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Item #: SCP-5926

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5926 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-105. Regular psychological screenings are to be carried out, as are enrichment sessions between them and Cpt. Amelia Carter.

Currently, SCP-5926 is undergoing physical testing to determine its relative level of fitness. Supervised access to Site-105's gymnasium is permitted, but may be revoked at any time for any reason.

SCP-5926-A is to be disassembled on a bi-weekly basis to undergo cleaning and maintenance. Approved materials for maintaining structural integrity of SCP-5926-A can be found in Supply Closet 5 at Site-105.

Description: SCP-5926 is an entity currently inhabiting SCP-5926-A. SCP-5926 has no physical form, but is capable of vocalization, the consumption of food and drink, and interaction with the environment, provided SCP-5926-A is fully sealed. While either ignorant of or unwilling to share its nature and origins, SCP-5926 uses feminine pronouns and claims that it is not human in origin, nor does it have any ties to the mythology of any nearby tribal groups.

SCP-5926-A is a full-body costume made in the image of the polar bear mascot of the Mobile Task Force ᐁ-23, "Ice Bears"1. Originally created to accommodate an individual of medium build and 1.65m in height, SCP-5926-A's height fluctuates between 1.65 and 2m with their weight remaining negligible due to the fact that it is largely constructed of cloth and faux fur. The inside of SCP-5926-A's mask is covered in a large amount of blood that testing has shown to be a hybrid between human and polar bear, which neither dries nor is absorbed by the material of SCP-5926-A, instead falling into the shoes of the costume before dissipating.

History: Prior to the creation of SCP-5926, MTF ᐁ-23 had a history of personalizing their gear with ursine motifs, including false bear ears worn on their headsets, bandannas and face masks resembling a snarling bear mouth, and using gloves made to resemble bear paws in an effort to emulate "Snowy", their self-made polar bear mascot. In 2015, Private Amelia Carter (who transferred to ᐁ-23 from MTF-S-88 ("Animal Control")) commissioned the creation of SCP-5926-A as a means of boosting morale in the task force.

While celebrating the successful containment of Nexus-239 (Invicta, Alaska) in Early November 2019, Noel Admundsen, the 'legatus maximus' of the cult which inhabited Nx-239, found their way to the outpost where ᐁ-23 was celebrating, where they proceeded to shoot and wound five members of the task force before being neutralized. In the process, they shot Cpt. Amelia Carter in the head while they were wearing SCP-5926-A. Despite the bullet completely penetrating the mask in such a way that Cpt. Carter's cranial tissue should have been intersected, she was unharmed, which was attributed to the mask of the costume resting slightly askew on her head.

SCP-5926 came to inhabit SCP-5926-A following its repair and subsequent storage; it was discovered when it broke out of the storage bin which Cpt. Carter had placed it into and began wandering the halls of Site-105.

Recordings and Documents Related to SCP-5926:

SCP-5926 Preliminary Interview:

Cpt. Carter: Okay, uh. Beginning interview with… Anomalous Object 5926.

SCP-5926: I'm… an anomaly?

Cpt. Carter: Do you understand what that means?

SCP-5926: Yes. You have to contain me. What am I?

Cpt. Carter: We were hoping you could elaborate on that. Our best guess is that you're some kind of… native spirit, maybe? Invicta had a lot of spiritual activity around it, so maybe—

SCP-5926: N-no. I… think I'm a polar bear? That's what I see in the mirror.

SCP-5926 blinks. SCP-5926-A does not have the capacity to blink, due to a lack of eyelids.

Cpt. Carter: …uh. What the fuck?

SCP-5926: Please, just… I don't know what's going on. I know I'm… not right. I know I have to be contained. But— I don't know what I am. Am-am, please, help me.

Cpt. Carter:… what did you just call me?

SCP-5926: Am-am. That's your name, right?

Cpt. Carter terminates the interview.

Psychological Evaluation Teleconference: Amelia Carter, 11/21/2019

Dr. Marmot: Connection's not c—-rough great. Snow storm up there?

Cpt. Carter: Yeah.

Dr. Marmot: We'll m— do. It's been close to three we-ks since the incident, h— do you feel?

Cpt. Carter: Same as usual. Nightmares about being shot in the head, and now I'm angry, too. Some weird ghost's possessed something I paid close to two grand for, and it's just… kind of pathetic. Can't even remember what it is.

