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Welcome, Director Reynders.
You are currently viewing a document from TL-5956-X ("The Paradox-Timeline").
Item#: SCP-001
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


Acroamatic Abatement Facility AAF-D, 2024/09/08.

SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: As SCP-001 is a paradox-induced recurrent catastrophic containment failure, it is "contained" through amelioration of its effects on relevant timelines.

Each year, on the eighth day of September, the following actions must be taken at Site-43:

Any actions timed to the precise second have extremely narrow windows of opportunity.
Local Time Actions Required
N/A Dr. A. Zlatà must provide precise time signals to PTF Omega-001 via radio for each of the below-listed events.
17:17:52 Dr. D. Deering must be informed of his containment duties. One keeper of SCP-001-B must be present.
17:18:22 Dr. Deering must activate the REISNO Cannon and contact his Prime-Timeline counterpart at precisely this moment in 2002; he must speak the following words: "There is no Cannon"; he must request possession of SCP-001-B, then administer an immediately-lethal cognitohazard to himself.
18:21:-- Agent S. Radcliffe must not respond to his radio.
18:22:00 Dr. B. Del Olmo must radio Dir. L. Lillihammer and speak the following words: "Something's wrong."
18:22:29 Chief A. Mukami must activate the bulkhead seal on Facility AAF-D, with all personnel still inside.
18:22:36 Chief Mukami must sound the evacuation order for the Security and Containment, Applied Occultism and Archives and Revision Sections.
18:22:41 Agent Radcliffe must not respond to his radio.
18:22:57 Chief Mukami must activate the bulkhead seals on the Security and Containment, Applied Occultism and Archives and Revision Sections, with all personnel still inside.
18:23:01 Dr. D. Markey must engage INTERITUS Protocol, destroying the Euclid and Keter-class wings of the Security and Containment Section.
18:23:17 Agent Radcliffe must respond to his radio with the following words: "Please tell me you're not still in there."
18:23:29 Chief R. Ambrogi must seal the Inter-Sectional Subway System and engage the vacuum flush mechanism.
18:24:53 Dr. R. Wirth must crawl beneath his desk and manually trigger the controlled burning of the Archives and Revision Section.
18:25:11 Agent Radcliffe must respond to his radio with the following words: "The concentration cell should be safe! It's just north down that hallway."
18:27:-- Chief Janet Gwilherm must order MTFs Alpha-43, Beta-43, and Delta-43 to engage the spectral entities at Facility AAF-A.
18:31:-- Dr. Del Olmo must broadcast stun memetics to all surviving personnel in the Applied Occultism and Archives and Revision Sections.
18:34:-- Chief Mukami must direct Security and Containment forces to neutralize all Site personnel within the Applied Occultism and Archives and Revision Sections, save for Dr. Wirth.

The following personnel must perish:

  • Blank, Dr. Harold
  • Deering, Dr. Dougall
  • Ibanez, Chief Delfina
  • Lillihammer, Dr. Lillian
  • McInnis, Dir. Allan
  • Nascimbeni, Chief Noe
  • Ngo, Dr. Nhung
  • Okorie, Dr. Udo
  • Wettle, Dr. William

Any individuals terminated by new occurrences of SCP-001 must be added to this list.

PTF Omega-001 are to keep an extremely accurate record of who amongst them is presently unable to communicate, and are to cycle this inability at regular intervals.

All reflective surfaces within Site-43 must be destroyed or otherwise stripped of their reflective properties. Reflective liquids must be diluted such that they are opaque. The Memetics and Countermemetics Section must ensure that all personnel apply Solution 001-A to their eyes on a four-hour schedule indefinitely.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-001 is an annual cascade containment breach/anomalously-stable temporal paradox occurring in the Acroamatic Abatement, Applied Occultism, Archives and Revision, and Security and Containment Sections of Site-43. Dramatic local reality alterations will revive and subsequently terminate nine deceased Foundation personnel and damage containment apparatus throughout the Site.


Corrupted security footage still of Acroamatic Abatement Facility AAF-D, 2027/09/08.

On 2002/09/08, Dr. Dougall Deering telepathically received a set of instructions from a future version of himself in an alternate timeline. He was directed to:

  • transcribe and record the entire conversation, verbatim;
  • manually shut all esoteric effluence valves voiding into Acroamatic Abatement Facility AAF-D;
  • notify Janitorial and Maintenance personnel of a critical buildup of esoteric substances which, left untreated, would result in a catastrophic containment failure;
  • ensure that AAF-D be fully decommissioned.

