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Still from recovered civilian videotape, documenting the emergence of SCP-5954.

Item #: SCP-5954

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A team of Foundation ethnobotanical researchers has been retained at Site-77 to study its form and foster its cooperation in studying other plant-based anomalies. Certain privileges have been afforded to SCP-5954 to ensure its future cooperation, including a prerogative over any mundane houseplants possessed by Foundation employees and contractors at Site-77.

Controlled release of its gases is performed by Mobile Task Force Psi-7. This process is embarrassing for SCP-5954, and care should be taken to ensure its comfort and future cooperation with containment operations.

Description: SCP-5954 is an amalgamation of organic materials taxonomically classified within the Eukaryotic domain and Plantae kingdom. SCP-5954 is sapient, possessing cognitive capabilities comparable to an adult human, and self-identifies as “Stakemaster of the Vines, Protector of Potting Soils, defender of Fertilized Civilization, sixth of his name Ferda Lorenzo.”

While SCP-5954 can incorporate any matter composed of plant cells into its body, it has only attempted absorbing vegetables grown under its supervision. The cells do not need to be alive, and once absorbed typically begin dying after 4-6 weeks. Decomposing plant matter causes flammable gas build-up within SCP-5954, which will ignite unexpectedly and without warning.

Although capable of communicating with both humans and plants, SCP-5954 primarily communes with the latter. SCP-5954 is disinterested in speaking unless it can talk about plants or “my medical condition.”1

SCP-5954 enjoys cultivating plants, possessing the capability to detect their emotional state post-germination. While being willing to listen to Foundation horologists, SCP-5954 habitually dismisses their advice in caring for plants. Generally, SCP-5954’s personality can be described as cooperative but temperamental, preferring things to be done a certain way.

History: Although claiming to have lived for several centuries in “The Kingdom of Elrich” SCP-5954’s existence only became known to the Foundation following its emergence from the Atlantic Ocean on 09/18/1981.

Its explosive by-product was pronounced, causing damage to several civilian structures and multiple casualties before Mobile Task Force Psi-7 could be scrambled in response. Following containment, the damage was attributed to a violent waterspout triggering a gas leak.

Survivors were admitted to Safe Contour Therapy Practitioners, a Foundation front, where they were convinced what they saw was the result of traumatic psychosis. The stigma of mental illness is believed to be enough to ensure their continued silence on the incident.

Addendum: Dr. Chelsea Elliot was flown in from the United States following SCP-5954’s containment, as her expertise in anomalous vegetation was relevant to studying SCP-5954. The following transcript is from an interview which took place directly before Incident 5954-H.

Addendum: Incident 5954-H

On 04/12/1984, SCP-5954’s containment chamber was checked as part of standard security protocols and found to be vacant. A subsequent search of Site-77’s upper levels found that all houseplants in the personnel work and living spaces had also vanished.

Both SCP-5954 and the missing plants were subsequently re-discovered back inside of its containment chamber.

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