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Item #: SCP-5922

Object Class: Pending

Special Containment Procedures:1 The cell containing SCP-5922 is accessible by personnel with Level-3/5922 or higher clearance. Study is to continue until a method of safe traversal is determined, after which retrieval of SCP-5922 will take priority.

Description: SCP-5922 is Tom Purser, a 33-year-old human male. Whenever SCP-5922 experiences a dream, a flower will sprout from its chest, varying in length and species. Severing the stem of the plant has no effect on the disconnected section, but will result in the remainder receding into the body.

SCP-5922 was discovered on February 18th, 2001, after David Stinnet, a partner of SCP-5922, brought it into Kindred Hospital in northern Chicago for a diagnosis of the phenomenon. Dr. Madison Tell, a Site-608 researcher briefly assigned at the hospital, was brought in for a second opinion. During the interview, SCP-5922:

  • claimed that the anomaly has been present for approximately nine years.
  • mentioned that it chose not to seek medical help, since severing the flower nullifies any evidence of it having occurred.
  • expressed a strong desire to go home.

While this interview was processed, an amnestic was discreetly administered to SCP-5922's partner. Memory conditioning was confirmed successful and SCP-5922 was transferred to Site-309 for containment.

Addendum 5922.1: The following proposal was made on February 21st, 2001.

Proposal Form
Submitter: Dr. Alan Danica Concern: SCP-5922
SCP-5922 has refused to sleep for longer than 30 minutes since its recovery as an act of rebellion, as doing so does not relinquish any anomalous results. This is in addition to demands to be released. We've informed the subject more thoroughly of its situation, but it continues to express defiance. In order to facilitate the study of the anomaly, I would like to request the administration of a sedative.
Verdict: DENIED
Response: We cannot be sure how a sedative will affect SCP-5922. It's in our best interest to have a stable scientific control, and natural sleep would provide the closest outcome. However, if the subject is insistent on staying awake, there should be no issue with allowing it to do so. — Grant Adams, 5922 Project Lead

Following this proposal, it was agreed upon to decrease interaction with SCP-5922 to the absolute minimum, the intent being to minimize any outside stimuli.

Incident 5922-OL: On February 23rd, 2001, SCP-5922 stayed asleep for longer than an hour. The following log was recorded via the surveillance camera in SCP-5922's cell.


Date: February 23rd, 2001

Time: 02:31, approximately five hours after confirmed sleep.


02:31: The cell is still and dark. SCP-5922 is asleep in its provided bed.

02:37: SCP-5922 stirs lightly, moving onto its back.

02:39: SCP-5922 begins to retch violently. It grips the edges of its mattress.

02:41: SCP-5922's eyes open. Its retching continues as it moves out of the bed, falling to the floor. It crawls to the door and strikes it weakly with its fists.

02:44: SCP-5922 falls backwards onto its back. It rolls over and spits out a dark liquid on the floor. It grips its stomach and whines.

02:50: SCP-5922's whines turn to gagging. It spits out more fluid onto the floor. Medical personnel are instructed to investigate.

02:52: Medical personnel arrive and turns SCP-5922 onto its back. It covers its mouth. The dark fluid can be seen oozing out between its fingers. Personnel lift SCP-5922 onto the bed.

02:59: SCP-5922 lets go of its face and vomits. The expelled liquid hangs in the air, forming a bulky stem into SCP-5922's mouth. Personnel are instructed to evacuate the cell immediately.

03:01: The fluid grows in mass. SCP-5922 can be seen crying.

03:02: The fluid explodes, coating the entirety of the room and destroying the camera.


Since Incident 5922-OL took place, the inside of the doorway into SCP-5922's cell has been covered with a thin reddish-brown membrane. The substance is highly elastic, though it is possible to pierce through. Any damage done is quickly repaired within twelve seconds, sealing gaps and mending incisions.

Addendum 5922.2: On February 25th, 2001, a remote-controlled drone was sent past the membrane blocking SCP-5922's cell. The drone successfully located SCP-5922 within the cell after approximately 4 hours and 22 minutes of scouting; most of the time had been spent navigating the now incredibly expansive interior of the cell. As such, it is believed that Incident 5922-OL has resulted in the creation of a localized pocket dimension within SCP-5922's cell, now designated as SCP-5922-OL.

There is no apparent source of light within SCP-5922-OL. The exact depth of SCP-5922-OL is unclear. No other lifeforms were found within the first excursion, so it is presumably empty with the exception of SCP-5922.

SCP-5922 was found within SCP-5922-OL, held and restrained by thick red vine-like growths, after the remote-controlled drone shone its light on SCP-5922. These growths extend outwards into the darkness with no visible ending, wrapping around SCP-5922's arms, torso, legs, mouth, and eyes. Notably, marigolds and willow flowers can be seen originating from SCP-5922's chest.

When the drone prodded SCP-5922 with its extended arm attachment, the subject visibly struggled. Though the drone was not capable of recording sound, movement of SCP-5922's jaw indicates screaming or shouting.

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