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Item#: 5938
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-78 Leah Richter Greg Chudley Sigma-27 ("Copyright Trolls")

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5938 is to be kept on a flash drive with 256-bit (AES) Encryption inside of the office of the current project lead. A clearance level 4 security key is required to access the flash drive or a failsafe will activate and all data contained inside will be deleted.

Foundation webcrawlers are to scour social media services for any instances of SCP-5938-1 and remove them. The IPs of the posters are to be sent to MTF Sigma-27 ("Copyright Trolls") who are to be sent to retrieve any devices containing SCP-5938-1 images and videos. Victims and the senders of SCP-5938-1 are to be administered Class-B amnestics and released once interviewed about their online habits concerning SCP-5938-1 instances.

Description: SCP-5938 is PDF document containing some form of intelligence, written in size 12 "Arial" font. On the cover page of SCP-5938, the title is given as "Seshat's PDF of Programmable Cognitohazards" and no author is credited. However, one defining feature is the presence of "III of IX" written at the bottom of the cover page. It was later confirmed to be a genuine part of the Set of Nine1 (See Addendum 5938.03 for confirmatory details).

To use SCP-5938 the user simply needs to specify the message that is trying to convey and the intended recipients to the document by typing on one of its pages in the form of a "'/command". The document will then create anomalous website cookies that will change the advertising algorithm of the affected website and begin showing the intended audience anomalous ads. These ads are known as SCP-5938-1 instances, cognitohazards in the form of JPEGs and MP4 files. SCP-5938-1 instances have been shown to have a slight reality manipulating effect.

Discovery: On April 20th, 2022, Foundation agents stationed in Huntington banks became aware of an anomalous transfer of $5000 USD in the accounts of thirty individuals. The anomalous nature was determined after no known source of the money could be found. When these individuals were questioned over the phone by Foundation agents to confirm the source of the money, a majority of them were confused; saying that they'd never authorized a transfer. A portion of the individuals mentioned that it was ironic considering an Ad tweet they had retweeted earlier that morning.

Foundation webcrawlers traced the tweet to an ad from Huntington's verified account. This scheme would later be attributed to PoI-6878 also known as lesbian_gengar of GoI-5869 (Gamers Against Weed). The tweet had approximately thirty retweets before it was deleted by webcrawlers and saved to this document for posterity with any Cognitohazards expunged.

Huntington Bank

Have you been down this fall? Take this the golden goose of incredible luck. It only appears once in every 1 million geese. Retweet to receive good fortune.

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8:00 AM - 20th April 2022

Several incidents involving cognitohazards and GoI-5869 would occur over the next weeks. It was originally assumed that these were individual anomalies made by GAW but after incident XXXX.2B it was discovered that the source was SCP-5938.

Addendum 5938.01: GAW SCP-5938 Incident logs April 20th -May 5th, 2022

Date Occurred: April 22nd, 2022
Electronic vector: Facebook
Intended Agenda: Disrupt Right Wing Media
Intended Audience: Baby Boomers
PoI Responsible: PoI-6870 (bluntfiend)

Cognitohazard Description: The PNG file contains an image of a Minion from the Illumination studios, movie Despicable Me. SCP-5938 's instructions detail that placing text inside the image that has a name of a particular news network will compel the affected victims to watch it.

Incident Description: On the date previously specified, PoI-6870 sold website cookies to Meta, which caused SCP-5938-1 instances to begin appearing on a right-wing Facebook group entitled: "Older Ladies for Tucker Carlson". The image contained the text, "Tucker Carlson? Real Christians watch Christian News Network (CNN)."

Around 200 women above the age of forty-five witnessed the image before it was scrubbed from the page by Foundation agents embedded in Meta. These women were reported by their relatives to have sworn off Fox News Network, calling its late-night host Tucker Carlson a "dumb liberal " and a "Woke plant." Second, they would watch CNN religiously and would express displeasure if they missed a broadcast.

