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Threat Level: Orange


WWSCSTT school building, circa 1979.

Special Containment Procedures: As of 09/23/2009, SCP-5952 is uncontained.

Agents are to collaborate with WWSCSTT faculty and security to collect and document information pertaining to sightings, testimonies, and disappearances related to SCP-5952. Mobile Task Force Theta-6 ("Witch Hunters") is to be sent into the premises of WWSCSTT as needed to patrol the grounds for SCP-5952.

As per the Hierophant Accord, no cameras are to be brought onto the premises. Tracking devices of any kind are prohibited. Agents may not enter the chapel, dormitories, or any unmarked buildings except in the case of a confirmed SCP-5952 sighting within such areas. Finally, agents may not communicate with the student body unless instructed to by faculty.

Description: According to eyewitness accounts, SCP-5952 is a bipedal humanoid entity in excess of 2.4 meters in height. Its physiology is reportedly misshapen:

  • SCP-5952's legs are asymmetrical, its right leg slightly shorter than its left, forcing it to limp. Its feet end in club-like bone protrusions.
  • SCP-5952's facial features consist of a slanted, toothless mouth and two eyes. Assuming witness sketches to be accurate, the positioning of SCP-5952's eyes would leave abnormally large blind spots in its vision.
  • SCP-5952's torso appears to have forced it into a hunch.

Despite its physiology, SCP-5952 is reportedly capable of feats of strength and speed equivalent to those of a theoretical human of its size in good health.

SCP-5952 has been spotted exclusively in and around the Whitewater Second Chance School for Troubled Teens (WWSCSTT), a rehabilitory boarding school for delinquent teenage girls located ~21 km from the village of Whitewater, Mississippi. Accounts of SCP-5952 suggest its primary motivation is the stalking and kidnapping of the WWSCSTT student body; victims of SCP-5952 frequently report sightings prior to their eventual disappearance. Among faculty, SCP-5952 is known as "the Warbalang".

To date, victims of SCP-5952 consist entirely of students enrolled in WWSCSTT. SCP-5952's intentions are presently unknown; no victim taken off the premises of WWSCSTT has been recovered dead or alive.


On 6/14/2009, agents of GoI-5705B ("First United Temple of the Dixieland")1 contacted the Foundation for assistance in containing SCP-5952.

Despite forewarning for WWSCSTT administration, initial task force deployments were denied entry to the premises. When challenged, WWSCSTT representatives cited obscure but ultimately binding clauses in the SUSEOCT2, showing that entry outside the terms set by WWSCSTT would legally resolve as hostilities against a signing party.

WWSCSTT subsequently provided Foundation liaisons with terms of "acceptable interaction", citing concerns regarding the nature of SCP-5952 and the suspicion it may have connections to the Foundation. Only upon agreement to the terms (designated "the Hierophant Accord" by WWSCSTT administration) would the SCP Foundation be allowed to operate within the campus. Attempts to negotiate for less restrictive measures were rejected.

On 7/08/2009, the Foundation accepted the terms of the Hierophant Accord.


DATE: 7/09/2009

SUBJECT: Pastor Roy Warbler


Agent Belloso: Let the record show that Father Warbler-

(Agent Belloso cuts himself off)

Agent Belloso: Affirmative. Apologies.

Pastor Warbler: You've got nothing to apologize for, young man. And even if you did? Well, you came to the right place.

Agent Belloso: Right, right. So, I assume you've already been briefed about my organization, and what it does.

Pastor Warbler: Much respect to the SCP Foundation, by the by.

Agent Belloso: (brief pause) … right. Let's cut to the issue, then. Just for the record, Whitewater School has apparently been the target of a number of kidnappings in recent years, all of which have been centered around the Whitewater student body. Due in part to budgetary concerns, the campus has been unable to install a camera system, and as such no images of SC-apologies, the anomaly have been obtained by either party. No victim of the anomaly has been located.

Pastor Warbler: Such a sick man, targeting those poor girls. But they're vulnerable; not a lot of people outside the church are gonna notice. That's why he does what he does, I'd wager.

Agent Belloso: The school, you mean.

Pastor Warbler: Well, Whitewater ain't exactly public, as y'all call it. First and foremost, we're a school. We're also a church, if my title ain't tipping you off. Fundamentally, it's all the same: someone's teaching you something, whether that be math or Matthew.

Agent Belloso: I suppose your situation is… unique, in some ways.

Pastor Warbler: Brother, you could say that again. Not too many schools gotta deal with a demon that ain't piggybacking off a body, mind you.

Agent Belloso: Demons?

Pastor Warbler: Certainly, brother. Demons all around us, hiding in the sinful cracks within the temples of our bodies. I say it's only gotten worse since I was a boy, all the good work the church is doing. Hell, you seem like the kind to be carrying a demon yourself, and no offense intended, young man. You'd do well to pay Elder Rockwell a visit before heading back to the city. I think he's in today.

