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Item #: SCP-5937

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5937 is currently contained in Humanoid Cell 0091 of Site-309. Dietary restrictions and medications can be found in the accompanying file.

Investigation of relatives and known acquaintances in possession of a compatible key is ongoing.

Description: SCP-5937 is Paul Pennet, age 31.

A 5-centimeter long keyhole is located in the center of SCP-5937's chest. SCP-5937 claims that the keyhole manifested on May 21st, 2020, hours before they arrived at Saint Joseph Medical Center with their partner, Sarah Adams.1 However, Ms. Adams has stated that she had been aware of the phenomenon as early as January 2018.

SCP-5937 claims that they are unaware of any key that may be compatible with the keyhole. A search of SCP-5937's apartment and belongings has confirmed that they are not in possession of a compatible key.

Addendum 5937.1: Upon containment, a radiography test revealed a hollow space inside SCP-5937's chest, confirming the presence of an anomalous container. On July 9th, 2020, testing to forcibly open SCP-5937's chest was approved by Site Director Loain. The test involved a Foundation-employed locksmith with medical personnel overseeing.

The test formally begun after SCP-5937 was made unconscious. After approximately two hours, the lock was successfully picked, but personnel were unable to open the chest due to the skin layered on top of the evident hatch. A member of medical staff then made incisions as appropriate and the chest was opened.

The interior of SCP-5937's chest is a wooden box, approximately measured to be 40cm x 20cm x 18cm. The cavity does not impede any circulatory or respiratory processes, nor does it contain any part of SCP-5937's skeleton or organs. The contents include:

  • one Phillips head screwdriver, approximately 12cm in length. There are traces of blood and flesh on the tip.
  • three photos of women, each estimated to be in their early/mid-twenties. Notably, they each have freckles on their face, a trait also shared by Ms. Sarah Adams.
  • a severed human hand wearing a cubic zirconia ring.
  • five separate locks of brown hair, bound by rubber bands. Similarly, the women in the photographs have brown hair.

An interview has been scheduled with SCP-5937 following this experiment. Results are currently pending regarding the identities of the photographed women and the severed hand.

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