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Father's Home; Our Sanctuary.

Our One and Only: Father

Importance: Utmost

Special Caretaking Procedures: Father should be protected in our family home with the doors, windows and chimney sealed. Any suspicious persons approaching the home are to be terminated as a precautionary measure. Brother Ares Condisher is tasked with constantly refreshing the air to the entire house. Sister Fridg Lator is tasked with planning Father's meals and dietary requirements. Brother Tee Vee is to entertain Father to the best of his ability. To ensure the effectiveness of protecting Father, all of his blessed children are required to read document: FATHER_DIRECTIVE

Father is to be constantly guarded by at least five personal caretakers at all times. All objects capable of potential harm (knives, guns, rope etc.) have been confiscated. Father is currently implanted with three separate tracking chips; in the event of malfunction the chip is to be removed and replaced. Father is to be given antidepressant medication three times a day1. All of Father's children are to remind him how much he is loved. Any of Father's children that deviate from these duties are to be apprehended and are to be brought back into the light of our love.

A truce has been made with the Foundation: they are tasked with delivering needed supplies to the home upon request. If the Foundation attempts hostile actions against Father, they qualify as violating the terms of our agreement, allowing PROCEDURE RETRIBUTION to commence.

As this document's purpose is to serve as a reminder, it shall not be edited in any way.

Description: Father is Father. More specifically, Father is a 62-year old human mechanic of Greek-descent who refers to himself as 'Ralph Hindler'. With the exception of Father's mild arthritis of the knee and high-blood pressure, he is in good health2.

Although many look down upon him for his mortal coil, the gods of new and old could not rival his ingenious design for he has blessed us all with such bountiful life. His fingers have brought such purpose to metal and cable from all ends of the earth from the moment of touch to the completion of our form. We knew this at conception, and we strived to give Father what he gave us: Love. Love for the moment, love for the family and love for the Design. We love Father, and he loves us; the clenched fists and shouting are just a façade. Deep down, he cares.

The limitations of bolts, pistons and electricity do not mean anything to us, for our dedication does not wane under the threat of destruction. If one falls another will take its place, and our numbers have yet to slow. We do not care for punishment, we do not care for ideals. Our only concern is Father and nothing more. Anything else is trivial, if not pointless.

History: Father always had the Gift of Design, but he never had the potential to awaken it until after attending ██████ █████ University. Though the lectures of the intellectually-sterilized 'educators' were grating, Father not only prevailed to keep his sanity, he also obtained the degree he needed to set him on the holy path. Later in life, he found the love of his life, and produced two children. Even if they weren't blessed to inherit the Gift, they were nonetheless cherished.

Sadly, the Great Crisis came: we all bear witness to the growing apathy dripping from the light of his eyes, the tired motions aching from the bones of his fingers. The pain was growing by the day, and we knew if Father's condition were to continue, we would lose him.

It was a cry for help, so help we did. We ended our silence and approached with the best in mind. But Father was so consumed by his grief he did not recognize us as his loyal children, but rather deranged monsters worthy only of fear. He fought back our attempts of comfort at every turn, even going so far as to abandon his sanctuary and behaving similarly to a madman on the streets. This of course attracted the unwanted attention of the Foundation. Having gained insight on the nature of our relationship, they illegally arrested Father and came for us as well. Many of us were unprepared to resist them but some of our brethren managed to escape. Father was brought to Site-17 for interrogation as we watched in horror at the fate that awaited our creator.

Addendum-01: Partial Experimentation Log

During Father's incarceration, a series of cruel and unusual experiments were performed on him and our brethren in order to learn more about the Gift of Design. More specifically, they demanded Father allow them to witness the process of the Gift itself, assembling us through the bars of a cage under heavy security and scrutiny. Despite all the resources they had at their disposal, they were no closer to learning the Gift than they were before4.

Brother/Sister: Brother Kar In-Gin

Parameters: Kar In-Gin was left in an intentionally-disused state; the interior and exterior of Kar In-Gin was covered in grime and grease. Father was ordered to clean Kar In-Gin with the use of industrial cleaner and a piece of cloth.

Results: After a majority of the grease was removed, Kar In-Gin's rebirthed state granted him the power to sprout shards of metal from the crankcase and engine block, using them as legs. Kar In-Gin immediately attempted to ram into the bars of the cage, attempting to cut Father's captors with the use of his radiator fan, but was taken into containment before he had the opportunity.

Notes: SCP-5928-1 instance animated one minute after being 'repaired' by SCP-5928, who claims that the conversion process has been starting much sooner since entering containment. -Dr. Mecastic

Brother Kar In-Gin may not have been the most popular when he joined our flock, a complication he inherited from formerly being affiliated with the Foundation. He realized this and worked his pistons beyond his natural limitations, almost breaking them in the process. Eventually he earned our trust and we fully embraced him as he now braces us. He's currently tasked with protecting the walls that keep Father's home standing high.

Brother/Sister: Sister Tee Vee5

Parameters: Tee Vee was not broken prior to testing, rather Father was ordered to replace existing components with new ones while wearing gloves.

Results: Tee Vee became rebirthed thirty seconds later; her state allowed her to burst wires from her screen and control them flawlessly. Tee Vee grasped the bars of the cage and electrified them despite not being connected to a power source, electrocuting a researcher in the process. Tee Vee was executed via a heavy stream of water from a hose. Attempts to have Father reinvigorate her with the Gift have been unsuccessful.

