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Earliest known guillaumeotype depicting SCP-5913, taken during the Year of the Great Frost.

Designation: SCP-5913

Containment Class: Reenberg

Threat Level: 4

Special Containment Procedures: Tactical Operations Unit Earnshaw-7 has been tasked with investigating all reported sightings of SCP-5913, and expunging any recollection of the event from all witnesses. At this time, there are to be no further attempts to capture, or otherwise hinder SCP-5913.

Summary: SCP-5913 is the Von Rossum-class air frigate known as the Black Wyvern, which disappeared over the Prince Arthur Mountains during the final years of the War of Alarian Aggression. Periodically, SCP-5913 will manifest above populated areas at altitudes of between 15000 and 20000 hands, and proceed to descend at speeds of up to 200 km per hour, typically demanifesting at approximately 5,000 hands above ground level.

The earliest known SCP-5913 sighting occurred during the Year of Three Roses, after crewmembers aboard the HMA Queen Amelia reported witnessing a rapidly-descending WAA-era craft, which did not respond when hailed, before vanishing. The Amelia's captain, WAA veteran Julius Abadie, apparently recognized SCP-5913 as the Black Wyvern, and refused direct orders to track the vessel's movements. Foundation agents embedded in the Imperial Air Force investigated the sighting, interrogating all witnesses, and subsequently expunging all memory of the occurrence.

Since its discovery, more than 80 SCP-5913 sightings have occurred in over a dozen nations. Numerous attempts have been made to apprehend SCP-5913, all of which have failed thus far, and resulted in the deaths of all personnel involved the capture.

Additional: The following is an extract from an article published in the Newbridge Gazette by former airman Lord Thaddeus C. Whitewood, 7th Viscount of Newbridge. Due to its relation to SCP-5913, this article has been documented for posterity by the Department of Mythology and Folkloristics below:



As any navigator worth his rations will tell you, the servicing airmen of our great nation are a bold, yet superstitious folk, sharing no shortage of tall tales covering all manner of aerial oddities. These range from from the somber sully-gullies1 to the mischievous gremlins that steal men's food and cigarettes, tamper with machinery, and poke holes in their parachutes, to the tentacled, bloodthirsty behemoths which dwell in the aetheric jungles of the upper atmosphere, devouring any vessel which strays too high above ground.

While it is easy to scoff at such stories, and dismiss them as nothing more than the inane ramblings of a down-and-out airman who's had one too many jars, on my honor as a Rupertian and a gentleman, the following tale of trickery and mortal terror is as clear and true as the skies themselves.

In the closing stages of the War of Alarian Aggression, the Black Wyvern was renowned as one of the finest frigates of her class, her valiant crew having emerged unscathed from countless battles over the Bluelandic Front. Unfortunately, this luck would soon run out, and whilst traversing the Prince Arthur mountain range in northmost Alaria, the Wyvern was attacked by a roving band of mercenaries. While the fatalities were few, the frigate's engines had taken heavy damage, with her fuel reserves low, the chances of safe return to Rupertian airspace were slim to none.

The following night, at one minute past the Witching Hour, the Wyvern's crew were visited by a vile apparition of His Lowness, the Prince of Ash and Eater of Sins. The ship's captain, one Jacob Jameson, a towering veteran of the Six Years War whose height and strength were surpassed only by his wit, demanded to know why this unholy apparition had manifested before his godsfearing crew. The Nameless Prince grinned, bearing countless rows of soot-black teeth, yet the fearless captain did not flinch. The Eater of Sins promised the frigate and her crew that he could see to the Wyvern's safe return to their homeland, which he was more than happy to provide, in exchange for the immortal essence of the first crewmember to set foot on land.

The quick-thinking captain hastily accepted this agreement, shaking the Prince's hand, causing his own to burn and blister. As the Nameless Prince departed, the Black Wyvern began moving of her own accord, travelling at speeds previously thought impossible, and arriving above the Rupertian coast by sunrise, at which point the vessel came to an immediate halt over Newbridge. Yet before the crew could make their descent, His Lowness arrived on the Wyvern once more, eagerly awaiting his prize.

Captain Jameson, refusing to allow one of his comrades to be banished to the of the Weeping Wastes, responded by seizing the ship's cat by its tail, which he thrust over the side of the Wyvern, and as the feline was technically a member of the ship's crew, none of the the Wyvern's human occupants could be taken to the pustulous pits of the Great Below. The Nameless Prince, infuriated to find himself outwitted by a mere airman, placed a curse upon the Wyvern and her crew, forcing the ship to sail the skies for eternity, her deathless crew forbidden from setting foot on land ever again.

Since these events, many airmen across multiple nations have claimed to have sighted the cursed frigate on their journeys, always descending, yet unable to land. Aviators are warned that should they spot the Black Wyvern, under no circumstances should they travel within a distance of under 200 hands of the vessel, for any airman who ventures too close to the damned vessel will soon find his engines have begun to falter, and his craft rapidly descending towards the earth. Instead of awakening in Rainbow Cove2, any airman unfortunate enough to meet their end chasing the Black Wyvern will instead find themselves the newest member of her deathless crew.

You have been warned.

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