He was further instructed to take the following actions twenty years hence:

  • retrieve from Site-120 a device constructed by a 'Dr. P. H. McDoctorate' known as 'The REISNO Cannon';
  • utilize the REISNO Cannon to contact the present (2002) version of himself;
  • repeat the instructions he had been given precisely, thereby ensuring a stable time loop in which the aforementioned catastrophic containment failure would never occur.

After Dr. Deering confirmed that he had understood these instructions, his future self severed the intertemporal link. Though Dr. Deering's recollection of this event soon began to fade, he was able to execute the instructions he had been given by consulting his careful transcriptions. The events of 2002/09/08, detailed below, were the result.

Incident Report AAFD-I-117
DATE: 2002/09/08
OFFICER OF RECORD: D. Ibanez (Chief of Security and Containment)
CONSULTING: Dr. A. McInnis, N Nascimbeni (Chief of Janitorial and Maintenance), Dr. D. Deering
SUMMARY: At 17:19 hours, Dr. D. Deering detected an impending recondicity event in the orphic outflow treated by Acroamatic Abatement Facility AAF-D.. Orphic outflow is spectral material. Its recondicity variable describes the extent to which it has become too esoteric to be contained within Euclidean geometry. Dr. Deering executed an emergency flush of this material into the adjacent facilities, preventing a catastrophic containment breach.

After further risk evaluation by Dr. Deering, Facility AAF-D was officially condemned. At 18:22 hours, during a routine inspection prior to its decommissioning, a loaded spectral grounding conduit burst. The resultant flare of esoteric energy boiled fourteen Janitorial and Maintenance Section personnel alive.
ADDENDUM: Subsequent to this event, the seven Site-43 senior staff members supervising the decommissioning met in honour of the lost technicians within the shell of AAF-D. They expect to meet again on the tenth anniversary of the incident, 8 September 2012, and for all subsequent decennials.

For twenty years, no further Acroamatic Abatement-related incidents occurred.

In the days preceding 2022/09/08, Dr. Deering placed a request to Director Asheworth of Site-120, asking that the REISNO Cannon be transported to Site-43 for use in a demonstration of temporal mechanics. However, on 2022/09/08, while preparing to fulfill his latter set of instructions, he was informed that neither the device nor any trace of its existence could be found. The events of 2022/09/08, detailed below, were the immediate result.

Incident Report 001-I-1
DATE: 2022/09/08
OFFICER OF RECORD: A. Mukami (Chief of Security and Containment)
CONSULTING: Dr. X. Du (Chief of Quantum Supermechanics), Dr. D. Deering (Chair of Acroamatic Abatement)

SUMMARY: Dr. D. Deering has inadvertently created a serious temporal paradox and subsequent containment failure via poorly-considered timeline manipulation using a device known as "the REISNO Cannon."

At 17:18 hours on 2022/09/08, Dr. Deering recognized that his actions of 8 September 2002 had somehow retroactively erased the device he had used to undertake them. The resultant paradox initiated a wavefront of malignant causal, temporal and narrative energy which, unchecked, would likely have resulted in the catastrophic restructuring of universal reality. However, this wavefront originated at the site of Dr. Deering's paradoxical actions, Acroamatic Abatement Facility AAF-D. Due to a pronounced reaction with residual esoteric material in the decommissioned facility, a much more concentrated effect instead occurred.

AAF-D was immediately reverted to its 2002 configuration, including its full payload of esoteric effluence, its near-critical recondicity variable, and its backlinks to all other abatement facilities. The recondite material, much of it containing causal, temporal and narrative elements, interacted explosively with the paradox wavefront. All abatement apparatus in the entire facility immediately reached critical recondicity, and the most extreme alterations of reality yet on record followed. Effects included, but were not limited to:

  • The retroactive and asymmetrical erasure of an unknown entity.The contours of this subject's existence can be traced in some Foundation documentation and historical records, but no hints of its nature or characteristics have survived save for cryptic references to a being known as "The Unyielding."
  • Increases/decreases in the number of perceptible/mobile temporal dimensions
  • Spontaneous and exclusively-red monochromacy
  • Dermal procession
  • Apparition of extra-temporal entities
  • Chronological inversion
  • Noogenesis in reflective objects
  • Multiple sets of extrasensory perceptions
  • Total linguistic and communicative failure
  • Condensation of vaporous substances, resulting in sharp temperature increase
  • Nadireosis.nadireosis (n.): The demotion of an individual to their lowest possible form; the anticlimax of their development.
  • Sialorrhea

Many of these effects have persisted to the present.

