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Item #: SCP-5939

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5939 must be kept planted in natural soil in a place that has at least four hours of sunlight per day. SCP-5939 must be watered once a day with water of a pH of 7 ± 0,5.

SCP-5939 is to be kept under a bell jar when left alone. The file is available at the discretion of O5-2.


SCP-5939 upon discovery.

Description: SCP-5939 is a houseplant belonging to O5-2. It is a white rose with a golden ring on its lowest leaf. When a piece of paper is laid in front of SCP-5939, it occasionally bends over and lets a dewdrop that consists of white golden ink fall, forming a message. The messages by SCP-5939 match the personality of Catherine Hall, from hereon designated as SCP-5939-1.

SCP-5939-1 is the wife and advisor of O5-2. It was a level 4 researcher on Biological Containment Site-103 before becoming a casualty of a containment breach. Its current state of being and perception is not fully comprehended.

Discovery: On 13/07/2018, O5-2 visited the grave of SCP-5939-1 and upon arrival greenery rapidly grew upon the gravestone. The greenery consisted of commonly found wildflowers and the aforementioned rose. It has been confirmed that it recognized the footsteps of O5-2 before growing out.

O5-2 replanted SCP-5939 and has kept it in his custody. No further anomalous events have been sighted on the grave of SCP-5939-1.

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