Dr. Marmot: I imagine losing your costume after the trauma has taken a bit of—

Cpt. Carter: God's sake, doc, we're adults. Call a fursuit a fursuit, even if the documentation doesn't.

Dr. Marmot: Right. Your… fursuit was important to you.

Cpt. Carter: Yeah. I made it as just a dumb thing to mess with the guys up here, but.. Snowy just… kind of became the heart of the squad, y'know? And I felt cute wearin' that thing. Made people not look at…

Cpt. Carter indicates a large scar on their right cheek, received in the line of duty while combating an outbreak of SCP-3312 in Chicago, IL

Cpt. Carter: I could always get a new one made, but… I dunno. Feels like Snowy's somehow… dead.

Dr. Marmot: You were almost killed wearing it. I'm not surprised you're ambivalent about it.

Cpt. Carter: It's… not even that. I feel like they're not part of me, anymore. Like the bullet blasted her out of my skull.

Dr. Marmot: I'm not sure what to make of that. I'm… not familiar with that particular aspect of your lifestyle.

Cpt. Carter: Yeah, well. Don't expect you to understand. No offense.

Dr. Marmot: None taken. There's a lot I don't understand about a lot of my patients, but I'm trying to help.

Transcript of the First Recorded Video of Cpl. Amelia Carter wearing SCP-5926-A, 2014:

Three agents of ᐁ-23 are seen in the recreational area of Site-105's Barracks. Lt. Edward Malcolm is recording newly-recruited Agent Peter Belfast, while Lt. Richard Rawlings is seen snickering in the background.

Lt. Malcolm: All right, Pete. Time for your initiation.

Agent Belfast: Isn't hazing against Foundation protocol?

Lt. Malcolm: Oh, very much so. That's why I'm expecting you to stay quiet about it.

The recorded roar of a polar bear is heard, accompanied by the recordings of several loud footsteps and the rattling of chains.

Agent Belfast: What the fuck?!

Lt. Malcolm: Rules are rules.

Malcolm sets down the camera on a covered foosball table.

Lt. Malcolm: If you wanna be part of the Ice Bears, you gotta meet our mascot.

Lt. Rawlings: Don't worry, she probably won't eat you. She's full from the last few recruits.

Lt. Malcolm and Rawlings exit the room and lock the door behind them.

Agent Belfast: No, what the fu—

Another recorded roar is heard. Agent Belfast turns to face the doorway to the restrooms, where the sound is coming from.

Agent Belfast: I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my f—

Cpl. Carter rushes around the corner to the restroom, leaps onto a chair, and strikes a snarling pose while wearing the aforementioned polar-bear costume.

Cpl. Carter: Roaaaar!

Agent Belfast: FUCKING CHRIST!

Loud laughter is heard from outside the room. Cpl. Carter laughs and dismounts from the chair.

Cpl. Carter: Locking the door was a bit much, guys!

Lt. Malcolm: We didn't lock him in, we locked you in, Snowy!

Cpl. Carter laughs

Cpl. Carter: Bite me, Ed!

Shortly after this, the camera's battery is depleted.

SCP-5926 Interview 5, 12/5/2019

SCP-5926: You always look so bitter when you see me, Amy.

Cpt. Carter: That's Carter to you, Five Nine Two Six.

SCP-5926: I-I'm sorry. I don't want to make you angry. I know you're hurting. I just wish I knew why.

Cpt. Carter: I might hurt less if you told us what the fuck you are.

SCP-5926: I don't know. I know I'm a polar bear, I know I'm alive. I… know you, somehow. I remember a lot of pain, and…

SCP-5926 clutches its head and whimpers.

SCP-5926: Why can't I remember?

Cpt. Carter: I don't know, but I'm wasting breath until you remember something. I don't even know what pronouns to use with you, and apparently we're getting picky about that now— something about 'cold, not cruel' extending to you lot.

SCP-5926: P-pronouns? I…

SCP-5926's voice distorts, and there are accompanying wet sounds, as if flesh is being shifted around.

Cpt. Carter: Jesus Christ!

SCP-5926 experiences a brief seizure. Further vocalizations from it almost exactly mimic the vocal patterns of Cpt. Carter; they seem ignorant of this fact, until confronted with this recording following the interview.

SCP-5926: I think I'm a she.

Cpt. Carter: Well. That's that taken care of.

