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Item#: 5936
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Assigned Site Site Director Research Lead Assigned Task Force
Site-120 N/A Daniel Asheworth Omega-5 ("The Good Boys")

Special Containment Procedures

File Update 22/03/1984: To ensure personnel safety following Event 5936-1, upon entering SCP-5936, all individuals are to thaumaturgically protect themselves by saying the following phrase loudly and clearly:

"I am me. My body is mine and mine only."

All personnel failing to do so are to leave the entry point under the threat of immediate termination.

The area in which SCP-5936 manifests has been acquired by the Foundation with a one-kilometer exclusion zone established around it. A disinformation campaign attributing the quarantine to a radiation leak has been devised and is to be disseminated to media and news outlets in nearby communities. All individuals extremal to the Foundation that attempt to enter the area must be denied access and directed to one of the surrounding towns.

Following Event 5936-1, all action-planning regarding SCP-5936 has been moved to Site-120.



The approximate location of SCP-5936’s manifestation.

SCP-5936 is a spatial disruption occurring approximately 2 kilometers north of the town of Częstochowa, Poland; the anomaly's interior is approximately 100 km² — 78% larger than the area of 56 km² expected. Additionally, SCP-5936 can only be observed and entered by individuals that:

Whenever an individual is brought near the anomaly that does not meet the above criteria, they neglect its existence, claiming to only see a barren field1 and expressing a desire to leave the area.

Although scans and surveys of SCP-5936 have found no lifeforms inhabiting the area naturally, subjects who enter the anomaly have reported:

  • Sensations of being watched,
  • Paranoia of the presence of someone nearby,
  • Feelings of immense, irrational hatred and sorrow.

The inside of SCP-5936 consists primarily of an urban topological district incorporating elements such as parking lots, playgrounds, shops, and a singular park. The weather within SCP-5936 will contain dense fog and clouds, despite the weather surrounding the anomaly. Additionally, once an individual has crossed the threshold into SCP-5936, they will find that the sun sits at a consistent 6° altitude; indicative of ~ 17:00 (5:00 PM) in the area.

SCP-5936-1 is a designation given to a currently unknown number of violent entities manifesting within the borders of SCP-5936. The anomalous humanoids bear the resemblance to distorted homo sapiens and are heavily disconnected from local reality. For further information regarding SCP-5936-1 instances, see Addendum 5936-3.



The park present within SCP-5936.

SCP-5936 was discovered on 21/02/1984 during Site-120's routine check of surrounding towns for potential anomalous phenomena. After five patients in local clinics were reported to have experienced hallucinations of a nonexistent district of the town, the Foundation was notified and an investigation regarding said reports was initiated. Multiple interviews with individuals supposedly affected by said hallucinations were made, and as a result, SCP-5936 was discovered shortly after.

Addendum 5936-1 — Exploration Logs

The first exploration log of SCP-5936 was recorded shortly after the anomaly was detected. Due to the personnel requirements being discovered not long following initial contact, a special Mobile Task Force, Omega-5 ("The Good Boys") meeting them was created for the purpose of SCP-5936 research. In order to gather all information regarding SCP-5936, provisional Outpost-120-1 was created near the entrance of the anomaly.

In order to locate the potentially compromised Omega-5, a temporary replacement hereby referred to as Omega-5A for said group was created, and shortly after dispatched into SCP-5936.

Following the second exploration, all of the written logs found within the cellar were submitted to Dr. Asheworth's translation team. Research into the SCP-5936-1 entities is currently ongoing.

Shortly after the translation of Addendum 5936-1 was completed, Mobile Task Force Omega-5A was dispatched into SCP-5936 for the second time. The exploration was focused on the previously unexplored outskirts of the anomaly, but was cut short due to an increasing amount of SCP-5936-1 entities manifesting in the area. Though no casualties were recorded, a total of 27 previously unregistered anomalous humanoids were reported. No traces of Omega-5 were detected during the exploration. Though no notable discoveries were made, the team found deteriorated segments of a thaumaturgic circle around the borders of SCP-5936.

Addendum 5936-2 — Event 5936-1

Three days after the third exploration of SCP-5936 had taken place, the amount of SCP-5936-1 entities manifesting near the border between SCP-5936 and Outpost-120-1 had increased significantly, by approximately 1600% over the course of said time; a week later, the Outpost was attacked by the entities.

The event has been transcribed below.

After this recording of Event 5936-1 was received, all contact with provisional Outpost-120-1 was lost. All individuals present at the time are considered lost and a border around SCP-5936 has been set up. The entrance point to the anomaly has been thaumaturgically sealed. No entrance is currently allowed.


The remainder of this file is currently limited to personnel with Level 3 and SCP-5936 Research Team Clearance Level that is not included in regular Level 3 credentials. Until the research on SCP-5936 and its nature is properly concluded, no exceptions to this rule are currently allowed.

— Daniel Asheworth, Head of SCP-5936 Research

Addendum 5936-3 — Further Research Material

To further understand the nature and properties of both SCP-5936 and SCP-5936-1 entities, multiple tests and interrogation missions were undertaken. The following are their reported results.

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To: SCP-5936 Research Team (Group)
Subject: The finalization of the translation
Date: 24/03/1984

I have successfully been able to finalize the translation of the documents acquired within SCP-5936. Though most of the written text was merely an invocation, the name of what I presume to be the cults' is being mentioned near the bottom of it. Additionally, my men have found a potentially troubling picture within a journal in the innards of the bodies Omega-5A have discovered. I will be honest with you and say I do not have a single idea of what this could indicate; further research in the highlighter areas is definitely going to be required. Please familiarize yourself with both and share your thoughts on the matter.

— Daniel Asheworth


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