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Item#: 5925
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5925 is to be contained in standard humanoid containment cell B5 of Site-118's Delta Wing. Personnel are not to directly or indirectly refer to SCP-5925 by any name, title, or designation other than its item number. No other measures are necessary to successfully contain him in his current state, and this will continue to be the case indefinitely.

Description: SCP-5925 is a humanoid which appears to be an elderly male of Northern European descent. Though SCP-5925 has the physique of a 70 to 80 year old man, records that refer to SCP-5925 indicate the subject is far older. He is frail, friendly, charitable, and compliant with the Foundation's instructions.

SCP-5925 has knowledge of the full name of all people it comes into contact with, despite having never personally met. It is also aware of current or past material desires of these individuals. Besides this, and his lengthened life span, he has no other anomalous capabilities.

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Addendum 5925.01:

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