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Item #: SCP-5951

Object Class: Keter Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures:

The Miami Walmart Supercenter is to remain indefinitely open and available for public use.

Access into SCP-5951 is achieved through five auxiliary entrances marked as "staff only” on the left side of the building, connecting directly to the employee break area within SCP-5951. These doors are to remain locked, only being unlocked in order to export SCP-5951-2 out of the building.

SCP-5951 is to be staffed solely by Stationary Task Force Kappa-51 (“Always Low Prices”), who are to maintain the localization of SCP-5951’s effects to the employee break room section, keep the store in optimal condition for possible customers, and to continually harvest moderate amounts of SCP-5951-2.

Description: SCP-5951 is the official designation of a non-anomalous Walmart superstore located in Miami, Florida. Within SCP-5951 are connected anomalous phenomena associated with a corporate entity, currently identified as Void Incorporated.

SCP-5951-A is a specialty sub-department unique to SCP-5951, labeled “Void” on all identifying signage within SCP-5951. SCP-5951-A is randomly relocated in the place of any other sub-department upon any entry into SCP-5951, swapping the pre-existing department to its former location.

SCP 5951-B is the machinery housed in SCP-5951-A, officially branded as “Void Incorporated Matter Reprocessor”. SCP-5951-B can be activated by flipping the “Engage” switch located on the machine’s control interface, with all other labeled and unlabeled control methods on the panel appearing to be unresponsive. Activation of SCP-5951-B results in nearby, inorganic matter gravitating towards an array of large flesh pores on the machine’s surface, which will expand or contract to allow an object to enter. After a period of roughly 3 minutes, a wet, rubbery sack, filled with a vacuum, will be emitted from a chute in the back of SCP-5951-B, and will be carried to a nearby platform by a conveyor belt integrated into SCP-5951-B’s design.

Shortly after expulsion, the sack will collapse inwards and be filled with air at the expected rate, or will rupture and release an SCP-5951-1 instance (SCP-5951-B apparently possesses a 75% chance to create an active SCP-5951-1 instance). SCP-5951-1 instances are animated, blue rubber figures, shaped presumably to resemble a human being. SCP-5951-1 instances are also hollow, with all bodily orifices covered and partially caved inwards as a result of the extremely low internal pressure. Docile and unresponsive to all outside forms of communication, SCP-5951-1 entities are assumed to be unintelligent, responding only to specific events within SCP-5951. The testing log portion of this document contains a documented list of all possible stimuli responses.

17/12/20 Description Update: After a period of 8 hours, an SCP-5951-1 instance excretes foam uniformly across its surface, which hardens completely in the span of a few minutes. The SCP 5951-1 instance dissipates completely within the shell, designated SCP-5951-2.

2/1/21 Description Update: As of Incident 51-1, all SCP-5951-A instances are permanently localized to the employee break room section of SCP-5951.

Discovery: On 28/11/20, the following flyers began to spontaneously manifest within the home of retired salesperson Grant Fayworth, containing the coordinates of SCP-5951. Authorities were contacted, leading to Foundation intervention, and subsequent investigation of the location. A full transcript of the recovered documents can be found below.


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