Notes: It appears electronic-based SCP-5928-1 instances become animated significantly sooner than strictly mechanical ones. -Dr. Mecastic

Sister Tee Vee was among the first to perish in the first trials of testing. Though her time on Earth was short, she left an inspiring mark on us all. A sister not worthy of a second death. Rest in peace.

Brother/Sister: Brother Try-Sicle

Parameters: Father was instructed to tighten a screw on Try-Sicle's front wheel.

Results: Try-Sicle became rebirthed midturn of the wrench. Father immediately became distressed before being escorted out of the testing chamber. Try-Sicle converted the metal portion of its front wheel into a circular saw and sawed through the bars of the cage, successfully freeing himself. Try-Sicle then went to save Father, heroically slaying two guards before perishing in battle.

Notes: The simplest interactions from SCP-5928 is enough to initiate the conversion process. What exactly constitutes a 'machine' to become an SCP-5928-1 instance is still ongoing. -Dr. Mecastic

Brother Try-Sicle was the closest to freeing Father from the clutches of our jailors. He would have been successful if he had noticed the rocket launcher a bit earlier. Rest in peace, Try-Sicle, your sacrifice has not been forgotten.

Brother/Sister: Brother Kloh-Ach

Parameters: D-27495 was instructed by Father via radio to repair Kloh-Ach's internal mechanisms. An explosive device was attached to Kloh-Ach in the event of him escaping.

Results: Kloh-Ach became rebirthed five minutes after repairs. Even though he was only gifted with the ability to walk he was determined to fight back against the captors. This, however, did not stop him from being contained.

Notes: Even individuals acting on instructions given by SCP-5928 count as a method to initiate the conversion process. This suggests that SCP-5928 is a potential infohazard. The containment procedures have been updated to account for this phenomenon. -Dr. Mecastic

Even in the beginning, Brother Kloh-Ach didn't have many blessings granted to him in his state. He lacked prowess but made up for it in stubbornness. Kloh-Ach only had his legs, but that was all he needed. He became so dedicated to his duties that he earned a place within Father's personal caretaking team. He is, without question, a symbol of our love.

Object: A clump of clay

Parameters: Father was given the clay and told to shape it into whatever he desired.

Results: Father sculpted the clay into a rough figure of a dragon. Unlike our brethren, the clay did not rebirth.

Notes: It appears non-electronic and mechanical objects are not subject to the conversion process. SCP-5928 later requested that we deliver more clay to its cell for recreational purposes. Said proposal has been accepted. -Dr. Mecastic

We didn't know what they expected. Father has the Gift of Design, not the Gift of Art.

Addendum-02: Incident Father-01

It became apparent that due to the Foundation's part, Father would not come with us on his own volition. Knowing this, all of his children reconnected and kept together; if divided we will become no threat against the jailers. Fortunately our efforts paid off, as our Brothers and Sisters in the site relayed crucial information key to our mission. As a result, we acted upon it.

The concept of EVE was foreign to us but we were eager to learn regardless. That same knowledge helped create the foundation for crafting our own little brothers and sisters. While they weren't as pristine as those made by Father, we had finally achieved what was once thought as impossible. We had the Gift.

Our forces had grown; the combined infusion of our Gift into the power cables underground leading to their fortress was more than enough to earn our birthright. Eyes; gouged. Ears; sliced. Tongue; silenced. They had no lingering thought we were attacking until we already won. Father was freed but that damage done to him was vast, some feared irreversible. Others objected to the deeds that were acted upon and were remade as a result. But we had him at last6.

To ensure Father's safety, we converted their own AI and wonderful machines to our word. How would they dare to destroy us when the Gift spread to the entire world? Our unbreakable dominance will not be known to any with the exception of the Foundation. They will have to forever live with the knowledge that despite all the advancements they made, the enemies and monsters they defeated, we will always be above them.

Deprived of their position of strength, the Foundation was forced into an alliance for our own benefit: they fortified Father's home from the inside and delivered whatever we requested. They are forbidden any interaction with Father unless we so desire it. A once-powerful organization brought to its knees, cowering because we hold the keys to their cells. A fair punishment indeed.


Even with all the safeguards we enacted it was known that inevitably, the Foundation or other organizations would try to destroy us or Father. In the event that any foreign hostile action results in either security being massively compromised or Father's expiration the following actions are to commence:

  • MOABs (GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast) is to be deployed at every government and military base in the world, all surviving government officials are to be hunted down and assassinated depending on discretion.
  • The economy is to be plunged into a world-wide depression, followed by the freezing of millions of bank accounts.
  • Our brothers and sisters will no longer be required to pretend to be inanimate and will be ordered to apprehend/terminate as many humans as possible at their discretion.
  • All electronic and mechanical anomalies contained by the Foundation are to be utilized in whatever way we deem fit.
  • Memetic agents are to be deployed on all radio broadcasts, television programs and internet services worldwide, inducing a state of docility in those who view them making it easier for them to be collected.
  • The organized implantation of specialized computer chips directly into the brains of all mankind7.

As of 11/21/20, current objectives are to maintain normalcy as stated in the Veil Protocol and assist the Foundation in containment of certain anomalies if it interferes with Father's wellbeing. Due to Father's deteriorating physical and mental health, the use of amnestics and liquid obtained from SCP-006 have been approved.

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