DETAILED REPORT: Just prior to the incident, Dr. B. Del Olmo was engaged in an interview with an SCP object in the Security and Containment Section. As this entity's existence has apparently been erased by the subsequent events, he is unable to recall the exact nature of their conversation, but he left the chamber convinced that a containment breach attempt was imminent. He headed to the Security and Containment Section to radio Dr. Lillihammer and convey his suspicions.

The seven senior staff members who had supervised AAF-D's initial decommissioning were engaged in their memorial activities therein when the breach occurred. They were immediately alerted to the paradox wavefront by the sudden transformation of their surroundings; Site Director Dr. L. Lillihammer radioed the officer on duty outside AAF-D, S. Radcliffe, for a status update. Agent Radcliffe had misplaced his radio, and so did not receive Dr. Lillihammer's transmission. Dr. U. Okorie therefore opened the hood on an orphic outflow pipe, to check its recondicity; after a brief visual inspection, she reported that a) a catastrophic thaumic event was now imminent, b) the safety shielding around the pipe had become porous, and c) her death was likely also imminent. She then removed her hand from the pipe and attempted to move away from the other members of the group; her muscle mass passed directly through her dermis, carrying most of her skeletal structure and organs with it, and collapsed into a pile of viscera. Her dermis remained standing.

The voice of Dr. Del Olmo then erupted from Dr. Lillihammer's radio at a volume high enough to cause permanent hearing damage. Dr. Del Olmo's declaration that "Something's wrong" coincided with the collapse of Dr. Okorie's dermal layer and a series of audiovisual anomalies indicating the beginning of a mass containment failure in AAF-D. Dr. Wettle, startled by the bursts of sound, stumbled backward and struck a wall; his body cascaded outward along the surface until the wall was textured with his clothing and physical features. Dr. Wettle began to scream only once this effect had completed; he did not cease for the duration of the event.

Dr. Lillihammer radioed Security and Containment and ordered that the AAF-D bulkhead be sealed. Chief A. Mukami carried out this instruction immediately; after consultation with Dr. Del Olmo, who had just arrived in her office, she also ordered the evacuation of all workspaces in the vicinity of AAF-D.

At this point, narrative energy emanating from AAF-D reached the anomalous documents storage lockers in the Archives and Revision Section. The spontaneous manifestation of hundreds of small-scale thoughtforms (reified pataphysical constructs) resulted; the entities constructed their physical forms from the Section's extensive collection of printed records.

As local reality collapsed in AAF-D, Dr. Lillihammer again radioed Dr. Del Olmo to seek advice on the safest location within the facility to take shelter. When Dr. Del Olmo did not respond (his radio had been transformed into glass), Dr. Lillihammer radioed Agent Radcliffe, who still had not yet located his own radio. Dr. Blank physically accosted Dr. McInnis and accused him of causing the present calamity with his incompetence in 2002. Dr. McInnis appeared incapable of response. Former Chief Nascimbeni was attempting to interpose himself between them when a rapid superstructural change filled the space he was occupying with a load-bearing member, pulverizing his internal organs and killing him instantly.

Chief Mukami sealed the Archives and Revision Section. She then received reports that all Security and Containment Staff in the containment wings above Applied Occultism, and all Applied Occultism staff, had been showered in orphic outflow by a critical backwash from the overloaded AAF-D facilities and converted to liquiform entities. These entities were presently engaged in breaching containment for all surviving Euclid and Keter-class anomalies. Simultaneously, two containment chambers were obliterated by spectral superheating and their supposed occupants retrocausally erased from reality. Chief Mukami activated the bulkhead seals for these two Sections as well. Containment specialist Dr. D. Markey concluded that the captive anomalies could not be allowed to become compromised by the transmogrified staff, and enacted INTERITUS Protocol. Shaped charges obliterated the containment chambers, and their occupants, dealing considerable structural damage to the Site as a whole.