The women were amnesticized and returned to their homes after questioning.

Addendum 5938.02: Incident XXXX.2B

On May 5th, 2022 Foundation Webcrawlers took down a cognitohazardous ad on the internet message board 4chan. The hazard was an image that stated, "Lonely? You don't have to be anymore! The main character of the last video game you played will have sex with you." Through IP logging of all users who had signed into the forum, the Foundation was able to amnesticize all those who were affected, any evidence of fictional characters having had made their way to the real world had disappeared by the time the Foundation caught up with the victims of the instance. However, one Nicholas J. DeCook of Iowa was hospitalized due to the effect of the SCP-5938-1 instance.

An unknown tip was submitted to Site-78, believed to be the work of PoI-6878, revealing the whereabouts of PoI-6940 and MTF Sigma-27 was dispatched to apprehend them. PoI-5869 was already on the list of Site-78's high-priority targets for their creation of SCP-4230.

A safe house belonging to GoI-5869 was raided, capturing PoI-6490 and his electronics. The safe house was found to contain the server hosting SCP-5938 along with various copies of SCP-5938-1 cognitohazards. An examination of the server shows that multiple outside parties unaffiliated with GoI-5869 had accessed it from an external link. Efforts to discover the identity of these groups are still ongoing.

The following interview was performed by Researcher Greg Chudley due to being previously assigned to SCP-4230 and leading the investigation into PoI-6490.

[Begin Recording]

Chudley: I can't believe it. Your finally in our grasp, PoI-6490 or should I say, PeppaPig'sStrongestSoldier?

PoI-6490: Chudley! You remember me! I'm so proud of you.

Chudley: How could I forget you? You had me running around all last year picking up your cronies, all to hide your sick joke. I'd ask you where that wiki was being hosted cause we didn't find it amongst your stuff but we have bigger fish to fry now.

PoI-6490: Well I have diplomatic immunity from being prosecuted by you. I am the King of Finland2 after all.

Chudley: Tch. I'm aware, you'll be let go after I ask you about that server we found in your house?

PoI-6490: That old thing? I found it lying out in the junk heap, decided to take it home, and to my surprise; GAW became an owner of a genuine piece of the Set of Nine.

Chudley: And you gave the link out to other groups, didn't you? You're a trickster Peppa, I know your playbook.

PoI-6490: If they had a link, I didn't give it to them. We just shared it between ourselves.

Chudley: How do you know it's genuine? Any Anartist can slap or in this case type Blank of nine on a cover and call it a day. We've already dealt with copycat booksbefore.

PoI-6490: It's just… a feeling you have. I can't describe it. That thing has a power like i've never seen before.

Chudley: Well we have ways of testing that for ourselves. So Gamer, spill the beans on where you got it.

PoI-6490: Hitting me with a slur I see? Well, I'll still tell you anyways because we have history. So after I let my fellow gamers know that I had the book, we got the Idea to have a little fun with it. We each had our own ideas for the ads, some wanted to help the LGBT community, and other people wanted a bit of wealth distribution. I just wanted some good old-fashioned fun.

Chudley: Fun? Someone was almost paralyzed for life.

PoI-6490: How was I supposed to know that a sex-related injury would occur?

Chudley: 2B from Nier Automata sat on his fucking face, dude. She broke his neck.

PoI-6490: Yeah but he's getting better, plus he probably enjoyed it…
[PoI-6490 shakes his head]

PoI-6490: Uh, anyway so we knew we were screwed and that you guys would come for us. So Jude and Esther decided to leave me as a token of goodwill and here we are.

Chudley: Look if you want some advice, stay out of the anomalous book business. It's dangerous and you all are just kids.

PoI-6490: Oh we're more than aware of what goes bump in the night related to these things. I appreciate that you care about me though!

Chudley: This interview is concluded.

[End Recording]

Afterward, PoI-6490 was released from Foundation custody, and they subsequently disappeared even under Foundation Surveillance. Their current whereabouts are unknown.

