sharpnose puffers, also known as Canthigaster valentini or saddled puffers.1

Notably, these species are buoyant and resistant to hydrostatic pressure.

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