Agent Radcliffe recovered his radio, and noted the two missed transmissions from Dr. Lillihammer. He attempted to contact her; his message was not received, as upon entering AAF-D the radio wave took physical form and began pinging off of the remaining intact abatement apparatus, setting off a series of explosions throughout the facility.

Janitorial and Maintenance Chief R. Ambrogi became aware that AAF-D's sealed Inter-Sectional Subway station had become unsealed, and the subway was filling with a miasma of recondite material. He shut down the system and engaged the vacuum flush mechanism. The recondite material was forced down the line to the venting mechanism at facility AAF-A, on the Lake Huron coast; the vents immediately solidified into a mass of human bone, and AAF-A itself soon filled with recondite material. Within one minute, all personnel in that facility had suffocated.

Chief Ibanez stepped into the path of a warm gust of air, and inexplicably froze. Dr. Lillihammer attempted to push her out of the way, but Chief Ibanez's body had apparently become elastic; it wrapped around Dr. Lillihammer like a large rubber balloon before bursting, covering her in bodily fluids. Dr. Blank collapsed against a wall, sobbing uncontrollably.

The thoughtforms in A&R had by now achieved complete canonization, fusing into a single pataphysical construct composed primarily of papier-mache newsprint tentacles. It expanded its body mass by consuming the clothing worn by A&R personnel after converting their bodies into a slurry of organic material, which it then discarded. This slurry remained mobile, and emitted vocalizations consistent with extreme distress and/or arousal. Dr. Wirth retreated to his private office, hid under his desk, and activated the pyroclastic charges beneath A&R. The paper-based thoughtforms were immediately incinerated; Dr. Wirth survived, as his metal desk was shielded from the worst effects of the fire when a solid cloud of ash covered it.

A being resembling Dr. Wettle approached the senior staff in AAF-D, carrying an S&C service weapon. The real Dr. Wettle's screams could still be heard emanating from the walls. The being spoke the following words to Dr. McInnis: "You did the best you could. It wasn't your fault, and nobody blames you. We'll fix this together." Dr. McInnis did not respond. The being then pointed the weapon at Dr. McInnis, and pulled the trigger. Dr. McInnis' corpse fell to the ground, then disappeared along with the apparition of Dr. Wettle. Dr. Lillihammer and Dr. Blank resumed their flight through AAF-D.

Agent Radcliffe received Dr. Lillihammer's latest plea for help, and successfully responded. He advised her and Dr. Blank to take cover in the AAF-D concentration cell, which was equipped with high-effectiveness abatement devices. He provided them with accurate instructions for reaching the cell, unaware that the entire facility had just undergone a Euclidean shift and reversed its cardinal directions.

The Pursuit and Suppression Section was dispatched to AAF-A to inspect the compromised facility. AAF-A was found to be empty. One kilometre away, at Ipperwash Beach, MTFs Alpha, Beta and Delta-43 encountered the former staff of AAF-A, now entirely spectral in nature, engaged in the wholesale massacre of a Polar Bear Swim event..No such event had ever been held in the vicinity of Site-43. The victims were retroactively identified as having been killed in precisely this fashion at an event in September 2002 in Reykjavík, Iceland. Limited engagement with abatement fluid despatched the entities with no casualties, but all three MTFs suffered heavy subsequent losses when the water level of Lake Huron rapidly rose to meet them, and an entity resembling J&M Technician Philip E. Deering began pulling them below the surface one by one.

AAF-D was filled with an almost impenetrable red glare and multiple shifting visual dimensions; Dr. Blank lost his balance and attempted to steady himself on a paraspectral grounding conduit. His arm instead passed through, and he was immediately converted to a large solanum lycopersicum (tomato) specimen which fell to the ground, bounced into Dr. Lillihammer's path, and was crushed beneath her shoe. Dr. Lillihammer stopped running, looked down at Dr. Blank's remains, and was still examining them when all remaining pipes and conduits burst simultaneously, obscuring her from camera view. (She was subsequently found in this same position after the event subsided, transformed at the atomic level into a mannequin constructed from plywood and oil-based paint.)