Addendum 5938.03: Cross Test with SCP-5938, SCP-6952, and SCP-6419.

With approval from Site Director Richter, Researcher Chudley along with Researcher Johnston of the SCP-6952 project, assembled the three books of the Set of Nine to test SCP-5938's legitimacy. The following is a recording taken of the test performed.

[Begin Recording]

Chudley: Stating my name for the record. Greg Chudley, supervising Researcher of the Set of Nine. I am joined today by SCP-6952 R&D head, Maria Johnston. Johnston do you have SCP-6952 with you?

Johnston: I do.

[Johnston places SCP-6952 down on the table next to SCP-6419's protective case and SCP-5938's flash drive.]

Chudley: Now a word of warning, if these books start reacting in any way, DO NOT look at the pages of SCP-6419. I'd shudder to think what stories it would conjure up with all three of these assembled.

Johnston: Don't have to tell me twice. I'll have the drone open the case.

[Researcher Johnston utilizes a drone to open SCP-6419's case and sets it on the table. All three books begin to glow and they raise in the air. Their pages open and begin flipping to a certain page as holographic projection appears over SCP-5938. Johnston and Chudley quickly circle the table to avoid SCP-6419's cognitohazardous effect. A shape begins to form out of glowing light, ten circles with a book each; lines connecting each of them. An anomalous wind sweeps around the room.]

Chudley: This is crazy. What do the books say? Have the drone read them out. I'm not risking ending up like Jackson.

[Johnston commands the drone to transcribe the texts.]

Drone: SCP-6419 reads, "Researcher Greg Chudley and Researcher Johnston are in awe of the incomplete nonet. 3 out of nine books have been assembled but without the other nine, the ending to this story cannot be reached."

SCP-6952 reads, "Insufficient quantity of books gathered. Please provide all nine books of the set to forge the ultimate weapon."

SCP-5938 reads, "My creator has requested that I show the image of paradise but this is impossible without the remaining books in the set."

Johnston: So they all have an entry that can only be unlocked once all of them are brought together but for what purpose?

[From the pages of SCP-6419, a snake proceeds to fall out of its pages. The snake transfigures into the shape of a human woman. The humanoid is wearing a dress fashioned from what appears to be old leather. Her hair is long and unkempt her body moves unnaturally. One of her eyes is covered with a black eyepatch. She reaches upwards and SCP-6419 comes to her hand and she begins reading from it.]

Humanoid: It's been so long, Izanami.
I hope they've treated you well.
Or not. You haven't had any good stories in quite a while.
Once you took 1,000 souls from the living world every day.
They've given you a fraction of that.

Chudley: Sorry we haven't been feeding that thing bodies but-

[The humanoid moves from the table to stand in front of Researcher Johnston.]

Humanoid: Researcher Maria Megan Johnston. Masters in Parabiology and engineering.
You've been touched by Hephaestus.
You give off a serious exterior but secretly you long to be a warrior like your Street Samurai.

Johnston: Back off. You're out of line.

[The humanoid moves over to Researcher Chudley.]

Researcher Greg J. Chudley. Bachelor's degree in Pataphysics.
Highly skilled, highly talented.
He uses humor to cope with the horrible things he has to deal with and the fact that he is… alone.
You've been touched by Izanami and now… Seshat.

Chudley: We didn't summon you for a Psych eval. clears throat Are you Corra?

Corra: I've gone by many names.
The one assigned at birth.
The one given by the snakes, the Naja.
Corra is what I'm called now.
I am the one you seek.

Johnston: How do you know our names?

Corra: The Naja sees everything.
From the Ravens feasting on the Wolves to the creatures that stalk the night.
Many things were lost in the quest for knowledge.
To seek out the gods and take everything they had to offer.
Nine tomes were made…
Or was it ten?
The Library may be infinite but even it hungers for more stories.

