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The hallmark of the sugar bowl containing SCP-5947

Item №: SCP-5947

Anomaly Class: Euclid Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5947 is currently held in the silver sugar bowl it was recovered from. This bowl is housed in Chamber 02 at Site-90 alongside 88 decoy bowls, identical save for the lack of a hallmark on the base. Once monthly, a member of D-Class personnel is to enter Chamber 02 and select one of the bowls at random — they will then be instructed to consume its contents, and staff are permitted to use physical force to ensure they comply. In the event that they selected a bowl not containing SCP-5947, they are to be terminated immediately and their body interred beneath Chamber 02. In the event that they select and consume SCP-5947, they are to be escorted from the chamber and assigned to Project Irides1 once SCP-5947 has passed through their digestive system.

The discovery of a cadaver visually matching William Hazen Rogers outside of Site-90 constitutes a containment breach. MTF Alpha-Kaunan ("Argent Devotees") should be dispatched to recover the body, as well as any silverware within an 80 metre radius. This silver is to be melted down and re-cast into decoy bowls, to be filled with non-anomalous sugar and added to Chamber 02. The cadaver is to be interred beneath the chamber alongside the others.



Description: SCP-5947 is the designation for a collection of dried anchovies, one of which (SCP-5947-1) is indestructible. Twice per day, at midnight and noon, SCP-5947-1 will split into two identical dried anchovies.

Addendum: On the order of Director Smith, all personnel assigned to CANUAR-Site-90 have been integrated into Project Irides. Anomalous objects extraneous to Project Irides have been decommissioned.


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