S&C discovered that the sealed bulkheads separating Archives and Revision and Applied Occultism were buckling; although the security cameras were no longer transmitting visual data, audio tracks consistent with a) the percussion of meat and bone, and b) the steady pumping of liquid were received. Theorizing that the transmogrified personnel might still be conceptually human, Dr. Del Olmo broadcast wide-spectrum stun memetics to both Sections; after three minutes, the audio ceased. The bulkheads were sheared open, and S&C personnel armed with abatement fluid hoses and flamethrowers neutralized all remaining personnel within the affected areas, save for Dr. Wirth.


Remains of Dr. Harold Blank (complete).

In the confusion following these events, Dr. Deering confessed to senior Site personnel his responsibility for the temporal paradox he had incurred. While such a temporal paradox would normally have collapsed and reverted the timeline, it appeared that the breach had inexplicably granted an anomalous stability to this alternate reality which allowed it to persist. The effects of this persistence were continuously felt world-wide; the societal and economic infrastructures of the general public began to collapse within days, as the simultaneous occurrence and experience of multiple sets of conflicting events only worsened with the passage of time. This K-Class event and the breach which caused it were classified SCP-001. Site-43 became the most stable centre of human civilization; the remaining research staff theorized that SCP-001 had achieved some level of sapience, perhaps acquired from the beings it had annihilated, and was intentionally preserving the place of its birth from complete destruction.

Dr. Deering proposed that the creator of the REISNO Cannon, Dr. Placeholder McDoctorate, be located and questioned as to its whereabouts. It was hoped that Dr. Deering could still fulfill his instructions and revert the paradox-breach. Dr. McDoctorate was retrieved from Site-87 in a state of high paranoia and disarray and transported to Site-43, having spent the duration of his journey frantically claiming that "the authors [had] left us." When questioned, Dr. McDoctorate claimed to have no knowledge of a 'REISNO Cannon'; when informed by Dr. Deering that a future version of Dr. McDoctorate had invented the device, and had supposedly passed the requisite information on to his earlier self, Dr. McDoctorate claimed that no such contact had ever occurred.

After extensive deliberation, Dr. McDoctorate began the attempted construction of the REISNO Cannon with the assistance of Site-43's Quantum Supermechanics Section. During this time (and across several subsequent breaches), a number of persistent sub-anomalies of SCP-001 became apparent.


The REISNO Cannon.

Over the course of one year, Dr. McDoctorate (through strenuous experimental development and brute force) developed a functional prototype.During the final days of its construction, Dr. McDoctorate was contacted by a future version of himself with the relevant instructions to finish the device. It is assumed such instructions were not sent further into the past due to a lack of temporal stability. of the REISNO Cannon. However, to compensate for its enormous energy requirements, several Site functions (including Acroamatic Abatement and Security and Containment duties) were temporarily disabled; this was predicted to provide enough power for approximately thirty seconds of intertemporal synchronization across a 21-year duration.

On 2023/09/08, Dr. Deering prepared to use the REISNO Cannon to synchronize with his past (2002) self. He had communicated to Site personnel that he no longer trusted the instructions he had been given in 2002, and had no desire to prevent the containment failure he had prevented in that year. Instead, he intended to instruct his former self to allow the 2002 breach to occur, in the hopes this would restore the correct version of the timeline. After meticulous recitation of his plans, Dr. Deering entered the Quantum Supermechanics Section of the Site and activated the Cannon.


Residual image of Dr. Blank from Dr. Lillihammer's cognitohazards..Personnel described this image as being "burned into their retinas"; this was not a figure of speech.

Meanwhile, Site personnel began to notice a gradual increase in both local anomalous activity and temporal instability. First thought to be symptoms of Dr. Deering's correction of the timeline, these reality alterations were allowed to continue uninhibited until 18:21 hours, at which point the three Sections affected by the original event were anomalously reverted to their 2002 configurations, all personnel killed during that event were spontaneously resurrected, and the containment failure occurred for a second time.

Ill-prepared for this recurrence, Site personnel did not correctly repeat their actions from the previous year. This resulted in the survival of Drs. H. Blank and L. Lillihammer, who had apparently become infused with the energies released during the containment failure. Dr. Blank had gained the ability to induce false memories; Dr. Lillihammer had gained the ability to manifest viral parasitic memes. They used their newfound powers to endanger the mental and physical health of Site staff, displaying malicious and isolationist intents for reasons unknown.