Chudley: That's disconcerting but we had some que-

[Corra places a finger on Chudley's head, he motions to the MTF on the side of the room to stand down.]

Corra: Don't speak
Your questions are laid bare
Everyone is an open book to me
A question for you two
Who are the ones who walk down the path led by the storyteller to their inevitable conclusion?

Chudley: Easy. Protagonists.

[Corra nods their head.]

There are many stories interwoven into the tale of my Set.
You two are at the center of the crosslinks.
The outcomes are not set in stone
Merely I am the instigator, not the writer.
Those stories began with the hands of the serpent,
They did not see things as I do.

Chudley: And what do you see? What is the end of your tale? Where are the other six?

Corra: Six.
There are nine in nine
But the math works in strange ways.
Ten and still nine.
My books glisten like stars in the moonlight.
Across vast distances in time, past, present and future.
They can be everywhere, even as far as the Terthan 2 cluster.

Chudley: Ten and still nine? Stop speaking in riddles!

Corra: Researcher Chudley is resourceful as he is witty.
If he does not locate the others it could spell doom for all.

[Corra moves over to Johnston and places her hand on her head.]

Corra: Chudley's queries have been answered.
It's your turn.. apprentice samurai.
What are you curious about I wonder?
You always seem to have all the answers with Hephaestus's toys.
As you make new toys you fix broken ones.
The Amazon left behind by the crows….. the child eater…

Johnston: You don't know anything about me. Stop it with the games and answer my questions.

Corra: The note I left still puzzles you.
It was one of the first times you felt unsafe.
I pose another question.
In the shadows of the author, the thief seeks to copy their success.
He cannot get there by himself and thus…?

Johnston: … he plagiarizes.

Corra: Maybe you do have all the answers.
The one who cannot capitalize was just the start.
I see a media company at the end of a better tomorrow.
A restauranteur trying to please everyone.
A toymaker who is more deadly than fun.
The thieves in the night multiply as quickly as bacteria.
My books would never be compatible with them.
They are but facsimiles of the real thing.
No true knowledge, only greed.

Johnston: I guess even an enlightened one can still feel slighted about plagiarism. Next question, what exactly happens when all of the books are collected? I've been told by the Sepulchrum that the answer is purgatory but that isn't it… is it?

Corra: You are correct again, Johnston.
The path cannot be revealed by those who walk it
When all
Nine books are assembled, and the end of the path is made clear.
I know you feel nothing but anger now.
But when you reach the conclusion.
You will see as I do.

Johnston: And how many more are going to get hurt until we get there? You claim to be enlightened but your books have caused nothing but chaos for everyone involved. What exactly are we supposed to be seeing here?

The words of a hero.
Perfect to close out the first act.
The major players have cast their dice.
The results are revealed.
Now all the players will move with their newfound gains for what comes next.

[Corra bursts into a hail of snakes as the remaining books clatter to the floor. Johnston and Chudley immediately vacate the room as MTF-Sigma 27 moves in for recontainment.]

[End of Recording]


The following notice has been disseminated to every known network within the SCiP.Net database.

Attention to all staff,

As of May 2022, the Overseer Council has been made aware of the identity of the Author of the anomalous set of books termed "The Set of Nine". This individual known by the moniker of "Corra" has been designated as POI-9009.

POI-9009 is believed to be a powerful thaumaturge and an ex-member of the Serpent's Hand. POI-9009 has been designated a High Priority Target and is to be apprehended alive if possible. All Foundation sites are to cooperate with Site-78 if asked to assist in their capture and containment of the "Set of Nine."

In addition, Foundation personnel are to be aware that anartists are flooding the anomalous market with copycat anomalies that resemble the "Set of Nine". Agents are to monitor GoIs for communications regarding the "Set of Nine" and its copycats. Any important intel is to be forwarded to the Set of Nine Taskforce at Site-78.

Finally, all personnel involved with the containment of the Set of Nine are to be raised to Level 4 clearance in order to have access to all relevant data and resources..

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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