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Official marker for the Dyatlov Pass hikers that died in 1959.

Special Containment Procedures:

The area of the Ural Mountains in which SCP-5957 occurred has been sealed by a security perimeter two kilometers in diameter, enforced by electric fencing and antimemetic countermeasures. A forward operating base has been established to the south at the base of the mountains, where containment specialists and armed security are stationed. Personnel are to patrol the area daily and any civilians are to be removed from the area under the cover story of seismic instability.

Access to SCP-5957-A is limited to Level-4 Clearance personnel and must be authorized by specific approval from Director Varga.


SCP-5957 is the collective designation for the anomalous events and phenomena concerning the deaths of nine hikers in the northern Ural Mountains. This incident occurred on or about 2 February 1959 and was colloquially described as the “Dyatlov Pass Incident.” The incident is common knowledge in Russia and received national attention in the press, along with multiple subsequent official investigations into the events.

The incident in question occurred when Igor Dyatlov and eight of his party voluntarily left their camp during the height of a harsh winter snowstorm, underdressed and without proper footwear. They made a small fire hundreds of meters from their original camp, then split up and died. The majority of the hikers died due to exposure, though a few died due to severe physical trauma.

The initial government investigation concluded that the group had died due to a “compelling natural force.” The inquest was closed, and the file was classified. It is unclear how the documents ultimately ended up in the possession of Marshall, Carter and Dark.

Files from the GRU Division-P concerning SCP-5957 were discovered on 2 May, 1993 during a raid of a warehouse owned by Marshall, Carter and Dark. Prior to this discovery, there was no indication that the Dyatlov Pass Incident involved anomalous activity. However, once the files were reviewed by Dr. Rossi of Site-91, an investigation by Foundation researchers was opened by into the events.

The GRU Division-P files themselves are non-anomalous and are reproduced below in their entirety.

Foundation Investigation

Interview with Yuri Yefimovich Yudin14/05/1993

MTF Exploration Log of SCP-5957-A15/05/1993

Yuri Yefimovich Yudin was assisted with immigration paperwork to the UK claiming political asylum and was recruited to Site-91 staff.

Containment Breach Incident 5957-1 - 01/06/1993

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