Agent Belloso: I'm… never mind. So you believe this is a demon.

Pastor Warbler: Brother, if a beast calls itself a "Warbalang" and steals kids into the night, well I'm not sure what else you call that.

Agent Belloso: Fair enough… and for the record, I think you meant "berbalang"? In which case-

Pastor Warbler: I meant what I said, young man. 'War'-'buh'-'lang'. It's what I hear the kids call it, and I can only assume they learned it through some unholy communion with the damn thing. The type's among 'em.

Agent Belloso: Then you believe the ber-Warbalang was summoned.

Pastor Warbler: That's a theory, and I don't know how they do it in the city but a "theory" don't pass here. But I figure some of them gotta be talking to it if they know its name.

Agent Belloso: Interesting. Do you have any… suggestions, on which students we should be talking to?

Pastor Warbler: No.

Agent Belloso: Pardon?

Pastor Warbler: These ain't chickens and they ain't in your basket. Even if one of them summoned that damn Warbalang, they're our wards, and we can't be letting the new folk do whatever they please with 'em, can we?

Agent Belloso: … right, thank you.



Let the record show that Father Warbler subjected me to the most invasive search I've had in my career. - Agent Belloso


On 08/04/2009, WWSCSTT faculty contacted the Foundation regarding recent sightings of SCP-5952.

While sightings reportedly spanned across the campus, internal cross-referencing on the part of WWSCSTT revealed that they primarily occurred within sight of Luna Julia Dominguez Velasquez, a 14-year-old Chilean-American student with a history of substance abuse. WWSCSTT administration concluded that SCP-5952 was plotting to kidnap Ms. Velasquez, and requested assistance from the Foundation and GoI-5705-B in strengthening security.

As per the Hierophant Accord, no video capture was allowed on the premises. As such, Junior Field Researcher Marcus Ford of MTF-θ6 was tasked with documenting the situation through digital audio recording.

Excerpted transcripts have been provided below. The original logs, as well as full transcriptions, may be requested from RAISA with appropriate clearance; however, the tapes appear to have been interfered with prior to recovery.


On 08/08/2009 at 10:31 AM, WWSCSTT administration forcibly detained Agents Rene Belloso and Samson Whateley as they explored the campus grounds. After subjection to a round of enhanced interrogation, the two agents were informed that Luna Velasquez had gone missing, and that the SCP Foundation was considered at fault for her disappearance.

Agents Belloso and Whateley protested; however, WWSCSTT procured Junior Researcher Ford's tape recorder as evidence of collusion between SCP-5952 and the Foundation. With this in mind, WWSCSTT filed a suit against the Foundation.

Following an impromptu convention of SUSEOCT representatives, the Foundation was officially declared at fault for the disappearance of Luna Velasquez3, and subsequently coerced into paying reparations to WWSCSTT in exchange for Agents Belloso and Whateley.

Agent Amelia Schumer's remains were found on 08/14/2009.

Contrary to claims by WWSCSTT, the whereabouts of Junior Researcher Ford, SCP-5952, and Ms. Velasquez are unknown.


On 10/19/2009 at 22:01 PM, Elliot Ngo, a resident of Whitewater commuting along MS 26 from his job in the town of Starling, reported a short male of African descent dragging a bound figure of indeterminate origin along the side of the road. The pair was apprehended by the Whitewater Police Department; LITTLEKATIE.aic, which had been tasked with monitoring the executive organs of Whitewater, subsequently alerted the SCP Foundation. Mobile Task Force Gamma-691 ("When Something Interesting Happens") was immediately deployed in response.

Agents arrived at the station to find an African-American male and an entity of indeterminate species in custody; upon spotting the agents, the male immediately produced a valid ID for Junior Researcher Markus Ford. Both were taken into custody of the Foundation.

An immediate medical evaluation of Researcher Ford indicated severe malnutrition and dehydration, as well as trauma responses incongruent with their known psychological profile: Researcher Ford now displays acute cleithro-, teuthi-, and mechanophobia, as well as extended states of hypervigilance. They are mentally unfit for interrogation as of the time of writing, and have been placed on an eight month psychiatric leave.

The entity captured by Ford, presumed to be SCP-5952 and tentatively designated URA-5952, has been genetically identified as an instance of SoI-0044. At the time of recovery, it possessed numerous bruises indicative of struggle, as well as a deep puncture wound in its back. Due to the dearth of information on SoI-004 physiology, little more can be ascertained at present.

In light of Incident-5952-C-Ford, URA-5952 will be designated SCP-5952 and transferred to the jurisdiction of USNVBR-Site-56 after 1 year without incident. Until then, URA-5952 will be contained at Outpost-691 per SoI-004's guidelines.

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