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Item#: 5931
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
4 - supernova
Risk Class:

SCP-5931 on display

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5931 is to be kept in a High Priority Item locker at Storage Site-5795. Access to the locker is restricted to personnel with Level 4 clearance only.

Testing of SCP-5931 is strictly forbidden.

Description: SCP-5931 is a Colt Official Police double-action revolver. A skull has been engraved on the left side of SCP-5931's grip panel. Cartridges of any caliber inserted into its chamber will be converted into black .22 Long Rifle bullets with a skull design identical to the one on SCP-5931's grip panel. SCP-5931 creates no noise when fired.

Based on information from Recovered Document 5931-1B and 5931-1C, SCP-5931 is believed to possess retrocausal properties which, based on the circumstance of its recovery, is activated when fired at a grave. The bullet will disappear before hitting the grave, temporally dislocated into the brain of the grave's occupant 70 years before the date of the activation process, causing a seizure that usually results in the death of the affected subject. This results in a retrocausal rewriting of reality; only the memories of people who have observed the use of SCP-5931 are unaffected. SCP-5931 can target an individual on a specific date by writing the date on the bullet before firing it.

Due to these properties, SCP-5931 is believed to have been responsible for the previous anomaly under the SCP-5931 designation1. Due to the risks of further retrocausal effects on the temporal stream, testing of SCP-5931 is strictly forbidden.

Recovery Log: SCP-5931 was discovered by coincidence in the possession of one Leonard Di Fortuna by Agent Aerosol during an investigation into unrelated rumors of "mobster specters" at the Saint Michael's Cemetery, New York; Agent Aerosol witnessed its anomalous properties when he saw Di Fortuna fire it at the grave of Irish gangster Owney Madden. Leonard Di Fortuna attempted to flee when Agent Aerosol gave pursuit, but collapsed dead mid chase.

Investigations into Leonard Di Fortuna's apartment revealed a receipt for SCP-5931 (Document 5931-1A) from the auction of the assets of Mills Allon2 and a stapled report titled "Invention 033081"3 (Document 5931-1B) consisting of a description of the anomalous properties of SCP-5931, leading to the discovery of its retrocausal properties. The journal of Leonard Di Fortuna (Document 5931-1C) was also found. Below is a relevant entry from the journal, which has been digitized.

An autopsy on Leonard Di Fortuna revealed a bullet lodged in his brain, with no discovered point of entry. The bullet bore a skull design matching those of SCP-5931's.

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