Blood trickles from SCP-5926's right eye, flows over its cheek, and on to the table.

Cpt. Carter: The fuck?!

SCP-5926: N-no, it's okay! It won't get dirty! See, it's— it's not staining or anyt—

Cpt. Carter reaches over the table and punches off SCP-5926-A's head. It goes limp, and SCP-5926 is heard sobbing. Cpt. Carter was reprimanded for this action.

Recorded Conversation between Cpt. Carter and Lt. Malcolm, 12/06/2019:

Lt. Malcolm: Captain Carter.

Cpt. Carter: What?

Lt. Malcolm: We're… to speak frankly, and as your friend? We're worried about you. You punched out a skip. If it could feel pain, you'd be on psych leave.

Cpt. Carter: It was bleeding on he— on my property.

Lt. Malcolm: About that. It took us a while for us to get it the head back on, and it bled everywhere. We did some tests, and… well, it's polar bear blood, and something else.

Cpt. Carter: What?

Lt. Malcolm: We got a hit in the Foundation's Blood Reserve.2 Your mother, she was a researcher at Site-21? Detroit?

Cpt. Carter: Yeah.

Lt. Malcolm: It's… I don't know how, but the blood in there is somehow the child of your mother and a fucking polar bear— perfect genetic recombination, no indications of modification, forced hybridization, anything. Amelia, what the hell's happening?

Cpt. Carter: What?

Lt. Malcolm: I have the report right here.

Cpt. Carter tears the report from Lt. Malcolm's hands.

Cpt. Carter: What the fuck?

Psychological Evaluation Teleconference: Amelia Carter, 01/15/2020

Cpt. Carter: I need to talk to you about something.

Dr. Marmot: By all means, that's what I'm here for.

Cpt. Carter: It's… kind of a furry thing. You know what a fursona is?

Dr. Marmot: I know Jung. I can guess. Some sort of… persona you put on for when you're around other furries?

Cpt. Carter: Kind of. It's… basically the main character you pretend to be. I didn't really mean it to happen, but… Snowy… might have… I dunno.

Dr. Marmot: Might have what?

Cpt. Carter: I think that… Snowy did die. Somehow. Fuck, that Nexus was a hotbed of all sorts of weird shaman shit, and I was the one who carried out all of those weird bone artifacts from the sacrifice pit. I felt— felt the bullet go through my head. I screamed when I tore off the head because I thought I had died. But…

Dr. Marmot: You… think this fursona of yours took the bullet for you? Literally?

Cpt. Carter: Yeah. And… when I fixed the suit, it… brought her back. Somehow. But she can't remember.

Dr. Marmot: Hmm. Stranger things have happened, certainly, and thoughtforms are a well-documented phenomena. Maybe there's more to being a furry than meets the eye.

Dr. Marmot sucks in air through his teeth.

Dr. Marmot: Truth be told, I had similar thoughts. It's a large part of the reason that you're not getting pulled back to Chicago— I'm saying that you're necessary for 5926's well-being.

Cpt. Carter: Well, what do I do now?

Dr. Marmot: How hard is it to… create one of these fursonas?

Cpt. Carter: Why?

Dr. Marmot: Humor me.

SCP-5926 Interview 6, 01/19/2020:

Cpt. Carter: I'm sorry for what happened last time.

SCP-5926 remains silent, looking at its lap. Its hands rest on the table.

Cpt. Carter: I think I know what you are. Or who you are. Maybe.

SCP-5926: Something you hate.

Cpt. Carter: I… I thought you were damaging something that was… important to me. I've had that for close to seven years now, and… god, I feel stupid.

SCP-5926: What?

Cpt. Carter: I feel like a kid, crying over losing their favorite toy.

SCP-5926: I don't think of it like that. You were mad because you… well, you felt like I stole something real. Not a toy. Maybe… a pet, might be a better word?

Cpt. Carter: Maybe. But I cared about that thing. And when I sewed it back up, you were in it. And I think I know why.

Cpt. Carter puts her hand on top of one of SCP-5926's.

Cpt. Carter: Snowy. Thank you.

SCP-5926 looks up at Cpt. Carter and blinks.

SCP-5926: You… look different. Like me.3 Amy doesn't suit you anymore.

Cpt. Carter: What does, then?

SCP-5926: Well… if I'm Snowy… how about Powder?

Cpt. Carter: I'll think about it.

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