Following these events, Dr. Deering was found in the Quantum Supermechanics laboratory facility, deceased via self-exposure to a lethal cognitohazard. It is known that he activated the REISNO Cannon prior to his apparent suicide and, in so doing, likely terminated his Prime-Timeline counterpart prior to his prevention of the 2002 breach. His actions are likely to have prevented the events detailed in this file from occurring in baseline reality; they should also have resulted in the collapse of this alternate timeline, which has not thus far occurred.

Dr. Deering left the following note to explain his actions:


You might think I don't love you. After what I'm about to do, you might become certain I don't love you. You're never going to hear from me again, and you might not ever know why. I hope that some day, somehow, you'll understand the reasons behind the things that I've done.

I suspect our resourceful extratemporal overlords are already looking over my metaphorical shoulder, hoping this confession will help them to understand what went so terribly wrong in this worst of all possible timelines. They'll probably never let you read this letter. I'm going to maintain the fiction that I'm speaking to you, however, Philip, because the idea that my death will mean your life is the only thing keeping me going.

I always resented you for my success. Can you think of anything pettier? Me, with my two doctorates and my super-secret laboratory, irritated beyond belief by your laziness and lack of ambition. The more vital I became to the Foundation, the more I hated to imagine my brother pushing a mop down some god-forsaken sewerhole. As if having a working man for a brother somehow undermined my own achievements.

And then I undermined them myself. Let me tell you the story of my failure.

When I received that fateful call from my future self, you didn't even know we were working at the same facility. I'd kept that from you. I didn't want to see you. I didn't want people to know you were my brother. And then that voice started speaking in my head…

There were two of me, he and I, I and I if you like, and he told me that if I didn't do some very specific things very, very quickly, there was going to be a disaster. It was going to kill seven people, and leave you a miserable wreck. And twenty years later, I was going to try to relieve you of your burden… and that was going to get you killed.

I don't even remember what it felt like, receiving that knowledge, but there's a security camera in my office so I know what it looks like it felt like.

It looks like it felt like someone had told me the entire world was about to end.

I wish you could have seen what that knowledge did to me. I wish that was how you could remember me, not cold and callous and permanently disapproving, but absolutely terrified at the thought of losing you to a slow decline and a sudden demise. You would have known what you'll never know, now, what I didn't know until that moment: I love you, and I could never bear to lose you.

I lost you anyway.

I did what that damned voice told me to do. I stopped the breach it promised me would ruin your life, would one day take it. I set the decommissioning in motion, and I watched with satisfaction as you took that place apart, pipe by pipe.

I was watching when you died. When they all died.

And now you're watching me, every minute of every hour of every day. A twisted reflection of you, a mockery of the man you were, a reminder of how stupid a man I was when I dialled in that device and placed a call across the gulf of time.

And you know what the best thing is? In 2022, there was a disaster that killed seven more people. Not because I didn't do something, this time; because I did. That's why you're watching me, of course. Because it's all my fault.

You're my own personal albatross now, Philip. I don't want to believe it's actually you, of course. The things you've done, the notches you've added to my list of failures… but… more than once, late at night, when the red-rimmed walls close in and I can't sleep and I can't keep my eyes closed against the throbbing in my head, I open my closet door and stand in front of the only remaining mirror in Site-43.

And you won't look at me.

I've decided it doesn't matter if that is you, or not. It's not going to be you for long. I'm going to bring you back, not for me, not for anyone else trapped in this endless hell, but for the people at the other end of this forked road. I'm going to bring you back, I'm going to bring all of them back, by making one last mistake to cancel out the very first one.

I'm going to put a bullet in the brain of the man who caused this, and you're not going to die in 2002, and you're not going to die in 2022, either. I'm going to write a better story.

I can't live without you. But, after what I've done to you, I hope you can live without me.

Your brother,

— Dougall

ADDENDUM: Incident Report 001-I-2
DATE: 2027/09/08
OFFICER OF RECORD: A. Mukami (Chief of Security and Containment)

SUMMARY: Dr. R. Wirth was badly injured by SCP-001-A on his way to perform his containment duties. Dr. N. Ngo attempted to replace him at his post in Archives and Revision, but arrived late. Confronted by the prime thoughtform, she was unable to reach the pyroclastic charges. She instead attempted to activate the fire control systems in the Section, resulting in a deluge of ectoplasmic material from AAF-D.

