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Item #: SCP-5943

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-5943 anomalous traits, containment of the anomaly is theoretically impossible, any personnel under level 3+ who detect and hear SCP-5943 transmissions are to be detained and amnestizised.

Any non-foundation personnel are to be silenced if they attempt to report about the phenomena and administered amnestics depending on the time they discovered SCP-5943.

BINARY STAR is to continue the study of the SCP-5943 phenomena.1

Description: SCP-5943 is a phenomena which has been observed in the solar system and is hypothesized to occur in other advanced systems. SCP-5943 Is the transmissions of signal waves between planets which allows them to communicate between each other.

The conversations mainly include the planets talking about any threats that they might be faced with. and at times they might be regular conversations or conversations without known meaning.

Dr. Rynhart has been assigned to oversee BINARY STAR's studies of SCP-5943. Any new discoveries about SCP-5943 are to be documented.

Discovery: SCP-5943 was discovered on 2020/4/20 after several unknown transmissions were detected by Dr. Tomer. Dr. Rynhart proposed that BINARY STAR would translate the signal waves which was accepted. After successfully being translated, the file of SCP-5943 was moved into the Beholder Program. All studies on SCP-5943 will be conducted only in said program.

Addendum-01: After Dr. Rynhart took over the project, SCP-5943 has moved to the Beholder Program Database. The rest of this document is stored in The Beholder Program Database, access is only permitted to members of the beholder program or personnel who've gained special access. If you are one of both please enter your designated credentials below.

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