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Item #: SCP-5955

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the size and physical properties of SCP-5955, complete containment has been deemed impossible, but partial physical containment is being upheld. To that end, a loose perimeter has been set up around SCP-5955 using buoys.

On the night of July 3rd, from 20:00 to 05:00, the lights of the establishments on the Atlantic City boardwalk are to remain off in order to avoid degrading SCP-5955-1 instances. Oceanic Task Force Delta-7 ("Bay Watchers") are to deter any civilian ships away from the mass of SCP-5955 and supplied with Standard Cover Story 51 - "Intensive Weather". OTF Delta-7 are to guide SCP-5955-1 instances away from the coast of Atlantic City, New Jersey to ensure civilian safety. Efforts to repurpose SCP-5955-1 instances for Foundation use are currently underway.

For the remainder of the year, SCP-5955 must be "fed" two thousand kilograms of plastic, styrofoam, discarded fishing gear, and other refuse every two weeks. Any notable shrinkage in SCP-5955's mass is to be reported to the Site-45 director. Depending on the amount of mass lost, anywhere from one to four additional unmanned trash boats are to be set on a collision course with the area SCP-5955 resides. Recovery of these boats should be performed if possible. Two Scranton Reality Anchors ("SRAs") are to remain on opposite sides of SCP-5955's perimeter to disable SCP-5955's anomalous magnetism, and to ensure anomalous weather behavior does not occur. SCP-5955 must weigh at least four tons to ensure its primary ability properly disables. If SCP-5955 weighs any less than four tons at any time, its primary ability will re-enable regardless of SRA presence.

Description: SCP-5955 is a large sphere composed of human flesh. For the majority of the year, SCP-5955 remains hidden underwater. Despite this, SCP-5955 attracts refuse within a radius of about thirty meters to itself, suctioning the collected waste under water. Each year on July third from 20:00 to 05:00 UCT, SCP-5955 will rise from beneath the water, remaining stationary in the air.

During this period, a collection of autonomous mechanisms composed of various waste materials (designated SCP-5955-1) will emerge from SCP-5955. SCP-5955-1 instances vary in appearance, although all instances to date appeared to resemble different wildlife native to Atlantic City. A list of specific SCP-5955-1 instances is available upon request.

After emergence, SCP-5955-1 instances begin to roam the coast within 150 kilometers of Atlantic City and collect foreign materials from the surrounding area. In the presence of artificial light, SCP-5955-1 instances will begin to rapidly degrade. This causes SCP-5955 to produce instances at a rapid rate, and expand its magnetism to 100 meters. Before SCP-5955-1 instances return to SCP-5955, at least one will use collected refuse to spell out a message on the boardwalk. After SCP-5955-1 instances complete refuse collection at 4:55, they will transport discovered materials beneath SCP-5955. SCP-5955 will then absorb collected refuse and SCP-5955-1 and re-submerge beneath the ocean surface.

Addendum: SCP-5955 Yearly Behavior

The following records notable behavior during SCP-5955's years of activity.

Year Notable Behavior SCP-5955-1 Messages
1975 First year of activity. The turtles appreciate your effort! Please pick this up now!
1986 SCP-5955 discharges a small amount of mucus. Trash is icky. Please pick this up now!
1990 SCP-5955's anterior appears slightly swelled. I want the beaches pretty! Please pick this up now!
1994 SCP-5955's epidermis gains a few dry rashes. Fishies want your help! Please pick this up now!
1996 SCP-5955's posterior appears slightly swelled. Cigarettes are gross. Please pick this up now!
1999 All of the previous changes to SCP-5955 are not present. Thanks to those who keep the beaches pretty!
2001 SCP-5955 discharges a significant amount of mucus. Please help! The ocean needs you!
2004 SCP-5955's epidermis appears pale. The garbage is icky.
2006 A small collection of blisters forms on SCP-5955's posterior. SCP-5955 is slightly smaller than normal; its size returns when supplied with additional refuse by Delta-7 operatives. Thanks for helping me with the trash! I thought you gave up
2010 SCP-5955's epidermis is dry and cracked. The ocean needs you!
2012 SCP-5955's epidermis is pale red. SCP-5955-1 instance production doubles. The ocean needs you please
2013 SCP-5955's epidermis is pale green. Why can't you help
2014 SCP-5955's epidermis is swelled. SCP-5955 emits a putrid odor. Do you not like me I just want to help
2015 SCP-5955 begins to undergo putrefaction, and its magnetism disables. Your help is needed
2016 SCP-5955 appears unchanged. It produces a notably smaller amount of SCP-5955-1 instances. Please help
2017 SCP-5955 is now significantly smaller; its size does not grow when supplied with additional refuse. While it absorbs the collected refuse, pieces of the collection fall out of SCP-5955. Please
2018 SCP-5955 produces approximately a dozen SCP-5955-1 instances. Please
2019 SCP-5955 is unable to absorb the collected trash. Please
2020 SCP-5955 does not produce SCP-5955-1. It remains stationary in the air. N/A

SCP-5955 has not reemerged, nor shown any signs of activity. Re-classification to neutralized is pending.

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