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Item#: SCP-5956
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-5956 is a retrocausal.retrocausality (n.): a concept of cause and effect in which an effect precedes its cause in time and so a later event affects an earlier one. predetermined de-containment success, it is "contained" through enforcement of its effects.

SCP-5956 may only be operated by trained and certified personnel, even in emergent situations. The conceptual breakdown of its use appended in the description below does not provide sufficient detail for its safe operation.

Any events which are known to owe their occurrence to future use of SCP-5956 are to be recorded with extreme accuracy and, immediately following the completion of necessary self-informed action, reported to the Temporal Anomalies Department. In the event that the Temporal Anomalies Department has ceased to exist, or has never existed in the current timeline, its Prime-Timeline counterpart is to be contacted and informed that the current timeline is condemned.

Following the fulfillment of all causal loops. causal loop (n.): a sequence of events which causes itself, via retrocausality or time travel. requiring the use of SCP-5956, it is to be stored at an undisclosed location known exclusively to the Prime-Timeline's Director of Temporal Anomalies (presently, Dir. Ilse Reynders).

Classification Committee Memorandum: After extensive discussion with Dir. Reynders, the Classification Committee has classified SCP-5956 as Antithesis, denoting an anomaly that must be used to prevent the containment of other anomalies (and itself).


The REISNO Cannon.

Description: SCP-5956 is the REISNO.Retrocausally-Engineered Intertemporal Synchronization of Noetic Ordinality Cannon, a temporal manipulation mechanism allowing the synchronization of one's consciousness at two distinct points in time. When activated, the REISNO Cannon links the user's present consciousness with their consciousness at a chosen point in the past; in effect, one's "canonical" knowledge and experience can be augmented via intertemporal communication and cooperation with other versions of oneself.

SCP-5956 is not known to generate new timelines. Attempts to alter past events using the REISNO Cannon are virtually certain to cause temporal paradoxes, resulting in catastrophic timeline collapses. Instead, it is used solely to initiate causal loops.By definition, a causal loop cannot be 'initiated' as the activation of the REISNO Cannon is spurred by the events which it allows to occur. which have already partially occurred.

A known side-effect of the use of the REISNO Cannon is the inability of one's past self to recall interactions with one's future self. Once the link created by SCP-5956 is severed, one's past self is subject to an antimemetic phenomenon causing them to forget 'crossing their own timeline'. This is not by design; rather, the effect is believed to be a fundamental principle of intertemporal self-interaction. This principle naturally decreases the likelihood of potential paradoxes, as one's past self does not retain knowledge which might cause them to act unwisely in the absence of their future self's immediate supervision.

The following conceptual breakdown describes the only safe method of utilizing the REISNO Cannon:

REISNO Cannon Protocol (Simplified)

Given one's past self p and future self f):

  • p becomes synced with f and is provided a set of instructions;
  • p fulfills those instructions, taking care to transcribe them precisely;
  • p is desynced from f and gradually forgets their interactions;
  • p becomes f via the natural progression of time;
  • The Temporal Anomalies Dept. notifies f that they must contact p, as per the original interaction;
  • f activates the REISNO Cannon to sync with p, providing them with the transcribed instructions;
  • f ensures that p transcribes and fulfills the instructions;
  • f deactivates the REISNO Cannon, retaining their memory of this interaction.

Discovery/Origin(?): On 2020/11/23, Dr. Daniil Sokolsky of Site-43 commissioned Dr. Place H. McDoctorate of Site-87 to construct the REISNO Cannon for use in a high-clearance covert operation. Despite not being notified beforehand, Dr. McDoctorate was found to have already been constructing the anomaly; when questioned, he claimed to presently be synchronized with his future self, who had been instructing him to build the Cannon for several weeks. Upon completion, the REISNO Cannon was relocated to Site-120 due to anomalous energy requirements, after which Dr. McDoctorate desynced from his future self, returned to Site-87, and subsequently forgot the entire interaction. As such, it is known that Dr. McDoctorate must be instructed by the Temporal Anomalies Department to activate SCP-5956 on 2034/01/01, thus fulfilling the retrocausality of the events which have already occurred.

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