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Item #: SCP-5945

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All instances and copies of SCP-5945 are currently kept in the Department of Anomalous Records and Files. Selected instances of SCP-5945 that have been classified as safe using the Martens-Weber Test are allowed to be displayed in public museums and exhibitions for the public to view.

Due to the general public's knowledge of SCP-5945, no MTF intervention will be required to contain the spread of information of the knowledge of SCP-5945. However, SCP-5945’s effect is to still be kept a secret from the public.

Description: SCP-5945 as a whole refers to all documents, recordings and all other forms of media linked to Project Pegasus, an initiative believed to have been started by former Foundation Temporal Anomalies Department agents alongside several members of the US Government which aimed to create and distribute instances of SCP-5945.

Most instances of SCP-5945 are believed to have been distributed between the years of 1943 and 1945 in the regions of Nazi Germany, Italy and other Axis-aligned nations. The information presented by SCP-5945 instances have been confirmed to be Level 3 memetic agents, created with the purpose to induce a mindset aligned with the beliefs and values of the US, the UK and other Allied nations.

When an instance of SCP-5945 is shown or played to a hostile subject with a mindset aligned with the Axis nations' own beliefs, SCP-5945’s memetic effect will, in most instances, cause the subject to drop their hostility and commonly raise their hands in an act of surrender to any person wearing a uniform aligned with the Allied Forces. Following initial contact, the subject will thereafter subconsciously reject any object or person with a Axis Forces affiliation.

It has been confirmed that SCP-5945’s and Project Pegasus' intervention have affected the general timeline of world events, most prominently Temporal Event TE-19451, though the full extent of the effect is still not known.

SCP-5945’s effects have been proven to be ineffective against subjects with a significantly deeper commitment to the Axis nations' beliefs, and repeated viewings or showings have, in some cases, resulted in the death of the subject by suicide.

Addendum 5945-1: Selected instances of SCP-5945

Addendum 5945-2: Other documents and media regarding SCP-5945

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