At the conclusion of the breach event, Security and Containment agents attempted to rescue Dr. Ngo. They discovered instead that the entirety of the A&R office wing was filled with anomalous objects resembling tape reels crudely constructed from pig iron. They were collectively found to contain several hundred thousand metres of (primarily) audiotape. The removal of the reels, 2128 in total, revealed that Dr. Ngo was not present in Dr. Wirth's office.


Remains of Dr. Nhung Ngo (partial).

The contents of the reels are as follows:

  • 1322 reels of Dr. Ngo reciting her stream of consciousness during an average day;
  • 324 reels of Dr. Ngo speaking to a silent therapist about invasive, upsetting, guilt-inducing thoughts and dreams she had experienced;
  • 198 reels of Dr. Ngo speaking to said therapist about extremely personal, and often graphic, traumatic incidents from her life;
  • 184 reels of a mocking male voice repeating selections from the preceding 1844 reels at ten times speed;
  • 122 reels of extremely fine microfilm containing further stream of consciousness accounts, in film script form, covering the majority of Dr. Ngo's life;
  • 98 reels of screams, some extremely brief, some several hours long, all identifiably in Dr. Ngo's voice;
  • 1 recording of sustained weeping, again identifiable as Dr. Ngo's;
  • 1 reel with no apparent contents, constructed from Dr. Ngo's nerve and glial cells.

These reels and the tape they contain are indestructible; attempts to subject them to acroamatic abatement procedures have produced a toxic gas which itself cannot be properly abated, resulting in the deaths of seven junior researchers.

UPDATE 2031/09/08: Dr. Ngo's death has been incorporated into SCP-001, and therefore recurs each year; the tapes are re-generated, but tapes which have already been created do not disappear. Proposals have been made to dispose of Dr. Ngo's remains in either SCP-001-C or SCP-001-D, but the uncertain effects of inadvertently cross-testing these anomalies are a cause for concern. Furthermore, Dr. Wirth's extrication from Archives and Revision has been immensely complicated by the appearance of Dr. Ngo's remains, which badly batter him upon manifestation; approximately two hours of labour is required to extricate him, during which his injuries cannot be treated. The Pursuit and Suppression Section has provided him with body armour to ameliorate these effects. Dr. Wirth also reports that Dr. Ngo recognizes him shortly before her death, and expresses confusion and a sense of betrayal when she does so. He has been unable to seek counselling for these experiences, as the Site now boasts no qualified therapist.

The reel of nerve and glial cells exhibits progressive signs of corrosion which worsen with each occurrence of SCP-001, consistent across each iteration. The remaining 2127 reels do not degrade.

"There's always hope," Nhung? Do you still feel that way?
For my part, I hope you can't feel anything.

Reuben Wirth, Archives and Revision

There's a way out of this mess, and I'm going to find it. Until that day, keep performing your duties, keep up your spirits, and keep drawing breath.

P.H. McDoctorate, Quantum Supermechanics

ADDENDUM: Incident Report 001-I-3
DATE: 2033/09/08
OFFICER OF RECORD: A. Mukami (Chief of Security and Containment)
SUMMARY: Place is missing.

Since his invention of the REISNO Cannon in 2023, P. H. McDoctorate has been invaluable in his capacity as Chair of Quantum Supermechanics. For the past year he has been highly focused on the construction of a new device, allowing his mental and physical health to decline in the process. He has been incredibly secretive about the intended function of this machine, and, when pressed, claimed he was "going to find a way to write a better story".

Dr. McDoctorate was last seen by Agent S. Radcliffe today at approximately 18:00 hours while he prepared to fulfill his containment duties. Following successful amelioration of the breach, Dr. McDoctorate, the machine he had been constructing, and the REISNO Cannon were all found to be missing. Surveillance systems in all relevant areas had undergone spontaneous failure, for reasons unknown.

The loss of Dr. McDoctorate does not bode well for any hope of safely collapsing our reality to baseline. Nevertheless, if our understanding of SCP-001 holds true, the REISNO Cannon should temporarily reappear each year such that it can be used by Dr. Deering to fulfill his containment duties.
UPDATE 2033/09/10: After an extensive search of Dr. McDoctorate's office, only one document pertaining to his final project was found, a handwritten note containing the following three words: PARADOX EXODUS ENGINE
UPDATE 2034/09/08: There is no Cannon.

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