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Item #: SCP-5933

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5933 and SCP-5933-1 are to be kept within a sound-proof storage locker located at Site-255's Temporal and Dimensional Anomalies Department. Routine assessment is required once every two months to ensure that there is no loss of integrity in either component. Personnel involved with SCP-5933 are required to undergo psychological screening for trauma disorders prior to assignment, as well as routine evaluations after each assessment of SCP-5933. Should SCP-5933 activate during integrity checks, personnel are instructed to ignore the ringing.

As of 05/23/2019, testing has summarily been suspended at the direction of Dr. Taryn Scott. All requests for testing are to be denied. Individuals in violation of the aforementioned restrictions are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including amnesticization and/or termination from their position.

Description: SCP-5933 is similar in appearance to a black model GEC New Gecophone 701 rotary telephone; while the internal hardware is near-identical to non-anomalous models of its kind, the finger-wheel has been modified to accommodate additional symbols for nonstandard dialing codes. SCP-5933 is fully functional despite a lack of a landline connection.

SCP-5933-1 appears to be a standard Yellow Pages telephone directory; the contents of the directory, such as the names of individuals or businesses, as well as their phone numbers, do not match with any current or past public records. No connection to any other reality currently recognised by the Temporal and Dimensional Anomalies Department has been found.

SCP-5933-2 is the designation for an entity, or entities, that communicates through SCP-5933. Attempts to reliably identify characteristics of these entities beyond their voices and names given have thus far failed.

SCP-5933's effects manifest as a strong desire to maintain contact with SCP-5933-2 after initial exposure to SCP-5933. This effect occurs in greater intensity within subjects that have experienced significant psychological and/or emotional distress in former romantic relationships, and presently experience romantic thoughts or feelings about a particular individual or individuals. Subjects who interact with SCP-5933 are hereafter designated as SCP-5933-A.

Should SCP-5933's effects be allowed to progress unhindered in individuals, they are observed going through four stages with regards to SCP-5933:

  • Stage 1: SCP-5933-A answers the phone, at which point a bond is formed between the subject and SCP-5933-2,
  • Stage 2: SCP-5933-A becomes romantically attached to SCP-5933-2, which is reciprocated,
  • Stage 3: SCP-5933-A begins to experience psychological manipulation from SCP-5933-2; a co-dependent relationship is formed, exacerbating SCP-5933-A's attachment to SCP-5933-2, as well as an onset of self-isolating and self-sabotaging behaviours,
  • Stage 4: SCP-5933-A's mental wellbeing continues to rapidly deteriorate to a state not unlike psychosis. It is believed that at this stage SCP-5933-A has been sufficiently psychologically weakened by SCP-5933-2, at which point they cease to exist within this reality; the exact mechanism of this is currently unknown, and any attempt to track instances of SCP-5933-A through GPS have thus far failed.

Due to the intensity of SCP-5933's effects, Stage 4 symptoms have been observed in SCP-5933-A instances as soon as within a few months of exposure. It is possible for SCP-5933-A instances to recover from SCP-5933's effects if intervention occurs before Stage 4 symptoms.

Addendum #1: SCP-5933 and 5933-1 were initially recovered in 1994 from the apartment of a former university student in Edinburgh, Scotland. This individual is widely considered to be the first known instance of SCP-5933-A, hereafter referred to as 5933-A01.

The Foundation was initially alerted to the existence of SCP-5933-1 through online forum posts made by 5933-A01 to Oddities Online. SCP-5933 was later discovered by Foundation personnel following a missing persons report filed for 5933-A01. 5933-A01 has yet to be located by Foundation authorities.

Addendum #2: Following SCP-5933's recovery and investigation of 5933-A01's premises, Foundation personnel were able to identify the individual's journal containing entries that effectively catalogued SCP-5933's effects. These entries have since been transcribed and are logged below.

Addendum #3: As of 6/13/2018, three separate Foundation personnel responsible for research into SCP-5933 have disappeared. Investigations into the incidents are pending.

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